Nissan – one of the leading names in the automobile manufacturing industry – decided to mark its transition into the era of electrification by eliminating the V-Motion grille design, a feature that has been associated with company for many years.

The V-Motion steering wheel, which has become a symbol of Nissan, first appeared on the Nissan Juke model in 2010 and was then upgraded to version 2.0 in 2015, when the 8th generation Maxima was born. . V-Motion has become so familiar to customers that even if the logo is hidden, many people can still recognize a Nissan car just by the design of the steering wheel.

However, as Nissan enters the electric vehicle era, the V-Motion grille will gradually be eliminated. Electric cars no longer need a grille, and this has prompted Nissan to reshape its design style.

According to an interview with Motor1, Nissan’s Vice President of Global Design – Alfonso Albaisa revealed that their design team is shifting focus from V-Motion to a newer design direction.

Although the V-Motion design is still maintained on Nissan gasoline models, there have been adjustments and improvements. For new models such as Almera or Rogue, Nissan has removed the characteristic V-shaped chrome plated brace. This change has received high praise from both experts and consumers in making the vehicle’s appearance more modern and attractive.

Along with changes in design, Nissan has committed to moving into the future by developing 19 new electric car models and the goal of becoming an electric car brand by 2030. In the context of the auto manufacturing industry being With a strong transformation from design to technology and equipment, Nissan is ready to venture into the world of electric vehicles and mark a significant change in the company’s image and style.

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