Soundproofing car wheel cavity, effective noise reduction solution

The most annoying noise of a car is the noise from the wheel wells into the cabin. This is also the type of noise that causes a lot of discomfort for the driver and passengers, and is also the reason why many drivers want to most processed. So is there any way to optimize it? And if so, what is the solution? Let’s find out with CarOn right in this article!

Cause of noise from car cavity

Road quality

Vietnam’s road quality

According to survey data from the Ministry of Transport, the country currently has more than 218,500 km of roads, including 17,290 km of national highways. Of these, 35% are average, 17% are bad, and 16% are very bad. According to calculations, up to two-thirds of Vietnam’s entire road system is in need of immediate maintenance.

With the above data, we can see that the road quality is not good. When vehicles drive on such roads, the friction between the tires and the road surface inevitably causes extremely unpleasant noise affecting the vehicle.

Vehicle design

The current frame design of car shops mainly has two forms: body on frame (separate body) and unibody (monocoque body).

With a separate body design with a high chassis, the separation between the body and chassis has a rubber cushion, around the attached bolts or the chassis is hung above the chassis, causing rattling sounds from the wheel cavity when moving. with pressure and tension and reduced road noise.

Vehicle design

The monocoque body design is a unified whole including the chassis, floor and body and is reinforced in certain positions. With this unibody design structure, the chassis is low and the friction sound from the tires with the road surface is very high, so the noise echoing into the car cabin is very loud.

Tire quality

The safest time to use tires that the manufacturer recommends replacing is after 5 years or depending on operating performance to ensure safety.

Tire quality

The tire is soft and smooth with low noise because it has a simple longitudinal groove structure, suitable for flat roads, beautiful roads, etc. If you go on bad roads such as rough roads, off-road roads, the soft and thin tires can easily cause problems. torn, worn, nail-eaten, the grooves of this tire are usually shallow so the traction will not be really good if traveling on bad roads, the noise will radiate into the car cabin.

Hard, noisy tires are suitable for bad roads, bad grooves such as gravel roads, lots of potholes, off-road, difficult, complex roads,… the ability to withstand large impacts, difficult to tear, difficult to eat nails,… But When traveling on smooth roads and at high speeds, these hard tires will make a very loud noise.

Soundproofing solution for wheel wells

Currently, there are many solutions to overcome noise from car wheel wells. In particular, soundproofing stickers to prevent noise in the wheel wells and spraying the undercarriage of 4 car wheel wells are the solutions that bring the best results.

Soundproofing the wheel cavity

Soundproofing the wheel cavity

The first, The car wheel cavity is the location most affected by the environment, causing extremely unpleasant noise. When soundproofing the wheel cavity, the noise will be significantly improved, making you more comfortable during travel. That is the most important reason why many customers choose this method right after buying a car.

Monday, Soundproofing the wheel wells helps your car operate better, increasing the vehicle’s lifespan. In particular, good sound insulation also helps the driver and passengers in the car avoid discomfort, avoid distraction or motion sickness.

Tuesday, Soundproofing the wheel wells also helps increase the connection of vehicle parts, helping the vehicle operate more smoothly.

Wednesday, Eliminates the feeling of fatigue and discomfort when using the car for a long time, keeping concentration and safety during the driving process.

With the above reasons and benefits. Soundproofing the car’s wheel wells is essential, helping to reduce operating discomfort and create a feeling of comfort for people sitting in the car when traveling on the roads in Vietnam.

Spray the undercarriage of 4 car wheel wells

Spray the undercarriage of 4 wheel cavities

Wheel cavity coating spray is to spray on the surface of the wheel cavity or soundproofing panel a layer of specialized chemical paint to limit the impact of sand, mud and asphalt, etc.

Undercarriage paint helps prevent wear and rust in the wheel wells, and helps to apply soundproofing panels more effectively.

Should the entire car floor be soundproofed?

Soundproofing the entire vehicle floor is extremely difficult and impossible because soundproofing depends on the chassis and body of each vehicle type. But the truth is that both types of chassis above suffer the most noise from the tire cavities into the vehicle (about 70%) because the tire is in fact the part in direct contact with the road surface, not the floor. car.

Some people have soundproofed the entire floor of the car, costing about 5-6 million, but sometimes the buzzing is even more annoying than when they hadn’t done it, plus, the car also has to “carry” an extra 25-30kg for the rest of its life.

Therefore, the answer is that the entire car floor should not be soundproofed.

Experience in Choosing Quality Wheel Cavity Noise Insulation Materials

On the market today there are many types of cheap noise-proofing materials for car wheel wells, but the soundproofing effect is very poor. Not only that, poor quality noise-proofing materials often have the phenomenon of melting plastic, bad smell, poor adhesion, corroding the car’s surface, etc., which not only affects the life of the car but is also dangerous. harmful to the health of people sitting in the car.

To avoid buying poor quality soundproofing materials, you should choose soundproofing materials based on the following 3 criteria:

Soundproofing materials have a clear brand, origin, and import and customs documents.

A reputable soundproofing construction shop, with a certificate of genuine distributor of soundproofing materials, is highly appreciated by users.

The construction shop has a specialized testing machine to check the noise canceling effectiveness after soundproofing the vehicle.

Effective car noise canceling material

On the market today there are many types of noise-canceling materials for cars from low to high prices, but choosing quality materials is very difficult. However, we can mention a number of lines that many car owners appreciate for their quality such as:

Sound insulation 3M rubber

Product information 3M Rubber

Sound insulation 3M rubber

– Origin: Made in USA

– Structure: 2 layers (white pure Butyl rubber + 0.3mm thick aluminum sheet)

– Safety standards: Fireproof. Waterproof, no odor

– Advantage:

  • No odor, no plastic leakage
  • Extremely good heat and noise insulation
  • Anti-aging and scratches
  • Absolute safety
  • Durable,…

Garibz noise insulation

Gribz product information

Garibz noise insulation

– Origin: Ukraine

– 2-layer structure: Butyl-based rubber with BASF (Germany) adhesive + soundproof aluminum surface

– Advantage:

  • No odor, no plastic leakage
  • Insulated, heat resistant up to 140 degrees Celsius
  • Noise blocking, noise reduction, anti-buzzing, etc.

Forch underbody paint

Forch underbody paint

Forch product information:

– Brand: Forch

– Origin: Germany

– Structure: Synthetic rubber-based ingredients with 2 colors: black and gray.


  • Anti-rust, corrosion and good scratch resistance.
  • Heat resistance is relatively high, so car owners can rest assured that heat from the engine does not affect the coating.
  • It is quite durable as this paint dries quite quickly and has good adhesion.

Construction process of soundproofing wheel cavity

Step 1: Use a specialized lift, check the vehicle’s condition before construction

Step 2: Check the noise level with a sound intensity machine

Step 3: Disassemble the wheel, clean it, make the wheel cavity and fender

Step 4: Perform the soundproofing process, attach the soundproofing sheet to the corrugated iron surface of the wheel cavity

Step 5: Using a specialized tool, tighten the soundproofing panel tightly to the corrugated iron surface

Step 6: Use specialized tape to cover the shock absorber and electrical components

Step 5: Check and reinstall the wheel cavity details

Reputable place for soundproofing?

Currently, there are many centers and garages across the country that support noise-proofing construction for cars. However, when choosing a place to take care of your pet, drivers should note the following:

+ Construction equipment: A professional garage requires extremely modern machinery and tools. This will help your pet be cared for more properly

+ Skilled staff: You can’t tell by looking at it, but look at the attitude, skills and maybe the reviews of those who have experienced it.

Car soundproofing stickers at CarOn Pro

Car soundproofing stickers at CarOn Pro

CarOn Pro is proud to be the most prestigious car care brand in the country. With a team of skilled, experienced staff, reputable quality and affordable prices. This place is always trusted by many customers and uses its services with many high ratings. Surely CarOn will bring the best experience for you

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