The Hyper Tourer Concept represents Nissan’s future prospects in the field of pure electric minivans. This car not only impresses in terms of technology with its automatic driving system and two-way sliding doors, but also in terms of convenience with its 360-degree rotating seats.

At the 2023 Japan Motor Show opening on October 26, Nissan will introduce three concept cars including: Hyper Adventure Concept, Hyper Urban SUV Concept and Hyper Tourer Concept. Among them, Hyper Tourer Concept is a pioneering project demonstrating the company’s future vision of electric minivans.

Like the two previous concept cars, the Hyper Tourer Concept impresses with its unique exterior design, completely different from any product in Nissan’s production history. The front of the car is designed very sharp and sophisticated, connecting smoothly with the rear through a strip of LED lights that function like daylight.

The two side areas of the Hyper Tourer Concept are also impressive with unique wheels and two-way sliding doors. Most of the space on this concept car is made of glass, helping to optimize natural light in the cabin.

The interior of the Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept is designed like a spaceship in science fiction movies, with front seats capable of rotating 360 degrees and facing the back seat. The company says the driver can completely relax without touching the steering wheel, or can turn around and chat with the rear passengers thanks to the integrated autopilot system.

In addition, the second row of seats is equipped with a secondary screen, allowing users to view and control navigation and audio modes on the main front screen. This concept car also integrates an advanced artificial intelligence system, monitoring the user’s brain waves, heart rate, breathing rate and sweat to adjust music and lighting to suit their mood.

Nissan still keeps the Hyper Tourer’s engine a secret, but says the car uses a solid-state battery and an e-4ORCE four-wheel drive system. The receiver has reverse charging capability (V2X), turning the car’s battery into a power source for other devices when needed.

In addition to the trio of Hyper concept cars, Nissan also brought to the 2023 Japan Motor Show a series of cars to celebrate its 90th anniversary, with at least 6 outstanding models including Leaf, Sakura, X-Trail, Serena, Kicks and Aura.

The Japan Motor Show (new name for the Tokyo Motor Show) is one of the largest auto events in Asia. This event takes place from October 28 to November 5. According to an announcement from the organizers, there are up to 475 companies participating, more than double the 192 companies participating at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show (the 2021 event was canceled because of the COVID-19 epidemic).

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