In a recent announcement, Toyota officially canceled more than 30,000 orders for the Raize HEV model and 5,000 orders for the Daihatsu Rocky HEV due to the impact of a scandal related to Daihatsu and Daihatsu’s safety testing fraud. some other car models such as Toyota Vios and Wigo. This has caused a lot of concern in the car community.

In May 2023, Daihatsu and Toyota were embroiled in a scandal related to discrepancies in the safety testing of models such as the Raize HEV and Daihatsu Rocky HEV. This leads to both of these car models not only being discontinued but also not accepting new orders in the Japanese market.

Toyota Raize HEV

Specifically, the impact of this incident was widespread, affecting more than 78,000 cars, including 56,111 Raize hybrids and 22,329 Rocky hybrids. This created a fever in the car buying community and caused Toyota to cancel thousands of orders.

Toyota Raize HEV

After investigation, authorities discovered that Daihatsu had violated rules in safety testing, especially in crash testing on models such as the Raize hybrid and Daihatsu Rocky hybrid. According to regulations, this inspection needs to include crash testing on both sides of the vehicle. However, Daihatsu only conducted tests on one side, which did not meet the requirements.

Daihatsu Rocky HEV

After this incident was exposed, Daihatsu conducted internal crash tests for both models at the Shiga Technical Center in Japan. The results of these tests show that both car models meet safety standards. However, currently, both models have not yet been reopened for sale in Japan.

Toyota Raize HEV

In this situation, Toyota encourages customers to choose other car models in their product portfolio instead, promising safety and reliability for users. This event has made the Japanese auto market more shaken than ever and many people have raised many questions about safety assessment in the auto industry.

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