Should I install an Android screen right after buying a new car?

Should I install an Android screen right after buying a new car? This is a question that many car owners are interested in and wonder about. So should I install it or not? Does installation affect the quality of the vehicle? Let’s find out in the article below.

Compared to the original screen that comes with the car, the Android screen has many more uses and features than the original screen. With the Android smart car display, users can access popular applications such as GPS navigation, listening to music, watching videos, calling, texting, and even using social networking applications. festival. In addition, the screen also supports voice control, helping users interact and control functions conveniently and safely while driving.

Should you upgrade your Android screen right after buying a new car?

The answer is: Yes – Installing an Android screen in a car brings many benefits and conveniences, including:

Brings luxury and aesthetics to the car

The Android CarOn screen is upgraded with a large 9-10 inch screen, resolution from Full HD – 2K, combined with IPS anti-glare to help viewers have a better image and video experience. You can customize the interface and wallpaper according to your style and personal preferences, creating a more unique and luxurious car interior space.

Sharp screen

In addition, the CarOn Pro screen has the most advanced sound system compared to other screens on the market today with 48 audio channels, adjusting Mid, bass, surround sound, sound filtering, etc. wish. All of these elements together create a more luxurious and aesthetic space for your car.

Integrates many safety features and utilities

CarOn entertainment screen

When using an Android car screen, you will not be limited in applications and features more than a smartphone. You can connect WIFI – 4G Sim to download and access many applications such as Youtube Vance, Facebook, Zalo, listen to music, watch movies, Netflix,…

At the same time, CarOn also provides you with many safety features such as: GPS remote positioning, Lane departure warning, speed warning, 360 Camera, Dashcam, turning off the camera, reading traffic signs ,…

360 camera on CarOn screen

Smooth control system, quick requirements

Compared to regular ZIN screens, Android screens will bring you more smooth, immersive experiences with a high-capacity touch screen. 4GB Ram – 64GB ROM Android 12 operating system,…

Split screen multitasking

In addition, the biggest difference is: “You just need to drive – KIKI will take care of everything” – With just “ONE TOUCH” You can perform all operations with KIKI voice command, no more worries I’m afraid of losing focus or being distracted because KIKI takes care of everything.

Command KIKI voice

Does installing an Android screen affect the car?

Install Android screen in car Does not change the structure of the vehicle and not affects the manufacturer’s warranty. With modern car screens, the installation process is designed to not change or affect the original structure of the vehicle. The screen is mounted in a pre-designed area, and does not require changes or interference with other components or structures of the vehicle.

Car Android screen installation is performed by experienced experts in the field. They will carry out the installation process correctly and safely, ensuring that there are no unwanted changes to the vehicle’s structure.

However, to ensure safety and compliance with regulations, car screen installation should be carried out at professional facilities and ensure compliance with the exact vehicle regulations.

Will installing an Android screen be denied registration?

According to a representative of the registration unit headquartered in Thanh Tri District (Hanoi), car registration is the process of a specialized agency inspecting vehicle quality to see if it meets safety and technical criteria. industry, as well as the manufacturer’s type registration. If it meets the requirements, it will be issued a new or extended license, but if it does not meet the requirements, the vehicle owner needs to fix and repair it until it meets the license.

Currently, many car owners install Android screens, reverse cameras, 360 cameras, and dash cams. There is often a question of whether registration will be refused or not. However, these devices all have small currents, the circuit is protected by a bridge system, so there is very little risk of fire.

Therefore, Replacing Android car entertainment screens is still accepted by registration centers! – “Not refused registration.”

According to many car owners, using an Android car screen has many advantages. Mr. Trung Dung, living in Tu Son City, Bac Ninh, frankly admitted that the Android screen helps the interior look more luxurious and modern. more, more conveniences and safety features. The 9-10 inch touch screen size is equipped with sturdy tempered glass and an accompanying tempered surface. The important thing is to choose the appropriate configuration as well as cost.

Meanwhile, Ms. Hoa, who lives in Hanoi and owns and is attached to the CR-V, said that the Android screen device really helps support more comfortable and safer driving. Especially when getting off work and parking, it also helps you connect via Bluetooth to your phone, also reducing distraction and focusing on driving a lot, and also combines a 360 Camera and tire pressure sensor. , collision warning. Really very satisfied!

“Compared to the entertainment function of the original screen, which is watching movies and listening to music but depends entirely on USB devices and supporting DVDs, the Android screen is really convenient and civilized,” Ms. Hai confided. (According to the Communist Party newspaper)

However, installing an Android screen also requires looking for quality products, avoiding floating, cheap products on the market because they are not just used once, but are “USE FOR THE LONG TERM” – Therefore, car owners need to look for reputable, quality products and actively observe when installing.

Car Android screen installation price

Currently on the market there are many segments of Android car screens. Price ranges from 3-5 million VND, Mid-range segment ranges from 6 – 16 million VND. Some types of screens with higher-end segments cost from 18-25 million VND.

However, car owners also need to pay attention to a number of issues when buying cheap screens, avoiding unjust loss of money, damage, lag, or flickering for a while.

Note when installing car ANDROID screen

On the market today, there are many smart screen brands that meet consumer needs. From only “2-5 million VND” you can own a screen with full features such as: 4G SIM, calling, surfing the web, facebook, zalo, etc. However, there is often the question “what’s the money?” of that”. After spending a lot of money, it is not uncommon to encounter cases such as: slow loading, blurry screen, poor quality,…

In addition, the explosion of e-commerce platforms has caused countless products to appear on the market without origin, specific sales addresses, as well as inaccurate information. Along with that are hundreds of advertising banners, promotions, and drastic losses to target users’ tastes. From there, creating opportunities for poor quality products to increasingly expand in the market.

Because of believing in unrealistic and cheap advertisements, many car owners who have not researched carefully have bought poor quality screens, leading to many risks when participating in traffic. Among them are:

Can’t experience before buying

Social networks are increasingly developing and online shopping is also becoming easier, however, for smart screens related to high accuracy, quality and safety, they need to be touched and experienced. Being responsible and testing first to see if it is suitable is the problem. When you buy a product over the internet, it means you will not be able to directly test the product on your car. Unable to accurately check screen status both inside and outside.

No long-term warranty commitment

Most of the time when buying cheap products, the seller promises a return warranty policy to the buyer. But to be sure whether the warranty is guaranteed or not is another matter. Not to mention having to disassemble, reassemble, package, exchange, exchange, etc. takes a lot of time.

Few features, poor connection

“If it’s good, it’s not cheap, but if it’s cheap, it’s not good.” When you buy a poor quality screen, it leads to problems such as noisy sound, blurry images, loading, slow operation, etc. causing loss of aesthetics for your car, slow operation and sometimes even have eye problems.

Lack of aesthetics

In cheap curtains, quality will often not be emphasized too much. Because it mainly follows quantity and price. Think about it, if your car had to be combined with poor quality curtains inside and outside. This means that your car seems to go down a level in class. Not only does it lack aesthetics, it also causes discomfort

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