What is a car door? Uses of car exhaust doors

“Sniff door” is a term that is still quite strange and new. Car exhaust doors are one of the high-end options that are usually only equipped by manufacturers on luxury cars from BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz. This is a special device with many advantages that drivers need to pay attention to. Let CarOn bring you detailed information about this type of accessory!

What is a car door?

What is a car door? CarOn

Car doors are also known as Soft Close Automatic Doors. In fact, this is an option that manufacturers equip for car doors to help open and close smoothly without having to use too much force to close the door. Normally, to close a car door, we need to use a fairly strong push. When the door closes, it will make a strong noise. This noise often causes discomfort or startles children and the elderly. As for the trap door, when you close the door, you only need a light force until the door just touches the body of the car, the system will automatically pull the latch door, very gently but effectively.

Operating principle of car exhaust doors?

The structure of a basic car door includes a pulling cable, an electric motor that pulls the latch mounted on the door, and a sensor.

Car doors operate on the principle of automatic sensors. The sensor will automatically close the circuit when it detects that the door latch is within a distance of 4 – 8mm. At that time, the electric motor is activated and acts as a winch to pull the rope, the pulling cable tightens the door latch onto the lever on the car’s body. If the car door is not completely closed, the outside light will light up and the limit switch located inside the car lock will notify the ECM (controller) that the car door is closed but not closed. The ECM will then control the lock motor to rotate and the lock latch to a fully closed state. The entire above operation process takes place quickly, smoothly and only takes a few seconds to operate.

Technical specifications of car doors

CarOn intake door specifications

System car exhaust door Requires extremely high stability and extremely durable life. If the intake system fails, the use of your vehicle will certainly be interrupted, so technical design requirements also require strict compliance. strict, according to European standards such as:

  • Material alloy + ABS plastic
  • Durability: up to 100,000 operating cycles. If on average you close/open 10 times a day, then 100,000/10/360=27.7 years. One number says it all about the system’s durability door set for carsgiving you absolute peace of mind when upgrading.
  • Power source: to system car exhaust door For stable operation, the optimal power source is 12V
  • Temperature: 40-88 degrees Celsius, almost suitable for even the harshest weather conditions.
  • Pressure: up to 50DB

Uses of car exhaust doors

The car door is one of the tools to support the driver’s user experience. It has many different uses, typically:

Helps the door close tightly without wasting effort

Based on the intelligent operating principle, users will not need to use strong force to close the door like a car without a door. Instead, just push a little and the door will automatically close tightly.

Close the CarOn door gently

Reduce noise, limit vehicle vibration

One thing that is easy to notice on cars that do not have a door installed is that the user will need to apply strong force to close the door tightly. This accidentally causes the car to vibrate and make loud noises echo into the cabin.

However, when installing the door, the user will not need to apply strong force. Instead, just gently push the tightly closed door, thereby minimizing noise or vibration when closing the door.

Avoid situations where the car door is not closed tightly

When the regular car door is not closed, the car’s system will sound an alarm and the user will have to close the door. This case is quite convenient for vehicles on crowded roads or with elderly people or children in the vehicle.

However, if you install a sliding door, you will not encounter this trouble, very suitable for family needs when there are young children or the elderly.

Close the CarOn door tightly

Get a luxurious experience

Car exhaust doors are an equipment that helps raise the level of your car’s class. This feature is not only useful and convenient, but also brings a modern, elegant experience that is usually only found on European luxury cars.

Should you upgrade your car’s air intake?

In fact, experts encourage customizing car doors. It is not natural that many people pay special attention to car exhaust doors. Most car doors today are reinforced very firmly, sound-insulated, equipped with speakers, lights… so the weight of the car is inherently bulky, making it even heavier. This leads to the fact that when closing the door, if you use too much force, it will hurt your “dear driver”, but if you use too light, the door will not latch. However, all problems are solved neatly when there is a car door.

Although there are many superior features, not every car company equips their products with intake doors. That’s why it leads to the trend of “sniffing”. With the benefits it brings to car owners, “tuning the car door” is absolutely correct, the optimal solution for your usage experience.

CarOn car door adjustment

The information about car doors will hopefully help you understand more about this equipment. If you have any questions about the article as well as repair and maintenance services, you can contact us via hotline 0961247360 or website https://caronpro.vn/ for quick support.

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