Tips to help you find cars in parking lots using your phone

Parking can always be a nightmare for some people. In the middle of a crowded “forest” of cars, it is difficult to find your favorite driver if you forget to save the parking location. Don’t worry, CarOn gives you the following tips, helping you easily find your car in the parking lot just using your phone. Let’s find out through this article!

Use your iPhone to search for cars

Apple’s interface configuration already has a built-in navigation application – Apple Maps. This application has a built-in feature that helps you quickly locate your vehicle. Specifically, when you disconnect your iPhone from CarPlay or your car’s Bluetooth, a marker will appear that will be included in Apple Maps.

But if you want that, you must first do the following:

Step 1: Pair iPhone with your car

First, your car needs to have Bluetooth or the CarPlay app, then you have to pair your iPhone with it. You can refer to this method in the vehicle owner’s manual.

Hands-free calling feature of Apple Carplay - CarOn Pro

Currently, some screens will not be integrated with the CarPlay application but only meet normal entertainment needs. That’s why installing smart car screens is also becoming a popular trend. There are many brands that have been developing this product line and gaining a prestigious position in the hearts of customers, such as CarOn Pro’s Smart Car Display.

Step 2: Enable “Location Services”

For Apple Maps to remember where you last parked, you need to make sure Location Services is turned on in Settings on your iPhone.

Go to Setting > Privacy & Security and make sure Location Services is enabled.

Step 3: Turn on “Significant Locations”

Significant Locations are usually enabled by default. However, you can check on your iPhone by opening Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services > System Services > Significant Locations.

Step 4: Turn on “Show Parked Location”

Show Parked Location in Apple Maps can be enabled by opening Settings > Maps and activating Show Parked Location.

Step 5: Use Apple Maps to find a car

To make sure you find the car, you need to make sure that your iPhone is connected to the car while moving. When you park, you will receive a notification from Apple telling you where the car is parked and when you open Apple Maps. , you can see the icon to see your vehicle’s location.

Of course, there will still be some unexpected incidents that make finding a parking location inaccurate. Specifically, if you often park in the same location – Apple Maps will not mark that location again.

You need to note this, the traffic system in rural areas is difficult to control and details are not updated quickly on the Apple Maps application. This application is also not designed to differentiate multi-storey parking lots. For the above reasons, this Apple Maps feature may not work well in these specific locations.

Use your Android phone to search for cars

Apple fans, don’t be so quick to think that Android users can’t use this car navigation and search feature.

As mentioned above, to use the positioning feature by connecting to the iPhone, the car screen must be integrated with the CarPlay application, for Android phones, it must be integrated with the AutoPlay application.

This is also one of the applications that has not been widely integrated on the screens of popular cars. To solve this inconvenience problem, you can consider installing a smart screen that integrates support for both CarPlay and AutoPlay applications. This will help you be more proactive in connecting your phone without depending on other factors. In addition, smart car screens also have many other special features for you to explore

With Android phones, finding your favorite car in a large parking lot is easier than ever. Currently, there are brands researching vehicle tracking positioning applications that have very good usage efficiency and have many downloads and uses.

Among the top most popular location tracking applications is: CarOn Tracking. This is an application created by the CarOn brand team – a famous brand famous for good service and quality products.

Step 1: You just need to go to CHPlay, search for the CarOn Tracking application and download it.

Step 2: After completing the download, click on the application to log in and choose to connect to your car.

Note: The condition when using this software is that your screen must have Bluetooth support. Because when connecting to an Android phone, it will connect via Bluetooth installed on the screen.

Step 3: As soon as you select the car you want to track, the application will immediately display the car’s location, so you can easily find your pet’s location.

Detailed instructions for use you can see here: Instructions for using CarOn Tracking software

Finding favorite cars will no longer be an obsession for drivers because of the support of modern devices such as smart car screens and navigation applications such as CarOn Tracking. Hopefully the above useful information will make it easier for you!

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