Should I install a Dash Cam or a 360 Camera for my car?

As the car manufacturing industry grows, standards for safety and driving experience are also increasingly improved. Many advanced technologies are applied to the design of modern car models. In particular, 360 cameras and car video cameras are one of the features integrated on many mid- and high-end cars to help support comprehensive vision for the driver. So how is 360 Camera different from Dash Cam? Let’s go with Caron, which type should you install for your car? Let’s find out with Caron right here!

What is a 360 degree camera?

A 360-degree camera is a type of camera that helps the driver observe everything outside the vehicle through the infotainment screen. There are multiple angles this camera covers – such as front, rear left and right. This setting helps the driver maneuver in tight spots, heavy traffic and while parking. These cameras can also give you a top-down view of your vehicle. The cameras take continuous pictures of what’s around and create an animated, top-down version of it.

Caron Pro 360 degree camera
360 degree camera – Caron Pro

Camera journey is what?

A dash cam is a small digital video camera designed to be mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard or front windshield to observe your vehicle every time you drive, ensuring clear evidence is available. for anything that happens on the road and they come with a lot of benefits. For example, they can provide footage that can be used as evidence against any false claims from other drivers. Dashcam footage can also be used to help you get out of an unnecessary ticket. Dash cams can also capture beautiful scenery if you’re traveling on a particularly scenic road, or be used to keep an eye on your car if you need to walk.

Does the 360 ​​camera monitor the journey?

To know if the 360 ​​camera can monitor the journey, let’s find out what function the 360-degree camera has? Is there an image recording function?

  • Observe 360 ​​degrees instead of 180 degrees like a dash cam. Cam 360 has 4 cams, 1 front cam, 1 rear cam, 2 cams installed in the mirror to help observe the whole scene around the vehicle.
  • Record sounds and sharp images during circulation.
  • Eliminate blind spots and dead corners.

With the sound and image recording feature, it can be confirmed 360 camera with journey monitoring.

So the question is, can 360 cameras replace dash cams? In some ways, a 360 camera can be used as a dash cam because it also has the function of recording the entire image of the moving process, even with a more comprehensive perspective.

Can 360 cameras integrate with dash cams?

Technology is increasingly modern, and cameras have similarities to dash cams, so some high-end 360-degree camera brands can integrate dash cams. Images, sounds, and information display in the most comprehensive way, bringing convenience and neatness to users.

When the 360 ​​camera is integrated with a dash cam, it will answer question cAmera 360 is it?? Of course!

Compare 360 ​​cameras with dash cams

In essence, Camera 360 and dashcam are both cameras, both capable of recording and storing images and sounds while participating in traffic. Dashcams tend to focus on sharpness and video storage time. While the 360 ​​camera greatly supports driving such as removing blind spots, observing the whole scene to be able to handle the steering wheel better when traveling on the road. Therefore, for new drivers, a 360 camera is an extremely necessary tool when first starting to buy a car.

About the camera angle

  • In dash cams, these cameras usually have a 180 degree rotation angle, so only the front image is captured. If you want to see more behind the car, you still have to install a rear camera for the car, but if you want to see the sides, install a side camera.
  • With the 360 ​​camera line, cars can observe all angles around the car, including blind spots and hidden corners without needing to install additional side cameras.

About price

  • 360 cameras have an average of 4-5 eyes and a central processor, so the price is often quite high. Ranging from 5-30 million. Wall-type 360-degree cameras cost from 5-10 million VND. High-end 360 cameras usually cost from 10-30 million VND. The above price includes installation.
  • Dashboard cameras range from 2 – 9 million, the common level is from 5-7 million. The above price includes installation.

Should I choose to buy a 360-degree camera or a dash cam?

Depending on your needs, you can install a dash cam or a 360 camera for your beloved car. Because each type has its own beauty.

However, if the driver is female, 360 cameras should be given priority. Because it helps soft drivers handle a series of difficult phases. For example: parking, observing the surroundings, blind spots, etc. From there, they will feel more comfortable when driving, mastering the steering wheel in a more intuitive way.

360 degree camera – Caron Pro

And the 360 ​​camera will have an automatic mode for users. When you signal, the screen will display the camera. When entering reverse gear, the screen will display the reverse camera. This problem in dash cams has not been resolved yet.

When driving normally, the screen will display dash cam mode. You can also observe the vehicle on the screen through a 360-degree panoramic view.

The dash cam will retain all sharp images and sounds, and can also serve as evidence to exonerate drivers if an unexpected situation occurs.

In fact, if you are confident in your steering wheel, you can consider installing a 360-degree car cam when possible, otherwise just install a cruise for economical reasons. Each has its own good, interesting and unique uses.

How to install 360 Camera and dash cam for car

360 degree camera

Step 1: Determine the location of the central control box

Determining the installation location of the central control box will help optimize wiring, limit the situation of missing wires, having to cut connections, causing signal interference, affecting the quality of the captured image.

Step 2: Install the front camera

The front camera is usually placed in the middle of the car’s logo. Wire the front camera to the control box, fix the front camera with screws. Note that the camera wire connected to the central control box must have insulated pipes

Step 3: Install the rear camera

Remove the inside of the trunk and remove the license plate, attach the 360 ​​camera positioning plate and fix it with a drill point and hole at the back. Install the rear camera on the left side of the license plate. Route the camera wire from the license plate, along the original slot to the rear trunk.

Step 4: Install cameras on both sides of the car

Determine the mounting location, drill holes in the bottom of the 2-mirror plastic case. Insert the spherical car 360 degree core inside. Connect to the cable, then tighten the screw next to the camera. Next, connect the side camera to the display screen.

Step 5: Install and align the camera

Place the calibration plate around the vehicle, adjust the camera with the remote control (front – rear – right – left cameras). Next, the technician will install and align the distance between the two blind spots

How to install a dash cam for a car

Step 1: Determine where to mount the main camera

– To have the widest and most beautiful shooting angle and to record the entire incident at the front of the car, determining the camera position is extremely important. You should place the camera in the middle of the windshield and near the rearview mirror, this is considered the ideal location for installation.

– Note: You should leave a distance of about 7cm from the camera device to the base of the rearview mirror to facilitate the removal and installation of the device from the base.

Step 2: Determine the power source

– You need to locate the 12V power port. In current car models, this source is often located near the gear lever

Step 3: Install the camera

– First you need to install the base onto the camera body. Currently there are two popular types of feet: tape-adhesive feet and vacuum-retracting feet. After installing the stand onto the camera body, you just need to remove the outer covering of the stand and stick the stand on the car glass to fix the camera.

Step 4: Connect the power cord

– Wiring on the ceiling of the car. This is extremely simple, you just need to lighten the ceiling panel and tuck the wire into the ceiling and you’re done. However, you need to be extremely careful, use a specialized furniture removal kit and use enough force to insert the wire.

– Hide the wire along the car door gasket: install the wire along the separation between the plastic part and the ceiling cover to transfer the wire to the door gasket.

– Hide the wire along the car door: You can draw out the rubber gasket and tuck the wire in, or you can completely open the gasket and put the wire inside to make sure it’s secure.

– Route the wire along the storage compartment: there will be 2 ways:

  • Method 1: You can run the cord under the foot mat by lifting the mat and running the cord underneath
  • Method 2: Route the wire on the storage compartment. With this method, you should have a drawstring to clip and hold the wire on the storage compartment.

Step 5: Plug in power and install

– After finishing wiring, plug the power into the car’s cigarette lighter.

– Insert the memory card, start the car and wait for the camera to work.

– The first time you remove the memory card, you should Format the card to reformat the memory card.

Then proceed to set basic parameters such as: recording time, movement history, resolution,…

Caron Pro smart car screen

Caron Pro smart screen

Nowadays, 360-degree Cameras and Dashcams are no longer strangers to traffic participants, helping drivers have accurate, optimal viewing angles, especially blind spots, hidden corners, etc.

On the market today, there are many brands of instant screen 360 cameras and dash cams to meet the needs of users. But the most popular is the Caron Pro smart screen, which is highly appreciated for its quality as well as affordable price, reputation, and long-term warranty.

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