Things to note when choosing to buy a Dashcam

Dashcam is an indispensable device for drivers on every trip. However, choosing a dash cam is never easy. In this article, CarOn will provide some notes so you can easily choose a suitable dash camera for yourself!


The first thing we should pay attention to is the brand. Dashcams are no longer a strange item, that’s why there are many products with different prices. Considering the brand will ensure you choose a product with recording technology at the right price. In addition, currently on the market there are many product lines that integrate with dash cams to optimize support for drivers such as CarOn Pro smart screen

Caron Pro screen with integrated dash cam

Choosing reputable brands will help you feel secure about warranty and customer service during use. Each brand will have its own strengths, so you should consider choosing a product that suits your needs.

After-sales service

During use, there will be unexpected cases that can easily damage the product, so it is necessary to have an appropriate warranty care policy. Some cases include: the memory card is infected with a virus, the dash cam cannot connect to the phone, the video from the dash cam cannot be viewed,…

Depending on each different brand, the warranty period is also different. Famous brands also provide customer care services along with professional warranties.

You should carefully consider the warranty period when choosing to buy a dash cam to ensure optimal experience using your product.

Features of Dashboard Camera

The dash cam is equipped with many modern features to meet the diverse needs of users. Let’s learn about some outstanding features as follows:

Camera image quality

Not only camera journey Users of any type of recording device are concerned with image quality first. Image quality is evaluated by resolution, color, and sharpness of the image. A camera set with good image quality will help you clearly record license plates and faces as well as more accurately monitor traffic situations when collisions occur. Image quality can be evaluated according to the following two main conditions:

+ During the day there is enough light: This is considered the ideal condition for recording because there is enough light. Most cameras on the market today provide quite good image quality in this condition. However, you should still pay attention to the Bitrate parameter (total amount of data recorded per second). If other parameters are equal, a camera with a higher bitrate will produce more beautiful and sharper images, but at the same time it will also consume more data space.

Daily journey cam on caron pro screen

+ Low light at night: This is considered the time when sensor quality as well as image processing capabilities are truly realized. Comparing the quality of images recorded at night will help you choose a camera with better recording capabilities.

Night cruise cam on caron pro screen

Besides, resolution is also an important factor. High resolution helps make images sharper in any condition, making it easy to see details such as distant vehicles or license plates in case of an incident.

Vibration resistance is also a factor worth paying attention to, affecting the overall image quality of the camera. When the vehicle moves quickly or passes through uneven road areas, a camera set with a good anti-vibration sensor will maximize its effectiveness.

Overwrite feature

The overwrite mode of the dash cam is a function that allows the dash cam to delete data and videos when the memory card capacity is full, and use the newest stored video to overwrite the oldest data periodically. round, thereby helping the camera to store comfortably, without fear of the video being full. The override feature is one of the useful utilities for long journeys.

override on caron pro dash cam

Convenience and notification functions

Modern dash cams are integrated with many useful features such as:

  • Automatically starts when the car is running and stops recording when parking.
  • The ability to record audio helps you have more evidence if you accidentally have an accident or are fined by the police for turning off your turn signal early when turning.
  • The GPS global positioning feature is also very useful when you lend your car to someone else as well as helps track the vehicle’s speed as evidence when an incident occurs on the road.
  • Connecting to wifi with your phone helps you easily access and retrieve images from the camera when needed quickly.
  • Auto Parking mode: the camera records at a low speed of 4 frames per second (4 fps) to monitor and detect movements in the lens area without heating up the camera and consuming a lot of storage space, At the same time, the sensitivity of the collision sensor will also increase. When the camera detects movement in the viewing area or senses a collision, 30 fps recording and audio recording mode will be activated.
  • Ability to monitor battery capacity: when it detects that the vehicle’s power source is weak, the camera can automatically turn off to ensure battery capacity.
  • In addition, the dash cam must also have the ability to notify the vehicle owner to know whether the camera is working or not. There are many types of notifications such as using sound, displaying text on the screen or using LED lights.


There are many types and types of dash cams mirror clip camerathere are types taplo camera,… for added convenience. However, there are many types that are too big and will obstruct your vision, and many types that are too small will make it difficult for you to see on the screen. Therefore, a camera that is at your eye level is the most suitable choice.

caron pro cam size

Memory storage

The higher the memory capacity, the more images can be recorded. Users should choose screens with a minimum memory capacity of 32 GB. Typically, dash cams have a bitrate of less than 10 Mbits, which can record more than 7 hours of video. For dash cams with bitrates of 10-20 Mbits, a 32 GB card can record about 3 hours, a 16 GB card can record nearly an hour.

caron pro cam memory

Number of extra oranges

The latest dash cams often support 2 camera ports: a main camera to record the front of the car and a secondary camera to support recording from the back of the car. Having an additional surveillance camera behind the car will diversify the viewing angle for the video, giving you more evidence if there is an unfortunate collision from behind the car. Talking about secondary cameras, there are two main types:

  • Two separate cameras (1 cam in front and 1 cam in rear). Images and visibility will be clearer and more optimal, but installation and maintenance will also become more complicated.
  • 2 in 1 integrated type (camera set has 1 cam facing front, 1 cam facing back): the rear viewing angle will be much more limited, mainly used to monitor the inside of the vehicle. However, the advantage is that this system is quite compact and easy to install.

Power supply

Power supplies can be divided into two types: regular power supplies and autonomous power supplies.

Regular supply is a type of capacitor, built into the machine’s circuit board. The advantage is the ability to operate continuously, not affected by environmental temperature nor “battery drain” that causes swelling and negatively affects the system. The downside is that they cannot operate when unplugged.

Autonomous power supply commonly used are lithium-ion batteries (removable batteries used on smartphones today). Its main advantage is that it can operate independently even without a power source. Disadvantages are lower safety, easy to swell when corroded or affected by temperature (leaving the car in the sun for too long).

Analysis and processing software

Processing and analysis software helps you review videos more easily and in more detail. Currently, new generation dash cams, in addition to analysis, also have the ability to summarize the route taken, calculate time as well as the average speed of the vehicle, etc. This feature is especially useful for businesses. Businesses and transportation services have a need for more detailed and accurate management of customer journeys.

Price of Dashcam

Dashcam prices vary widely depending on the brand and product features. For example, in the basic dashcam segments that only meet the necessary utilities such as audio recording, video recording, lane warning, and still support good wifi and bluetooth connections, with a compact design,… the price is low. price will from 500 thousand – 5 million VND.

Depending on your budget, needs and purpose of using the dash cam, you should choose the line with the right price for you.


With their convenience and usefulness, dash cams are increasingly popular and have become an indispensable part of cars. And if the dash cam is combined with a smart screen for easy monitoring, the trips will be more complete than ever.

CarOn Pro is confident that it is one of the quality brands with the smartest products, trusted and used by consumers. Let’s take a look at some car smart screen models with integrated dash cameras below:

For further details, please contact: 0961247360 to receive detailed information and the best support!

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