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Buying a low-end car, what should you upgrade first?

Upgrade the 360 ​​camera screen, install a tire pressure sensor, upgrade the LED lights to improve lighting better. The 2019 Tucson has an upgraded camera screen for a better in-car experience with many safety features, especially a 360 camera to help drivers feel more confident and drive safer when going on difficult roads and protect […]

Should I install a Dash Cam or a 360 Camera for my car?

As the car manufacturing industry grows, standards for safety and driving experience are also increasingly improved. Many advanced technologies are applied to the design of modern car models. In particular, 360 cameras and car video cameras are one of the features integrated on many mid- and high-end cars to help support comprehensive vision for the […]

What is a tire pressure sensor? Should a tire pressure sensor be installed inside or outside the car?

Tire pressure sensors are considered an essential car accessory for car drivers. So what is a tire pressure sensor? How many types of tire pressure sensors are there? Which type should be installed for your car? Let’s explore the article below with Caron to get the answer! What is a tire pressure sensor? Inner and […]

What accessories should be installed on a new car?

CarOn smart screen – Integrates many superior features Currently, there are many accessories being launched to help car owners. However, not all of them are really necessary and if not installed in the right place, they can cause unnecessary risks. So what accessories should be installed in the car? Which accessories are safe? Join CarOn […]

Things to note when choosing to buy a Dashcam

Dashcam is an indispensable device for drivers on every trip. However, choosing a dash cam is never easy. In this article, CarOn will provide some notes so you can easily choose a suitable dash camera for yourself! Trademark The first thing we should pay attention to is the brand. Dashcams are no longer a strange […]

Pocket 13 effective methods to prevent motion sickness

Motion sickness is always an obsession for many people, especially those with weak health. Tet season is near, everyone has plans to return to their hometown to celebrate Tet with relatives but they are afraid of traveling by train. Don’t worry, the article below CarOn will share tips that will definitely help you reduce car […]

Experience helping women drive safely 2023

Mastering safe driving experiences will make you more confident when driving, but perhaps for women, more precautions are needed when driving. Currently, the number of women driving cars is increasing very high, some are even better drivers than men, however, when driving, women have certain limitations compared to men and often commit violations. error. Let’s […]

Common problems while driving and how to handle them

On any car after a period of use, errors will occur. Even though there are more and more modern car models, errors cannot be avoided. Therefore, to avoid problems, damage, and risks after a period of operation, the following are error details and how to handle them. Vehicle errors are often divided into two groups: […]

Causes of cars stalling in the middle of the road and how to handle them

The car stalled in the middle of the road While driving, a car stalling is not a rare situation for many drivers. However, not everyone knows what the cause is and how to handle it. Don’t worry, CarOn will help you answer right below this article! Out of gas The car stalled because it ran […]

Tips for safe winter driving

Fog, slippery roads, and the car not being able to start are what you may encounter when you drive in cold weather, sometimes even in the rain. So what to do to drive safely in winter? Don’t worry because CarOn will give you tips for safe winter driving Prepare for the move It will be […]