Things to note when choosing to buy an Android box

Android box is no longer a strange term for car enthusiasts. This is a compact device but has a lot of support functions for the user, making the driving experience smoother, and your car also becomes much more comfortable.

However, choosing a good and quality product is still a difficult problem for many car owners. Let CarOn give you a few notes today so you can choose the most suitable box for yourself!

Brand of the product

Brand is one of the most important factors when customers choose to buy any product. In addition, brands are also tangible and intangible values ​​that help identify businesses. The more famous the brand, the more trusted the product is by users.

The Android box business market is growing, there are many different products with diverse designs, rich colors and prices from low to high. Brands also continuously update many new features for their products, notably the Android box product of CarOn Pro – a famous brand with good service and guaranteed quality products.

Caron Pro screen with integrated dash cam

Services included with products


Selling price is also one of the important factors and is carefully considered when considering. Many customers have a “regretful” and “saving” mentality, so they often choose cheap products. However, we do not recommend this. “You get what you pay for” The value of an Android box does not lie in the price but in the utilities it brings.

As a device that brings many benefits like a car screen, Android has prices ranging from 6,500,000 VND to 10,000,000 VND. Choosing a good product is a long-term investment and well worth the money


When choosing to buy any product and an electronic device like an Android box, customers are interested in the warranty. Although we clearly know that “life depends on the person”, there will be times when unwanted situations arise with electronic devices. At this time, the distributor’s warranty policies will be of great support.

For products like Android boxes, there will be a warranty of up to 1 year, repair support at an extremely preferential price.

Configuration of Android box

Chip processing unit (CPU)

This is not only the most important technical parameter in the configuration of an Android box, it also determines the strong or weak, fast or slow processing ability of the entire product. CPU is a factor that cannot be ignored if you want to use great experiences with diverse models and designs with many different functions, meeting the needs of all users.

According to research experts, one of the most powerful chipsets to date is: Qualcomm Snapdragon – ensuring a smooth user experience, high resolution with superior features, and a processor chip. 8 cores from Qualcomm

Integrated graphics card (GPU)

This is the processor that handles graphics-related tasks for the CPU central processor. GPUs process information multi-threaded, in parallel with high-speed memory. In particular, the GPU specializes in handling image tasks. ROM (internal memory) and RAM (random access memory) memory need to have enough space to process all available data.

Usually it is recommended to use 32GB of ROM and 4GB of RAM. Many people may think that 16GB for ROM and 3GB for RAM is more than enough, but applications will often be updated by vendors. At that time, if the device’s memory is not enough, the problem will often occur. lags and restarts, very annoying. So it’s better to use a large memory to be flexible and always feel absolutely smooth.

Ability to connect peripheral devices

Despite that convenience, for car enthusiasts, an absolutely comfortable experience in the car is the main need, and just using an Android box is not enough. need to use other devices. So what if your box has the ability to connect to other tools? Let’s learn about the following two features:

Integrated USB slot

You’ll definitely want to check to see if the device has 2 USB slots! Because nowadays there are many accessory devices that if you want to use them, you need the car’s USB slots. Any driver prioritizes the need to use peripheral devices such as tire pressure sensors, dash cams, etc. because these are all very good support devices, making the driver’s journey more enjoyable. should be gentler.

There have been Android box products on the market capable of supporting the above peripheral devices, but they are extremely limited because the price is quite higher than the average price. Only high-end models support these 2 USB slots and there are very few options.

Supports HDMI port

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, meaning high-resolution multimedia interface. With just one cable, you can transmit images, sounds, videos to large display screens such as TVs, laptops, etc. At the same time, HDMI ensures good resolution transmission from one device to another. .

If an Android box has an integrated HDMI port, it will be possible to connect the box to the phone to project onto the car screen. This makes it easy for you to perform operations on your phone through the car’s screen, such as making calls and texting. In addition, you can also transfer data in the Android box to the car screen, even the TV screen.

With a box with integrated HDMI in/out like this, your data will be optimized without using too many support tools, making it easy for you to carry and use anytime, anywhere.

However, currently there are quite a few manufacturers choosing to integrate this HDMI port because of its complexity and cost.

Android box CarOn Pro – the hottest product for cars today

Understanding user psychology, CarOn Pro – one of the notable names in the auto market – has researched and developed the Android box product CarOn Pro.

With the motto of putting customer experience first, CarOn’s Android box products have advantages such as:

+ Luxurious compact design, trendy colors suitable for all car interiors.

+ The configuration uses a classy Snapdragon chip, with a clock speed of up to 2.0 GHz, providing a smooth experience with 4K image resolution, producing sharp and vivid images.

+ The chip used has an 8-core processor from Qualcomm. Qualcomm Spectra™ 165 14-bit2x image signal processor, incorporating Bluetooth 5.0 connection technology.

+ Supports connecting many peripheral devices such as tire pressure sensors, Xbox and PS4 controllers, Iphone, etc.

+ Supports USB port to connect peripheral devices such as phones, dash cameras, etc.

+ Supports additional HDMI in/out ports so it can connect to the car’s passenger seat screen, etc., providing the most comfortable experience in your own car.

+ There are full SIM and SD ports to ensure that it meets the needs of customers.

With a simple installation process, CarOn is confident to bring you a super product that is not inferior to any other brand on the market. In addition, at CarOn there are countless special incentive programs for customers.

Contact us immediately via hotline 0961.247.360 or via website: to receive detailed advice on product services.

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