What is Android box? Should I install an Android box in my car?

Car Android box is a small but powerful device, extremely smart when it can turn the “zin screen” into an Android screen with full modern features, effective support during driving. . Join CarOn to learn about the cool and interesting features of this device!

What is an Android car box?

Android Box for cars is considered a perfect choice for those who love convenience and modernity, but still want to keep the original car.

Android Box is a compact technology device that helps you convert data on the Carplay screen into a smart screen, fully functional, with high-end amenities without having to remove the original screen. Thanks to that, although it has not been around for a long time, this car accessory is quite “famous” and has a place in the market.

Features of Android box for cars

Meet entertainment needs anytime, anywhere

After installing the Android box, the car’s original screen will meet entertainment needs such as listening to music, watching movies, YouTube, surfing the web, etc. like on a smartphone, bringing interesting experiences. taste throughout the trip.

Smart voice control

Using voice to open applications on car screens is becoming increasingly popular. This function not only supports opening all functions quickly but also helps car owners concentrate highly while driving.

tro-ly-ao-kiki-voice caronpro screen

Supports quick and accurate directions

Android box also supports the integration of online map applications such as: Google Maps, Navitel, Vietmap,… In addition, these applications also have the ability to warn about speed, lane encroachment, and traffic signs to help car owners. More maneuverable and less dangerous during movement.

google-maps-la-gi caronpro screen

Supports bluetooth connection

Android boxes for cars also support bluetooth connection with smartphones on both popular platforms today: IOS and Android. After connecting, you can make phone calls, view messages, and view images directly on the car’s screen.

What is Bluetooth technology - All information about Bluetooth technology - CarOn Pro android smart screen for cars

Use multiple applications at the same time

With a configuration of 4GB RAM and up to 64 GB memory, once connected, Android Box allows users to use many applications at the same time such as watching YouTube, tracking Google Map,… not only that, the configuration is strong, It also makes the software run smoother and more stable.

Connect to peripheral devices

Using an Android box also has the ability to help your car connect to peripheral devices such as tire pressure sensors, cameras360, etc. These devices help make your trip more comfortable and convenient. much better. However, not all box types support this feature, because this is a quite complex function, only box lines with high prices are supported.

Which car can Android box connect to?

Currently, all car models that have Apple CarPlay available can use Android Box for cars. For today’s new car models such as KIA, Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Audi, BMW, Ford, Suzuki… most of them have Apple Carplay connection to easily turn the original screen into an Android car screen.

Should I install an Android box in my car?

Nowadays, many car owners learn about and install Android box devices for their cars. This shows that this product is popular and is of interest to many car owners. The benefits that this device brings include:

  • A solution to convert a stock screen into a top-notch Android screen without needing to replace a new screen
  • Suitable for car models that do not support Android car screen installation
  • Has all the features of a car screen such as: listening to music, watching YouTube, finding directions,…
  • Does not affect the vehicle’s structure or power source
  • Installation costs are more economical

With so many outstanding and convenient features as above, surely the answer to whether you should install an Android box is “Yes”. Equipping a smart, compact device like an Android box helps you save costs and adds a series of conveniences to your car.

Frequently asked questions when installing an Android box in a car

Question 1: How much does an Android box for cars cost?

Currently on the market there are many Android Box car product lines, quite diverse in brands and product configurations. The selling price of Android Box for cars ranges from 6,500,000 to more than 10,000,000 VND. In general, the price of installing an Android box is much cheaper than an Android screen in the same configuration. However, always be careful with cheap products to avoid “losing money”.

Question 2: Comparing Android car box and Android car screen, which type should I install?

Android car screens and Android car boxes are both solutions to upgrade car screens that many people are interested in. Both devices meet the needs of using top entertainment features, smart directions, voice control technology, etc. However, these two products will also have different characteristics:

Android car screen Android car box
Meets the need for comprehensive upgrading of car screens in terms of: eye pedal interface, variety of smart utilities, integration and support for safe driving, etc. Effective solution for those who want to upgrade the screen while still keeping the original screen of the car, aimed at car owners who own luxury cars, new cars who want to keep the screen or for car models that do not support installation. screen

Question 3: What are some limitations of Android car boxes?

Although it is a product with many utilities, Android box still has some limitations such as:

  • Although it is possible to install a 4G sim, the car Android Box cannot broadcast wifi to other devices.
  • The display and sound quality of the Android screen are much better than most original car screens.
  • Unable to plug in USB to store necessary data
  • Can only be used with cars that have Carplay: Most new car models today have this connection
  • Only expensive Android boxes have the ability to connect to peripheral devices such as tire pressure sensors, camera360, etc.

Installing an Android box is necessary to have a smooth journey. Currently, CarOn Pro – one of the famous quality brands is researching to launch an Android box product, integrating the following technologies. The most advanced today with a powerful chip, supporting 2 USB ports, HDMI and powerful configuration.

In addition, the CarOn smart car screen is also one of the devices that supports many convenient features to support users. Refer to the article for more detailed information:

For more details about CarOn Pro’s services and products, please contact hotline: 0961.247.360 or via website: https://caronpro.vn/ for the fastest and most accurate direct consulting support!

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