Things to know about Lazang cars

Car tire is a definition that sounds very strange but in fact this is an extremely familiar part of the car wheel. Although familiar yet strange, although strange yet familiar, not everyone understands it clearly. Don’t worry, CarOn is here to help you find out information about Lazang cars.

What is car lazang?

Lazang also known as wheel tray good rim, this is the part that connects the front axle and rear axle of the tire, helping to keep the tire in one position when inflated and the vehicle rolls. Depending on the vehicle model and size, the wheels are attached to the axle with 4,5 or even 7 holes.

What is car lazzang? Caron

For large commercial passenger vehicles or heavy trucks, there may be up to 10 rim holes to increase load-carrying capacity.

Car wheels are made from many different materials such as iron, steel, aluminum alloy or carbon. Currently, steel and aluminum alloy are the two materials most commonly used by laser manufacturers.

Auto parts dealers and distributors often provide wheels at many different prices from many countries, mainly China and Thailand. In addition, they can also sell high-end, high-priced products from Europe, America, England… to high-end customers who want to customize their car wheels.

Technical specifications of lazang

Understand the parameters below to better understand Lazang:

first Wheel diameter (inch) Wheel diameter is calculated in inches. This parameter helps customers choose the right type of wheel for their tire because a larger wheel cannot fit the old tire. Normally, wheels with larger diameters must come with thinner tires. Currently, the diameter of car wheels is an even number of 15 – 17 inches.
2 Wheel width (inch) Wheel width is the distance between the two outer edges of the wheel in inches. This parameter will also affect the tire choice decision. If a wheel is too wide in width, the original tire set will no longer fit. Wheel width is different from diameter parameters, widths use both odd and even numbers such as 6 inches, 6.5 inches, 7 inches, 8.5 inches,…
3 Number of bolt holes What is the number of lazang bolt holes? This is a parameter showing the number of holes that must be suitable to attach to the wheel. We cannot attach 15-inch 4-hole wheels to a B-class car with 15-inch 5-hole wheels.
4 Bolt diameter (mm) This parameter is often accompanied by the number of holes and is abbreviated as PCD (Pattern Circle Diameter), representing the diameter of the center circle of the wheel, where the wheel axle passes. The bolt diameter must match the vehicle’s specifications to be able to securely attach the wheels.
5 Dimension of protrusion from center line (mm) This is the protruding part from the center line to the contact surface of the wheel rim and axle, denoted as offset with detailed description as follows: Offset =0: The part of the wheel axle contact surface is at the center line . Offset > 0: The part of the wheel axle contact surface is outside the center line. Offset <0: The part of the wheel axle contact surface is in the center line.
6 Distance from inside to rim edge and distance from outside to rim edge (inches): These two parameters combined equal the width of the wheel as described above. This parameter is also relatively important to determine which vehicle type and drive mechanism the wheel is suitable for. If the distance from the inside to the edge of the rim is large, the wheels will be used for FWD front-wheel drive vehicles. If the distance from the outside to the edge of the rim is large, the wheels will be used for RWD rear-wheel drive vehicles. If the distance between the inside and outside is equal, the wheels are used for SUVs.
Statistical table of parameters of car Lazang
CarOn wheel structure
Structure of a car wheel

How many types of car wheels are there?

Iron lazang

Iron wheels, also known as iron wheels, are made from iron or steel, with grooves that help the wheel hug the rim of the car, keeping the tire in place when inflated. Iron trays possess many advantages such as low price, good load-bearing capacity and low deformation. That’s why iron rims are very popular on trucks, multi-seat passenger cars, construction vehicles, specialized vehicles…

lazang-sat-o-to caron
Iron car wheels

However, iron wheels are heavy and need regular inspection and maintenance to avoid rust. Therefore, passenger cars or family cars are very limited in using iron wheels. To increase the aesthetics of iron wheels, people use additional wheel covers. Lazang covers also have many different designs and materials for customers to choose from.

Aluminum alloy wheels

Aluminum alloy wheels are the most popular today. With increasing market demand, even car manufacturers are gradually equipping their vehicles with standard aluminum alloy wheels.

Caron aluminum-alloy car-wheels
Aluminum alloy car wheels

With light weight, good hardness, easy to design unique and fancy designs, bringing personality to the car owner, aluminum alloy wheels are becoming the top choice. Because of the above irresistible attraction, many owners of car models using iron wheels have tried to upgrade to aluminum alloy wheels for their cars.

Aluminum alloy wheels often come with car wheel covers. This is often the point where car manufacturers place their logos and is often looked at by “thieves”. Even though it’s not worth much, it takes away a lot of the car’s aesthetics.

Magnesium alloy wheels

Magnesium alloy wheels are often used for supercars and racing cars because of many advantages: Higher hardness than aluminum alloy wheels, good heat dissipation ability, light weight. Besides, this type of tray has a high price and if it is deformed, it cannot be restored.

Carbon fiber wheels

This type of wheel is made from carbon fiber at a high price, so it is usually only used for super luxury cars, high-performance cars, racing cars, etc. With the advantages of good aerodynamics, high stiffness and stability, Carbon wheels are always rated well. However, they cannot be repaired if they are deformed.

caron carbon fiber wheels
Carbon fiber car wheels

Types of car wheel sizes today

Lazang is an indispensable part of a car, however this is an equipment designed to suit each individual car model. Sizes for vehicle models can be listed as follows:

  • Class A car: Ladders from 13 inches to 15 inches are a popular size on segment A cars. About 10 years ago, 13-inch wheels were quite popular on Kia Morning or Daewoo Matiz cars. Recently, as the size of this vehicle segment is getting larger, the specifications of 14-inch and 15-inch 4-hole wheels are becoming more and more popular.

For example: Honda Brio and VinFast Fadil are both equipped with 15-inch 4-hole wheels, tire parameters are 185/55R15. With old cars, you can only find old 13-inch wheels and old panels, because there are not many suppliers of these products.

Honda BrioRS 2021
  • Class B car: The wheel size is a bit larger at 15-16 inches. Although the same size is 15 inches, the 15-inch wheels on class B cars have 5 holes instead of only 4 holes like class A cars.
  • Class C car: The C-class car segment commonly uses 16-18 inch wheels.
  • Class D car: Use the popular size 18 to 19 inches.
  • Small SUV: Small SUVs are equipped with popular wheel sizes from 17 to 18 inches
  • Mid-sized and large SUVs: Use popular wheel sizes from 19-20 inches
  • Pickup trucks in Vietnam: Use wheels with common sizes from 16 – 18 inches.

Prices of car wheels

With many diverse sizes and designs along with quality, depending on each type, car wheels have different prices. You can take a quick look at the following price list:

first 13 inch wheels Older car models From 3 million VND to 5 million VND.
2 14 inch wheels New models of small cars. From 4 million VND to 6 million VND.
3 15 inch wheels B-class cars or A-class cars like VinFast Fadil From 5 million VND to 8 million VND
4 16 inch wheels Class B and C cars From 9 million VND to 14 million VND.
5 17 inch wheels Class C and D vehicles From 10 million VND to 16 million VND.
6 18 inch wheels Class C and D vehicles From 16 million VND to 20 million VND.
7 19 inch wheels CUV/SUV vehicle line From 19 million VND to 25 million VND.
8 20 inch wheels Luxury cars like VinFast President From 20 million VND to 27 million VND.
Price statistics table of popular Lazang types

Should we customize large car wheels?

Customizing car wheels is changing the wheel to be different from the original design from the manufacturer. Normally, the main reason for wheel adjustment is to increase the wheel size. Because cars with large wheels are often more attractive, eye-catching and beautiful than small wheels.

by Caron's mother

There are a few car models on the market that allow the use of many different wheel sizes from 16 to 19 inches. However, most have their own rims designed to suit the vehicle’s characteristics. For those who prefer a strong, healthy appearance, they will choose to “modify” larger wheels to bring a new look to the car as desired. However, this is not supported by auto experts because of its potential risks.

What should you pay attention to in lazang?

Although there are many potential risks, customizing the wheels is not impossible. Just pay attention to the following points and you can easily turn the appearance of your beloved car into a more “cool” one.

Maintain the overall diameter of both the wheels and tires of the car

If the wheel size is increased, the tire thickness must be corresponding. This can easily lead to many problems due to deviations from the manufacturer’s original design such as speedometer errors, collisions between the wheel and wheel hub when the vehicle is cornering, affecting transmission operation, affecting affects tires and fuel consumption…

do-mam-xe-o-to 2 caron

Do not abuse changing car wheels

Although larger wheels will help the car’s appearance stand out and be more stylish, with the above minus points it is absolutely not recommended.

Because in addition, reducing the length of the tire also helps increase the contact area between the wheel and the road surface. If the tires are too thin, the vehicle’s suspension system will work incorrectly compared to the original design.

3-caron car manufacturer

Because tires that are too thin and grip the road too much will cause the suspension system to work incorrectly due to the manufacturer’s original settings. This not only makes the vehicle rougher and produces more tire noise, but it also affects safety.

Although large wheels are sporty, they mean the wheels will be heavier, affecting the performance of the braking system, braking distance will be longer, and brake pads will wear out faster. In addition, increased tire weight also causes higher fuel consumption. Thin tire walls also increase the risk of being cut by rocks, stuck by nails, etc.

Is there a penalty for changing car wheels?

Clause 3 and Clause 7, Article 16 of Decree 100/2019/ND-CP stipulates that if the laser parameters are different from the registered parameters, the fine will be from 800,000 VND to 1 million VND.

For vehicles that have had their wheels replaced, customers will not be compensated by insurance in the event of an incident or accident. When the owner does not have a certificate of registration to change the vehicle’s registration, it means that the insurance company will refuse to pay.

do-mam-xe-ford-ranger 4 caron

Prestigious car tire tuning address

Adjusting car wheels is a hobby for drivers who are passionate about speed. Although there are many disadvantages, it is not completely impossible. To balance aesthetic, economic, and operational safety factors and not violate the Law, car owners need to consult experts, especially those with technical knowledge. CarOn is one of the addresses that meets all of the above needs.


With a team of excellent and experienced technicians, combined with a team of product-savvy consultants, and most importantly, prioritizing customer experience, CarOn has become a prestigious, trusted brand. “choose the gold side” in the car tire tuning service.

The products are imported and sold genuine, with full invoices and documents. You will definitely not be disappointed when you leave your beloved car at this garage.

For detailed information about service – maintenance, please contact hotline 0961.247.360 or via website for the fastest consulting support.

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