Tips for safe winter driving

Fog, slippery roads, and the car not being able to start are what you may encounter when you drive in cold weather, sometimes even in the rain. So what to do to drive safely in winter? Don’t worry because CarOn will give you tips for safe winter driving

Prepare for the move

It will be troublesome if you encounter an accident in the middle of the road in this cold winter weather. Rescuing a car during cold rain will be extremely difficult. Checking your car’s equipment before driving in winter weather is a must.

Check remaining fuel level

Before moving, you should Determine the route in advance What areas will yours go through? Then estimate whether there is enough fuel in the fuel tank to prevent traffic jams or incidents.

caron gasoline

Consider tire condition

In winter, the climate is lower, at this time the road surface will be more slippery than normal. If the tires are worn out, you need to be more careful because the friction between the wheel and the road surface will be lower. Unfortunately, if you encounter obstacles that force you to brake suddenly, you will lose control and lead to danger. Dangerous for the driver and the life of your vehicle. Therefore, in case your tires are too old, you need to immediately replace them with new ones to ensure safety for you and those around you.

caron pro tire repair

Check the rearview mirror

To make it easier to observe the vehicle behind, avoid collisions. For all drivers, limiting blind spots is very important, especially in the winter when glasses are easily fogged, making it difficult to see. For that reason, a supporting device is needed. Besides the rearview mirror, Camera 360 It is also a perfect choice for observing traffic conditions while traveling.

Find out the information you need to know about Camera 360 through the article above

Prepare backup batteries

When it’s cold, the battery has to work harder to ensure operation. You should replace the battery with a new one after about 5 years of use or check and charge it periodically to ensure. Cold weather makes the battery easily die and makes it difficult to start the car. Therefore, careful drivers often buy electric boosters. In case of difficulty starting or dead battery, a backup battery should be equipped.

Caron backup battery

Check the air conditioning system

Coolants contain a type of lubricant that keeps the rubber linings and piping systems in good working condition. Therefore, not using the car air conditioner for a long time means the coolant will not move around and the lubricants will not work on the rubber parts. From there, the rubber linings leak, causing the coolant to dry up, leading to the need to change air pressure more frequently or, in particularly bad cases, the systems will no longer be able to hold air and need to be replaced. rubber linings must be replaced.

Caron car air conditioning system

Also, under the hood you have to make sure glass cleaner, engine coolant Can work well in cold temperatures. Another thing to note is: car battery must always be in good condition because it will have to work harder to start the car in the winter.

If you travel long distances, you need to pay attention to small devices such as flashlights, flares, phone chargers and other necessary tools for emergency situations. At the same time, don’t forget to bring medicine, drinking water and a little extra food.

Tips for safe winter driving

Prepare to start the car

Before starting the car, go around to check if the exhaust pipe is clogged or not. Be careful not to start the car in a closed area because it may create a lot of toxic carbon monoxide gas.

If you want to make your car warmer, you can clean it. This action will clean the standing water and snow on the car doors. At the same time, you should also clean your tires to make sure they are not covered with snow or ice. In addition, the roof of the car also needs to be cleaned, otherwise snow or water may spill towards the windshield when you brake, which will obstruct visibility and cause danger.

Walk slowly

In cold weather, the friction between the wheel and the road surface decreases. The car’s performance also deteriorates. Going slowly and maintaining a steady speed is a wise choice when driving in winter. Helps keep people in the car safe and has enough time to handle sudden situations.

Caron holds the brake lever while driving
Hold the brake lever while driving to ensure safety

Turn on your low beam headlights

On dark, gray days, drivers should turn on low beam headlights, even during the day. Not only are they brighter, but they also activate the taillights. This light makes your vehicle more visible. Especially when going through passes, tunnels, etc. with little light, headlights help warn oncoming vehicles.

caron pro headlights

Adjust the air conditioner properly

In winter, turning on the air conditioner properly not only ensures the user’s health but also helps save fuel when operating. The recommended temperature level in the car is around 25-26 degrees Celsius. Habits such as opening windows can increase wind resistance, causing fuel wastage.

Concentrate on driving

Concentration is a must when participating in traffic. There have been many accidents caused by driver inattention, especially in cold winter weather, everyone wants to get to their destination quickly to avoid the cold. Phones are one of the biggest distractions. Temptation from entertainment games, phone calls, text chats with friends will distract the driver.

Using a phone to look up directions is also extremely inconvenient. To solve this problem, CarOn has a solution using a smart car screen, integrating many features such as listening, calling, 360 Camera, Dashcam, and online navigation map. Especially with the Kiki Virtual Assistant application – your reliable companion.

Integrated navigation software
CarOn Pro smart car screen

Maintain a longer safe distance

The distance between vehicles is an important factor for safe driving in winter. You need to have a reasonable distance and time to brake safely.

In theory, keeping a distance of 2-4 seconds is safe. In winter, the roads are cold and slippery, so you need to keep more distance.

caron safe distance

Some tips for winter driving

What to do when the car is difficult to start?

In winter, when the weather is cold, it is difficult for the car to start due to the phenomenon of “cold fuel”. The evaporation ability of the fuel is sharply reduced, causing the gas and gasoline mixture to not be dense enough. This leads to difficulty in detonating the mixture in the vehicle’s combustion chamber, causing difficulty in starting the engine. How to fix:

  • Press the hand pump to circulate the oil better: The round knob right above the fuel filter is the hand pump. Continuously press the hand pump until you feel tension in your hand, then stop and try again.
  • Pull the choke to limit air entering the engine.
  • Equipped with a backup battery and a power source from there, if the battery has been used for a while.
car is hard to start caron

How should I adjust the air conditioner?

In the cold season, many people when driving cars hardly turn on the air conditioner but only slightly open the car windows. But according to experts, you should not do so because it will not ensure that the devices operate normally.

When the air conditioner is operating, cooling water circulates throughout the system. This coolant contains lubricants that keep rubber linings and piping systems in good working condition. Rubber linings will leak if the unlubricated condition continues. More serious is having to replace the entire rubber lining.

Adjust caron air conditioner

You should turn on the air conditioner so that it does not differ too much from the outside temperature. The temperature difference between inside and outside the car should only be 3-5 degrees Celsius.

What to do when the glasses are fogged?

Fogged glass is a common condition when driving in winter. Cause:

  • The temperature is cold, dew falls at night, then lands on the car windshield.
  • Breath and heat radiate from the body in the car. Warm air meets the glass and condenses into mist on the inside of the glass.

What should you do when your glasses are fogged to have good visibility and ensure safe driving in winter?

  • Use glass cleaner. However, this manual method takes time and must be done continuously.
  • Open the windows: helps outdoor air enter the car, balancing the inside temperature with the outside.
  • Turn on the air conditioner and dry the glass: Air conditioning reduces humidity, causing the frosted layer on the glass to also be reduced. Drying the glasses will cause the glasses to stop fogging immediately. In fact, drivers often only turn it on for a few minutes and combine it with cold air conditioning.

Driving on slippery roads

Slippery roads are often caused by winter rains, reducing tire traction. In such conditions, the safest way to drive is to slow down as much as possible, to increase the contact area between the tire and the road surface, increasing traction.

Vehicles that do not have ABS anti-lock brakes should not brake suddenly because the wheels will lock and increase slippage, making it more difficult to control. Instead, you need to step on the brake slowly and steer the steering wheel according to the vehicle’s sliding momentum until you can control the steering direction.

When driving long distances, the wisest way is to follow a vehicle in front and drive according to that vehicle’s tire tracks. Because the tire tracks of the vehicle in front have cleared the way for your vehicle, reducing the adhesion between rainwater and dirt on the road surface, making it less slippery. Reducing the risk of skidding when encountering slippery roads also depends on whether you change your tires regularly or not?

drive-through caron

Above is a summary of tips to be able to drive safely in winter. For any further information, please contact 0961247360 or website for answers.

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