Suzuki Jimny 4Style Facelift: Unique Combination of Sport and Luxury

“Discover Suzuki Jimny 4Style Facelift with New Design, Upgraded Features and Incredible Luxury. Jimny’s new rival, compared to the Mercedes G-Class!”

Suzuki Jimny, one of the popular models among car tuners and off-road enthusiasts, has welcomed a new version called Suzuki Jimny 4Style Facelift. The launch of this version aroused much interest, because it brought a unique combination of sport and luxury, compared to the legendary Mercedes G-Class.

Jimny 4Style Facelift marks a difference right from the exterior appearance. The front bumper, wheel arches, side skirts and grille are painted the same color as the body, creating a luxurious and eye-catching exterior. The contrasting paint color of the hood, combined with the rear spoiler, adds sportiness and personality.

Suzuki constantly conquers users with creativity. Jimny 4Style Facelift is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels with exclusive 5-spoke design, painted glossy black. The tires are selected with road-friendly rubber, measuring 215/70, which sets the car apart.

Inside the cabin, the seats are upholstered in premium leather and fabric, embellished with red accents and white stitching. LED interior lights create a youthful and modern space. Equipment includes automatic climate control and an infotainment system with JBL speakers.

A special part is that Suzuki has added a Hybrid powertrain to the Jimny 4Style Facelift. The combination of gasoline and electric engines not only creates powerful performance but also helps reduce emissions and save fuel.

Although the starting price of the Jimny 4Style Facelift is $40,274, higher than the standard version, for those who love cars and are looking for uniqueness and difference, this is definitely an option worth a look. review. With many Jimny buyers already willing to pay extra to upgrade their vehicles, Suzuki believes this special edition will create a unique customer base.

In the Vietnamese market, Suzuki Jimny has attracted the attention of many car lovers and even Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu became the owner of one. Jimny’s presence in Vietnam has made the car market diverse and full of uniqueness.

Suzuki Jimny 4Style Facelift has certainly conquered car lovers who are looking for uniqueness and difference in a versatile vehicle. Let’s Follow along to stay up to date with the latest information on this special model and top car trends.

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