SIP noise insulation: Effective sound absorption solution.

Have you ever felt annoyed by noise while driving? Noise from outside and inside the car can distract, cause stress and fatigue. However, there is a simple and effective solution to reduce noise and create a quieter space in the car’s cabin – noise canceling stickers.

What is car noise insulation?

Car noise insulation is a measure to reduce noise from the outside environment and car parts to create a quieter and more comfortable driving space. Noise insulation is performed by using soundproofing and soundproofing materials to absorb soundproofing and soundproofing materials to absorb and reflect sound, minimizing noise entering the car cabin.

Common soundproofing and sound-absorbing materials include: Glass wool, heat-insulating foam, anti-vibration foam, mineral wool, vulcanized rubber, synthetic resin, aluminum,…

Causes of vehicle noise

There are many causes of noise while driving, mainly divided into the following groups

  • Noise from the vehicle: Can come from tires, transmission system, suspension system, cabin echo, shock absorber system, exhaust pipe, ventilation,…
  • Noise from outside: Wind noise, horns from surrounding vehicles, thunder, lightning, rain, etc.

Soundproofing – SIP noise protection (Made in RUSSIA)

Currently on the market there are many types of noise insulation, but finding good, quality and sustainable products is not easy. If you are not careful, you can “lose money unfairly”. So find a reputable place to install and you can refer to the product line “SOUND INSULATION AND NOISE CANTIFICATION SPECIFIC FOR CARS – SIP”.

SIP is the leading brand in the industry Car noise insulation has a production factory located in Russia. The product line applies advanced technology, is tested and manufactured in a closed Lab, achieving high precision and is strictly supervised by leading experts in the field.

Soundproofing – SIP noise protection (Made in RUSSIA)

One of the advantages of SIP technology is its high soundproofing ability, helping to reduce outside noise and vibrations from vehicle parts. This creates a quieter driving environment, helping to reduce fatigue and stress for the driver and passengers.

Besides, SIP noise-canceling technology also provides a significant improvement in audio experience. With reduced noise, the car’s sound system works better, allowing you to enjoy music and entertainment content more clearly, without being affected by outside noise.

Applying advanced technologies, tested and manufactured in a closed lab, achieving high precision. Quality is strictly controlled at each stage, from raw material input to finished products.

Structure of SIP noise insulation

The structure consists of 3 layers:

  • 1st layer: Butyl rubber to limit vibration, reduce echo and noise
  • 2nd layer: Aluminum soundproofing and heat insulation
  • 3rd layer: German BASF glue with high adhesion

Outstanding advantages

SIP car noise insulation material has outstanding advantages that not all materials available on the market today can meet such as:

  • Highly effective damping, noise and anti-vibration.
  • Good adhesion, no odor, no plastic leakage.
  • Light weight, can be used in many locations on the vehicle.
  • Limit temperature and heat from the outside environment.
  • Brings a comfortable space for you during travel.
  • Soundproofing, soundproofing – noise protection in many locations on the vehicle
  • Sound absorption, reducing buzzing
  • Fireproof, resistant to high temperatures of 120-145 degrees Celsius
  • No smell, no plastic leaks
  • Can be pasted in many locations on the car, easy to apply

Locations for car noise insulation stickers

Soundproofing car floors

Soundproofing the car floor

Installing soundproofing on cars is an important part of creating a quiet and comfortable driving environment. Soundproofing the car floor helps limit echoes from the undercarriage to the floor entering the car, and the sound of dirt and gravel hitting the undercarriage and tires.

Soundproofing 4 car doors

Soundproofing car doors

Soundproofing the car door system is also an important place that needs soundproofing reinforcement. Because most of the outside noise will enter the car cabin through the doors. Because the structure of the car door simply consists of plastic taps and corrugated iron covers, there is no soundproofing material.

To prevent noise for car doors, it is necessary to apply soundproofing to all 4 doors. A common way is to apply noise-proof soundproofing to both the door corrugated iron and the inner plastic panel.

Soundproofing the car’s engine compartment

Noise in the engine compartment is the most annoying type of noise. To prevent noise in the engine compartment, soundproofing is needed on the partition between the engine compartment and the passenger compartment. Soundproofing the car’s engine compartment helps limit noise emitted from the engine compartment and impacting the cabin (passenger compartment).

Soundproofing car tire cavity

Anti-noise wheel cavity

Car wheel wells are places that easily cause noise from the road to penetrate into the car, especially when driving on bad roads, concrete roads, speed bumps, etc. Applying soundproofing in the wheel wells helps reduce noise. noise and prevent sound transmission through this area. SIP soundproofing material is also glued on the tire cavity fenders to ensure effective sound absorption.

Soundproofing the car ceiling

Soundproofing the car ceiling can also be said to be a double task – both soundproofing and heatproofing. Because the car ceiling is the place that absorbs a large amount of sunlight, causing the temperature inside the car to increase, especially in the summer and in hot weather.

Combined with Wurth underbody spray

Wurth underbody spray is produced in Germany, is a specialized chemical solution, the main ingredients are rubber, synthetic resin, black in color, and is highly appreciated for its quality. to create the best noise-canceling performance from the wheel wells.

How much does noise insulation cost?

Soundproofing location Price
Soundproofing 4 car doors (1 layer) 1.9 million
Soundproofing 4 car doors (2 layers) 3.8 million
Soundproofing 4 car doors (3 layers) 5.8 million
Soundproofing 4 wheel cavities + underbody spraying 5.9 million
Soundproofing the ceiling in 4-5 places 3.8 million
Soundproofing the ceiling in 7 places 4.2 million
Soundproofing the car floor 3-6.5 million

Should I apply soundproofing myself at home?

Because the cost of soundproofing is relatively high, many people wonder if they should soundproof themselves at home to minimize costs? However, applying soundproofing yourself at home seems easy, but it is not simple because soundproofing is not just sticking soundproofing pads to the car but also many steps such as: Dismantling parts, cleaning, applying soundproofing. then install it again.

This requires high knowledge and skills. If you do not have experience or knowledge is not great enough, it may not bring the expected results. In addition, installation also requires specialized equipment and is extremely time consuming. So go to reputable facilities for installation and warranty after use.

Be sure to choose a specialized soundproofing type

It can be said that the cost of soundproofing for cars is not cheap. Many people want to optimize costs, so they choose cheap soundproofing materials of unknown origin, which can cause huge potential risks. Some centers also want to lower service costs and attract customers, often choosing cheap soundproofing to optimize profits, often used to construct soundproofing houses such as: Foam eggs, cotton cushions, etc.

However, both are soundproofing, but car soundproofing and house soundproofing are very different. The car’s structure is more complex because it is influenced by the operating system, so there will be points of high vibration, sound absorption and reflection. Therefore, you should not arbitrarily apply soundproofing materials indiscriminately.

On the other hand, cars often move outdoors and will be subject to external factors such as weather, sun, rain, bumpy roads, etc. combined with Vietnam’s hot and humid climate with lots of rain, so if you use these Poor quality soundproofing materials will cause rust and deterioration to the car’s roof, potentially dangerous if exposed to the car’s electrical system.

Where is a good place to apply noise insulation?

There are many cases where noise insulation not only does not reduce noise, but also “loses money”. When soundproofing has just been completed, almost everyone is satisfied, but after a while, the general situation will be a buzzing sound, more noise, an extremely annoying echo that will bring the car back to its original state. So choose reputable facilities for installation and trust.

Reasons to choose BAC NINH CAR for noise-proof soundproofing stickers for your car

BACNINH CAR is known as one of the most prestigious and high-end car accessories and tuning centers in the Bac Ninh area. With a team of skilled technicians and many years of experience, we will definitely bring you the best quality products and the most dedicated service.

  • Direct import and exclusive distribution of SIP in Vietnam
  • 100% money back guarantee if soundproofing is not effective.
  • Customers can directly test the noise level before and after soundproofing.
  • Report soundproofing effectiveness through specific data.
  • Dedicated and thoughtful service, always putting customers’ interests first.
  • The technical team has many years of experience with meticulous and careful operations.
  • Permanent warranty, fast, best after-sales service for customers.


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