Car shock absorbers are an important part that help minimize vibrations during vehicle movement. However, after a period of use, they will need to be replaced to ensure the safety and longevity of your car. So what are car shock absorbers, what are the signs that you need to replace shock absorbers that you need to know?

In the article below, Caron will answer the questions for drivers!

What are car shock absorbers?

What are car shock absorbers?

Car shock absorbers is a part that helps ensure safety and limit the risk of accidents for users. This part is located in the car’s suspension system. They are responsible for minimizing strong vibrations when the vehicle moves through bad roads, potholes… Each car model uses a different type of shock absorber, below is types of car shock absorbers popular.

Average lifespan of car shock absorbers?

Depending on road conditions, the life of the shock absorber can be high or low. Normally, if the vehicle travels on flat roads with smooth traffic, the suspension system will have a lifespan of about 140,000km. If you are on a bad, rough road or have to stop a lot because of traffic jams, this part only works best after about 80,000km.

Signs that you need to replace your car’s shock absorbers?

Signs of car shock absorber problems

When braking suddenly, the car’s front bounces strongly

When the front of the vehicle swings strongly due to sudden braking, it can reduce the vehicle owner’s ability to control the steering wheel and pose a danger to the user as well as those around them. Therefore, car owners should take the car to have the shock absorber checked again.

The car sways and vibrates strongly

The role of the shock absorber is to absorb force, vibrations, vibrations or shocks. If the car owner clearly feels vibrations transmitted to the steering wheel when driving on roads with many potholes, he or she should consider taking the car to a garage for inspection.

Tire wear is uneven

When checking the tire and finding that the tire is worn unevenly, but worn in each position, it is due to weak or damaged shock absorbers. At this time, the tire’s traction is poor, potentially dangerous for the car owner as well as everyone in the car.

Shock absorber leaking oil

Shock absorber leaking oil

Normally shock absorbers will have a thin layer of oil on the piston shaft. This layer of oil has a lubricating effect to help the shock absorber operate smoothly and stably. Therefore, if you only see a thin film of oil on the shock absorber, this is a completely normal phenomenon.

However, if the shock absorber leaks a lot of oil, this is a sign that the shock absorber is having problems. The cause of shock absorbers leaking oil can be due to leaking seals, warped hydraulic cylinders, worn hubs…

Shock absorbers are squeaking

Shock absorbers making strange noises is one of the signs that the vehicle has damaged shock absorbers. The noise may be caused by the shock absorber tube being deformed, rusted, etc. rubbing against the sleeve or cylinder body. In addition, worn front bearings, dry oil, bent hydraulic cylinders… can also cause squeaking sounds.

Shock absorbers are stiff

Stiff shock absorbers are one of the signs of broken car shock absorbers. It is time for the suspension system to be restored or replaced. Because at this point the shock absorbers are no longer resilient, so when the vehicle is running, especially over speed bumps, potholes, bad roads… the vehicle will experience strong shocks.

How to check car shock absorbers?

How to check car shock absorbers

Car owners can refer to some of the following ways at home:

Check visually

Drivers can observe with the naked eye to find leaks, if signs of this phenomenon are seen. Please bring the car to the Garage for inspection and repair. When the shock absorbers operate at high frequency, the springs will be damaged very quickly, may break and no longer be elastic. Shock absorbers use hydraulic oil to absorb and eliminate vibrations. If the seals are damaged, hydraulic oil will leak out, causing the shock absorber to not operate smoothly.

Check the front of the car

Use force to push the front of the car down or put your knee on the hard part of the bumper and bounce down. If the car doesn’t bounce up, it means the shock absorbers are broken or have a problem.

Look in front of the car

When parking on flat ground, look at the front of the vehicle. If the height of the two front wheels is not the same as standard specifications, the shock absorbers or some component of the suspension system may be broken or damaged. broken.

Experience in repairing and maintaining automobile shock absorbers

In order for the suspension system to operate effectively and stably, car shock absorbers should be periodically checked and maintained. Regularly checking shock absorbers helps understand the condition of shock absorbers, promptly repair them if the shock absorbers have problems, as well as know exactly when to replace your car’s shock absorbers.

If the shock absorber is slightly damaged, it can be repaired and restored; it is not necessary to replace it every time it is damaged. However, if the shock absorber is seriously damaged due to collision and has exceeded its lifespan, it is best to replace it. The current price of car shock absorbers ranges from 1 to 3 million VND.

Reputable address to replace car shock absorbers?

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