What is the reasonable rolling frequency of the vehicle? How to preserve a car that is rarely used?

When you own a beloved car but don’t have many occasions to use it, you often forget it in the garage or parking lot for quite a long time. But if you don’t let the car roll for too long, unnecessary damage may occur. So what is the appropriate frequency for the car to roll? Let’s find out now with CarOn!

What will happen if you don’t drive regularly?

Even though you don’t drive as much as before, the stationary car will still have certain changes. You need to always keep an eye on your vehicle. Just like with a person, staying in one place for too long is not good for your health. So if you stay in one place for too long with a car, what symptoms will occur?

The fuel tank is rusted

After a long period of non-use, some parts of the fuel tank may rust, causing fuel to leak. When you discover that the fuel tank is rusted, there is a high possibility that you will have to spend a fair amount of money to replace the entire fuel tank, fuel pump, pipes and valves around the tank to avoid corrosion from spreading to other parts. other car parts.

The fluids in the car are degraded

If the car sits in one place for too long, the liquids in the car will be damaged (degraded) or reduce on their own, just like carbonated drinks will lose their gas if you leave it for too long. When the vehicle operates, these fluids will reach operating temperature, lubricating seals, gearboxes, belts… and other parts. This can cause serious engine errors.

Especially for gasoline, it is necessary to maintain a minimum amount of gasoline of ¼ tank. Because if the fuel tank is empty, it will be susceptible to moisture and steam can cause the tank to rust and negatively affect the engine.

However, gasoline left in the tank for more than 30 days without the vehicle running will deteriorate. And if you leave the car without running for a few months, you should drain the gas. Old fuel not only makes your car inoperable, but dirt can also cause engine damage.

The interior of the car is moldy

With the humid weather in Vietnam, not only cars but also all items that have not been used for a long time can easily get mold and mildew. Locations that are prone to mold and mildew appearing on cars include: cabin, seats, oil tank, etc.

When mold and mildew problems are not completely resolved, they can quickly spread throughout the interior compartment. If not cleaned thoroughly, it can easily cause health problems such as allergies, sinusitis, infections, etc.

The car’s paint is faded

The paint layer is considered the soul of each car model, creating beauty that attracts customers at first sight. Not only that, with luxury car models, the paint layer is also a perfect part to create their luxurious and expensive look. In order for the paint layer to be durable and last longer, protective measures and careful maintenance are needed.

However, in force majeure cases such as epidemics, prolonged bad weather, or inconvenience in traveling, car owners should also take care of their car’s paint at home.

If the car is left in the sun for too long, the impact of heat, light and rays will damage the car’s paint layer, causing obvious fading. This can also be seen with the naked eye when the car has been unused for a long time, especially for cars without a protective wax layer.

Leaving your car in the sun causes many harms to the car, affecting the car’s paint layer

In addition, dirt is also a harmful factor to paint color. This will cause damage to the protective coating layer, moreover, they can scratch the car’s paint layer. Besides, parking your car under the shade of a tree can reduce the effects of heat, but tree branches or bird bodies can also harm the car’s paint.

Deformed tires

The weight of a car is very large, and tires are the main part to support this weight. If the vehicle does not move for a long time, all of this weight will accumulate, causing the tire to deflate. This situation happens even faster in winter.

If you do not pay attention to the condition of your tires and pump them promptly, the tires will even rot. Not operating for a long time can also form bubbles on the tire, easily leading to tire explosion when operating again, causing potential danger to the user.

Dead battery

Just like regular batteries used for electronic devices, car batteries will automatically run out of power if left unused for too long. With a car that has been left for a long time, trying to restart the car can cause the battery to completely lose power, forcing you to replace the battery with a new one or replace the battery.

Fuel pump broken

Another part that is easily damaged when your car has not been used for a long time is the fuel pump. At that time, the car engine cannot operate normally and the car will have difficulty starting.

A broken fuel pump means starting the car will be many times more difficult. After your car has not been run for a long time, you should check the condition of the fuel pump to avoid unfortunate situations.

Rusted brakes and rotors

Brakes and rotors are also two parts that are very susceptible to rust if the car is not used regularly. You can easily recognize it if you notice a grinding sound when you press the brake pedal.

Rusted brakes and rotors will cause a loss of safety when riding, making it difficult for the driver to handle unexpected problems that occur due to lack of brake support.

Insects, vermin and rodents make nests

The engine compartment and the interior compartment are both ideal environments for insects, pests and even rodents to nest. Some species such as ants, bugs, and mice make nests in the car and then cut off the electrical circuits, making your car unable to start. More dangerous are snakes, which often nest in the engine compartment and cause the car to stall.

Rodents damage the wiring system

Reasonable driving frequency

There are many people who are still confident that leaving their car in the garage for months will not have any effect. However, the conditions that CarOn has listed above are the conditions that you will encounter if you let the car “sleep” for too long.

It is recommended that the car should be driven several times during driving, namely Once every 2 weeks and drive for at least 16km at 80km/h if feasible. This not only helps the car engine to be completely warmed up, but also makes the entire system inside the car work.

Leaving the car running for at least 15 minutes will help the engine system reach normal operating temperature, wake up the transmission, brakes, suspension, power steering and air conditioning systems as well as help all The fluid has a chance to function properly after many days of rest.

How to preserve cars that are rarely used

Choose a cool parking location

Car preservation is a very important factor during use if you want your car to always be in the best condition. Choosing a safe, cool, humid place is also one of the key conditions to keep your car looking like new.

A car garage with appropriate temperature and humidity is a condition for a car to have a long life and durability. If your house does not have a garage and must park the car outdoors, you should choose shady places and add a hood, rainproof tarpaulin and insulation to help the car avoid the effects of the weather and avoid disturbances from animals. object

Car wash, engine maintenance

Many people think that when they use the car again, they should clean it and keep it clean to save time, money and effort. But this frugality will seriously degrade your car. You should clean your car at least once a week even if you don’t use it to keep it looking like new.

Check machine details and batteries regularly

Car owners should also regularly check and clean the fuel pump, fuel tank, and other machine parts. Besides, don’t forget to inflate the tires, along with that, combine rubber protection spray to prevent tire casing from degrading after long periods of inactivity. In addition, if the vehicle does not run for a long time, you should disconnect the battery and clean it to maintain this detail.

Check the CarOn battery
Regular battery maintenance at reputable addresses

Clean and sanitize car interior regularly

Cleaning and tidying up the cockpit area, interior and luggage compartment are the first things you should do. Clean up all remaining trash and debris to avoid pests. At the same time, you should collect flammable tools such as lighters, water cans, etc. and turn off the charger and electronic devices to ensure safety. Ensure fire safety for vehicles.

If you’re still worried about whether it’s safe to take care of your car like that at home? Then bring your beloved car to CarOn Pro – the most prestigious and quality garage on the market today.

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