What accessories should be installed on a new car?

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Currently, there are many accessories being launched to help car owners. However, not all of them are really necessary and if not installed in the right place, they can cause unnecessary risks. So what accessories should be installed in the car? Which accessories are safe? Join CarOn to learn about the article below!

Is installing car accessories really necessary?

Should I install additional accessories for my car? A question that many people wonder about. In general, installing car accessories is extremely necessary. It can help your car be more durable, move safer, have more convenience, increase the life of the car, protect the interior, etc. That’s why accessories were born.

Below are the accessories you should install for your car!

Camera 360

360 degree camera
Check 360 degree Camera – CarOn Pro

360 cameras are truly necessary safety equipment that should be installed in cars. These devices help the driver control the vehicle in crowded places, difficult-to-see locations, or when needing to reverse and park into a position quickly, safely, and accurately.

You can see the whole scene surrounding your vehicle such as: Front, rear, left, right and even under the car. However, on the market today there are many types of 360 Cameras sold on the market, drivers should find reputable places to install them to avoid unnecessary risks, poor image quality, etc.

Camera journey

Car dash cam

Installing dash cams for cars brings many practical benefits. When using a car camera to record the journey, all images during the driving process are recorded. This will become very convincing evidence to help find the cause and determine who is right and who is wrong if unfortunately collisions or accidents occur.

In addition, CarOn Pro also uses the ADAS application in the Dashcam to help with collision warnings, speed warnings, smart lane departure warnings, timely speeding warnings, etc., helping drivers feel secure in driving. more traveling process.

Convex mirror

Convex mirrors for cars

A convex mirror is an accessory for cars that has a small spherical mirror and the mirror surface is not flat like a rearview mirror but is slightly curved like a part of a spherical surface.

This is a common equipment found on cars to help drivers get rid of the worry of backing up when entering a parking lot. A convex mirror will help when the driver wants to monitor the distance and limit the vehicle’s blind spots. Being able to clearly see vehicles and obstacles in the rear blind corner helps the driver handle situations more easily and quickly such as changing directions, turning around, backing up, parking, etc. Thereby minimizing the risks. risk, improve safety. Normally the viewing angle of a car mirror is only 30-40 degrees. When installing a convex mirror, the car owner will expand his viewing angle to 90 degrees.

Car convex mirrors are priced from 50,000 VND to 200,000 VND/pair. You can buy car accessories for convex mirrors at stores specializing in interior and exterior cars or e-commerce sites.

Tire pressure sensor

Internal valve tire pressure sensor

Tire pressure is something that drivers need to know when traveling. The tire pressure sensor is a small device but very useful on long journeys. This device recognizes tires with reduced pressure and warns the driver to promptly handle them. It can be seen that tire pressure sensors are car accessories that help drivers drive more safely and efficiently. At the same time, it also saves fuel, reduces CO2 emissions and protects the environment.

Currently, there are two main types of tire pressure sensors:

  • Internal tire pressure sensor: A type of tire pressure sensor with a sensor head mounted inside the tire, the sensor valve replaces the original tire valve.
  • External tire pressure sensor: A type of tire pressure sensor with a sensor head attached to the valve head of the wheel.

Heat insulation film

Car insulation film

Heat-insulating film is one of the necessary accessories for cars. Helps passengers in the car and car parts avoid strong sunlight. At the same time, it also helps reduce vehicle heat when traveling during intense heat and ensures privacy in the vehicle.

If the car’s glass is accidentally broken and has heat-insulating film applied, it will limit glass shards from hitting people in the car. Currently, there are some types of heat-insulating films that also use sputtering or metal-coating technology to help increase the ability to protect and prevent vehicle glass from impact.

There are many types of heat-insulating films for cars on the market that are trusted by many people. Some lines of heat-insulating films from brands such as 3M, LLumar, Vkool,… are quite popular with prices ranging from affordable to high-end.

3M heat-insulating films for cars in different segments such as Sedan, hatchback, MPV, etc. have prices ranging from 5 – 6 million VND and from 8 – 9 million VND for high-end films.

In addition, heat insulation films from the brands LLumar and Vkool are also chosen by many people with prices ranging from 5 to 7 million VND.

Rearview mirror waterproof sticker

Rearview mirror waterproof sticker

When it rains, the rearview mirror will be covered with water. At this time, the image in the mirror will be blurred, making it difficult for the driver to see the car behind, which is even more dangerous when driving at night, or when the driver wants to change lanes. , turn around,…

You should equip a set of waterproof accessories for your rearview mirror. This accessory helps prevent water from condensing on the mirror, making the mirror surface bright and helping to improve visibility and make driving safer.

Floor covers and floor coverings

Car floor coverings

Floor covers and floor liners are the next two important interior accessories that car owners need to equip as soon as they buy the car. If you use the car for service, these are two accessories that cannot be used. lack.

Partly we still keep the car manufacturer’s floor covering style, but on the one hand we will cover it with an additional layer of floor covering and floor lining to ensure the interior is clean and fragrant.

When equipped with floor coverings and floor lining, the car owner will greatly limit the possibility of stains on the car floor. As you know, cleaning and cleaning the car’s interior is very difficult and not simple. It’s like cleaning a house, but with floor coverings, everything is much simpler. Whenever food and stains stick to the floor coverings, you just need to remove the floor coverings and clean them afterwards. Let it dry and install, very easy.

Deodorant perfume

Car deodorizing essential oil

Whether your car is new or has been used for a long time, deodorant is still a truly necessary accessory. Such as interior smell, food smell, sweat,… so you should equip your car with a bottle of essential oil or deodorant perfume to keep your car pleasant and comfortable!

Above are suggestions for necessary accessories to install in your car. Hope everyone can make the best decision for their beloved car!

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