Toyota has just officially introduced a new version of the Hilux mid-size pickup truck, named Toyota Hilux GR Sport II – a special version with a more aggressive design.

Toyota Hilux GR Sport II was launched in mid-October 2023 and has attracted a lot of attention from car enthusiasts. This special edition is not just a simple improvement, but a leap forward in both engineering and design. Developed on the basis of the Toyota Hilux GR Sport model launched in early 2022, the GR Sport II version is not just a regular pickup truck, but a symbol of uniqueness and luxury.

Hilux GR Sport II has quite significant technical changes. The car’s suspension has been raised by 20 mm, creating a sportier and stronger appearance. The front and rear width of the vehicle has also been increased to 140 mm and 150 mm, respectively, helping the vehicle become more stable and stronger on all types of terrain. At the same time, lighter wheels with a diameter of 17 inches and multi-terrain tires help the Hilux GR Sport II overcome all challenges on the road.

Not only that, this version is also equipped with a new suspension system, increasing agility and flexibility on every journey. The uniqueness of this car lies in the exterior design details, from the separate honeycomb mesh radiator, beautiful red brakes, to the dark exterior details. The inside of the car is designed in the main red-black color scheme, which not only creates a luxurious beauty but also shows dynamism and strength.

Hilux GR Sport II has no significant changes in the powertrain, the car still uses a 2.8L turbocharged diesel engine, providing strong power up to 201 horsepower and impressive torque of 500 Nm. Combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission, this car promises to bring a powerful and enjoyable driving experience to the driver.

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