Buying a low-end car, what should you upgrade first?

Upgrade the 360 ​​camera screen, install a tire pressure sensor, upgrade the LED lights to improve lighting better.

The 2019 Tucson has an upgraded camera screen for a better in-car experience with many safety features, especially a 360 camera to help drivers feel more confident and drive safer when going on difficult roads and protect them. We avoid unfortunate legal problems that occur while participating in traffic.

Some outstanding safety features of CarOn car screens compared to other products on the market include:

✅ Smart customizable interface for users, self-selecting quick operation screens with frequently used features placed on top – Personalized interface

✅Unique secondary screen feature helps quickly launch commonly used applications

✅QLED screen with wide viewing angle for the most realistic colors

✅Resolution up to 2k, equipped with DBEF light film

✅Integrated 360 panorama camera, giving a panoramic view around the vehicle. The screen automatically displays the image at the steering angle when you turn on the turn signal

✅Integrated dash cam supports smart ADAS, lane departure warning, distance warning

✅High-end audio DPS chip supports sound segmentation, bass filtering,…

✅8-core processor, high-speed 1.8Hz clock speed provides the smoothest experience

✅Supports Android Auto and Apple Carplay wirelessly

✅Supports high speed 4G connection

✅Supports tire pressure sensors, ensuring safety on all roads

✅Split screen feature, multitasking with multiple applications

✅Integrated 2 separate Bluetooth chips, supporting phone connection, tire pressure sensor and vehicle OBD

✅ Voice command/control

✅ Special: Integrates smart navigation software such as: Google Map, Navitel, Vietmap with speed warning features, cold penalty camera warning features

The tire pressure sensor includes 4 internal valves and a signal receiver that plugs directly in and displays on the screen
Tire parameters are displayed directly on the car screen

Accurate internal valve tire pressure sensor, making driving safer

There are many types of tire pressure sensors on the market, from independent external valves to independent internal valves and internal valves integrated with screens, which are the most advanced and best types available today. Full display of tire parameters on the car screen, integrated and optimized, will issue a warning when the tire does not have enough safe pressure to help you cover and always understand the condition of the tire before driving. rolling,

Upgrade LED lights to improve lighting better.

Applications of LED lights on cars:

Technology is increasingly developing, so car headlights no longer use incandescent bulbs, but instead use Xenon, Halogen or LED bulbs. In particular, LED lights are often used to make daytime running lights, fog lights, interior decoration lights, and are gradually becoming popular on headlights.

Car led lights
Direct lighting installed on Vios Basi 2017 car

LED bulbs are much more energy efficient than halogen bulbs because they do not radiate heat when lighting. For example, in low beam mode, an LED light from CarOn is used for the vehicleVios only needs 15W while halogen bulbs need up to 65W of electricity to produce the same light. In addition, LED bulbs have a lighting time of about 10,000 hours, meaning they are 10 times more durable than halogen bulbs.

Designers love LED bulbs because they are small and have good lighting efficiency, allowing them to freely create more stylish and stylish lighting styles, whether headlights or taillights. Although LED bulbs do not radiate heat when lighting as mentioned above, they do produce heat at the base of the lamp. Therefore, using LED bulbs as headlights requires cooling systems to prevent heat from damaging silicon chips. This leads to the increased cost of using LED headlights.

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