When Do I Need Brake Service? What are the identifying signs?

Car brake system plays an extremely important role in the vehicle’s operation, helping the vehicle decelerate or stop when necessary. If the brake system is damaged or does not function well, it will be unsafe, leading to extremely serious consequences. Therefore, regular and timely maintenance of the brake system is essential.

So when do you need to maintain your brake system? What are the identifying signs? In the article below, CarOn will answer your questions!

What is car brake disc?

What is car brake disc?

Car brake discs are made of carbon ceramic or steel. The brake disc is connected to the wheel axle and will rotate with the wheels when moving. When the pedal applies pressure to the brake, electronic and mechanical pressure will force the brake pads to clamp onto the brake disc to slow the vehicle.

Some basic types of car brake discs

Steel brake disc

Steel car brake discs

The appearance of each steel brake disc will vary depending on the specific application. For example, to save costs, brake discs for frequently moving vehicles will be made entirely of steel. For racing or sports cars, the brake discs will be designed to be vented, cross-drilled and grooved to reduce unloaded weight and increase cooling efficiency

Carbon ceramic brake discs

This type of brake disc is usually reserved for racing cars and supercars. Because this type moves at high speeds and because of the appeal of racing technology, car brakes need long life and long-lasting cooling effects, carbon ceramics perfectly meet this requirement.

Carbon ceramic brake discs

When do you need brake maintenance?

It is difficult to have a general “formula” to determine exactly when to check and maintain the brakes because it depends on the road conditions on which the vehicle often travels, the driver’s habits as well as the type of spare parts that the owner uses. previously used vehicle.

Automobile experts advise us to check and replace brake pads after about 30,000 km of travel, or after 2 years of vehicle operation. This time may be shorter if the car frequently travels in densely populated areas or has to use the brakes.

When do you need brake maintenance?

Signs of car brake problems?

Strange sound

A strange sound is one of the warning signs that your brake system has a problem and needs care. However, that sound can come from anywhere in the system. For example, screeching noises may be due to brake pads not working properly and need to be repaired.

It is also possible that a squealing sound from the brake pad sensor indicates that it needs to be replaced. Sometimes you can also hear the sound of metal rubbing against each other, which may be because the brake pads have worn out, causing the metal to come into direct contact with the rotor. Every time you use the brakes, these two metal parts rub against each other. When this happens, you will have difficulty braking. Furthermore, it can cause damage to the brake rotating blocks.

Car shakes

If you encounter an emergency situation and apply all the brakes on vehicles using ABS, the continuous release and capture mechanism will cause the vehicle to vibrate until it stops completely. But if the car vibrates in a similar situation on a non-ABS car, the brake system is having problems.

The driver will feel the vibration bounce back to the brake pedal. Normally, the brake disc will not vibrate, except in very extreme cases such as the disc becoming red hot due to braking when continuously going downhill…

When stepping on the brake, the car feels skewed

When you apply the brakes, you see that the car seems to be skewed, meaning that the braking process is not affecting the wheels evenly. Please bring your weak vehicle to a reputable vehicle maintenance unit immediately to have it checked and effectively repaired as soon as possible, avoiding causing harm to humans during use.

The brake error light comes on

Brake light is on

The brake error light coming on is a sign that the brake system is having problems. Common causes are low brake fluid, loss of hydraulic pressure on one side…

When I step on the brake, it feels heavy

A quality braking device, operating in the best condition, is often supported by vacuum assistance, so the braking process will be very simple and easy, without causing hardship for the driver.

In the case of driving, when using the brake you feel that the brake pedal feels heavy, which means that the brake system on your car has a problem. The cause may be due to broken brake vacuum booster, or clogged oil pipes, etc.

When the brake cannot be released

The condition of the brakes not releasing, or commonly known as locking brakes, usually occurs because the vehicle’s pull spring or return is damaged by the brake pads. Or this situation may also occur due to some other reasons such as dry oil, a stuck cylinder part of the vehicle, or incorrect driving operations.

The pedal was pushed close to the floor

This phenomenon may be due to reduced brake fluid due to water or leaks, thus not creating enough pressure

Benefits of regular car brake maintenance

Prevent damage and extend vehicle life

In Vietnam, road conditions are relatively harsh: roads, climate, dusty air, high temperatures, vehicles often run at low speeds, start the engine on the spot a lot, etc., so the above details and systems Cars are affected by changes in the quality of lubricants and lubricants.

Furthermore, you cannot detect damage, thus affecting traffic safety. Therefore, during regular car maintenance, technicians will check and promptly handle damage.

During operation, abrasion occurs between the joints of the components. Regular maintenance checks will help prevent unnecessary damage early and extend the life of the vehicle.

Save money and drive safely

caron buckle up
Save money, drive safely

Regular car maintenance helps customers prevent major damage and save costs. Furthermore, when the details are seriously damaged, it will cause unsafety for users.

Imagine if your car, due to some incident (exploded tire, lost brakes, etc.) had to suddenly stop on the road. This situation can be completely prevented by regular vehicle maintenance. Therefore, do not affect your own work and that of others just because of the habit of not taking your car for maintenance on schedule.

Peace of mind and comfort when driving

You will not have to endure the unpleasant feeling of using a car that often makes strange noises, or the feeling of insecurity because the car has not been inspected for a long time…. Therefore, you feel more secure and comfortable when driving to work or going out with your family. Because your car has just been taken care of by a genuine company with technicians who understand your car best.

Guaranteed warranty validity

For the warranty to be valid, your vehicle must have complete periodic maintenance performed at service centers authorized by the vehicle manufacturer.

Brake inspection and maintenance process at CarOn 5S

Step 1: Check the brake pedal’s free travel

Step 2: Check the operation of the brake system

Step 3: Check brake pads: Brake pad thickness, brake condition

Step 4: Check the dust cover

Step 5: Check the brake pipes

Step 6: Apply silicon grease and copper grease to the working positions of the brake

Step 8: Check the quick indicator light on the Taplo

Step 9: Check brake fluid

Step 10: Adjust brakes if necessary

Step 11: Test drive before handing over the car

Above is an article about signs and reasonable time for brake maintenance.

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