“VinFast VF 3: Dealers in the US Are Looking to Sell Small Electric Vehicles”

A significant boom is happening in the US auto market, and many VinFast dealers here are very excited and looking forward to distributing the small electric car model VF 3. With a price of less than 20,000 USD, the car model This has attracted the attention of domestic consumers and agents.

A valuable promotional opportunity is waiting for VF 3 in the US. This vehicle is capable of meeting the standards to receive a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 when leased under current regulations, reducing the car rental price to $12,500.

VinFast officially introduced the VF 3 electric car model in June, initially exclusively for the Vietnamese market. However, notable signals show that this model will also be available in the US. The company’s representatives conducted many meetings with dealers in the US and received positive responses to the VF 3 model.

According to VinFast, almost all dealers want to sell the VF 3 model in the US, believing that the price under 20,000 USD is an attractive advantage. VF 3 belongs to the small car segment, with an optimal design for seating space for 5 people. The car has an overall size of about 3,114 mm, with a design of 2 side doors and 1 rear trunk door.

The exterior of the VF 3 stands out with strong geometric shapes and sturdy lines from front to back. The pair of square headlights and rearview mirrors, along with the stylized V-shaped bird-wing logo on the front and rear bumpers, create a uniform and interesting design language for viewers.

Regarding the interior, VF 3 has a minimalist design to optimize space for 5 people. Basic smart features are fully integrated, providing a comfortable and convenient experience for users.

VinFast VF 3 is a hot spot in the US electric vehicle market and will continue to attract the attention of many people in the near future.

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