Should I buy an air mattress for my car?

Cars today have become a popular and widely used means of transportation. Car trips are no longer too difficult when you have a car. However, to get the best experience, other support tools are also needed. Air mattress is one of them. So is it really necessary to use air cushions for cars? Join CarOn to find out now through the article below

The benefits that air mattresses bring

Car mattresses are useful accessories for cars. The product is designed like a regular mattress, when combined with the back seat, it will create a soft, comfortable resting space during camping trips or long trips. The mattress is also integrated with a long mattress leg at the bottom, combined with the bench to create a solid support column. The materials of this product are very diverse such as felt fabric, velvet mattress, foam mattress, plain parachute fabric… giving customers a rich variety of choices.

When buying a car, drivers also want to have the most comfortable and convenient experience in their car. Especially for long-distance car trips, there will be times when you need to rest during the travel process because if you sit for a long time in one position, your body will experience fatigue and fatigue. However, there are not always stops available on both sides of the road. Resting in the car needs to be upgraded, creating a more comfortable space for users.

What does a car mattress set include?

Depending on each company, they will provide more or less accessories when buying a car mattress. Normally, a car mattress set will include: 1 Air Mattress, 1 Electric Pump, 2 Pillows, 1 Carrying Bag, Glue and Pads. Spare stickers and other attachments.

Car air cushions are calculated and designed by the manufacturer according to the “standard” distance and average height of the back seat of 5-seat and 7-seat cars, so they are suitable for use in most of these vehicle models. , can be flexibly used for both. Besides the mattress and mattress base, the product set also comes with two air pillows. On average, each air mattress can withstand up to 300kg, equivalent to 3-4 adults.

Popular types of car cushions

For current car air mattress products, classification will be based on what material the product is made from. Customers will depend on their needs to consider how friendly, thick, safe and load-bearing the product is. Currently, there are 3 main types of car air mattresses on the market:

  • Non-velvet type: Designed with a separate foot cushion, the product is also called a removable foot cushion. If not used in the car, the user assembles the cushion into a regular seat.
  • Velvet cover type: Also assembled from PVC material but the top surface is covered with a layer of velvet. This combination makes the mattress more comfortable and warmer.
  • PVC Type: Designed from rough fabric, embellished with patterns, creating a cool, thick feeling when used, etc. The product has the advantage of being waterproof, difficult to stick to dirt and simple to clean. birth, high elasticity, creating a smooth feeling,…

Should we use air mattresses for cars?

This answer also depends on intended use of cutomer. In fact, there are a few recommendations indicating that using a car cushion will encounter many potential risks.

As mentioned in previous sections, car air mattresses are very useful on long trips. Not only does it help the driver lie down and rest anywhere, but the people in the car can also have a more comfortable driving experience than usual. Especially for families with small children, having an air mattress will expand the play space for children in the car.

In addition, owning a car seat cushion also helps car owners save a significant amount of money when going camping or on short trips. Because at this time, car owners can sleep right in their car on the soft mattress in the back seat. This brings great convenience compared to renting a hotel room, buying expensive camping tents or using cramped sleeping bags.

However, according to the new Traffic Law, rear passengers who do not wear seat belts will be fined. If you use an air mattress, installing a seat belt is impossible. Furthermore, in cases of sudden braking, not wearing a seat belt will cause the rear passengers to collide with the front seat of the car.

How to use an air mattress depends on each person, but there really is no denying the benefits it brings.

Experience in choosing appropriate car air cushions

Car cushions are analyzed and designed by distributors to be completely usable for all car models today. The cushion is designed to suit the average height and space in the rear seats of sedans, SUVs and hatchbacks. Below are some experiences for you to choose the most “belly-satisfying” air mattress:

Choose a reputable brand

The air mattress market is currently very popular, with many different brands and price segments ranging from low to high. Choosing a reputable brand will help you feel more secure during use and ensure the durability of the product. You need to check the origin and choose genuine products before choosing to buy. Famous brands for producing air mattresses such as Kenauto, Kotada,…

Consider the appearance of the product

The most important thing when choosing to buy a product is its suitability for your needs.

  • Size: Consider the space inside your car to choose the appropriate mattress size.
  • Product material: You should buy products with durable materials for long-term use such as felt fabric and velvet mattresses
  • Compact and portable nature of the mattress: Depending on usage needs, car owners can choose an easy-to-fold mattress or a fixed mattress.
  • Cushion friction: This is also a factor that should be considered to provide a comfortable experience, avoiding situations where sitting on the cushion becomes slippery.
  • R-value: This is a quantity that represents the insulation of the mattress. If the mattress material has a low R-value, it will not be suitable for use in winter.

Car owners should also regularly perform simple steps to clean the car interior at home, including cleaning the mattress, which both helps beautify the car and does not cause unpleasant odors.


Car air cushions are a high-end accessory so they have a relatively high price. On the contrary, poor quality will have a much cheaper price. Therefore, this is also a way to distinguish between real and fake goods in addition to the above factors.

Be careful when using car air cushions

Avoid placing sharp objects near the mattress

If you leave sharp objects near the car air mattress, it is entirely possible that they will be torn and deflated due to sharp punctures. Not only that, when the car brakes suddenly or has a strong collision, this mistake will also cause unpredictable dangers for people lying on the mattress.

Should only be used when the vehicle is stopped

If there are many children in the vehicle, you can only use the air mattress when the vehicle has come to a complete stop. Because while the car is driving, the child’s mischievous movements can very likely cause the driver to lose focus. Or while playing, children accidentally bump into other components of the car, which can cause loss of control.

Only use car air cushions when the car is completely stopped or only when traveling on stable roads, not too bumpy or off-road. It is best for parents to keep their children stable on the car’s mattress surface, while observing and always ensuring safety when the car vibrates.

Avoid leaving the air bed outside in hot weather

Heat is the culprit that causes air mattresses to brittle or explode because of the expansion of the air inside the mattress. Therefore, car owners should not leave their car air cushions in the hot sun to avoid damage to this accessory, as well as limit the use of the product in extremely hot weather.

Above is a summary of information about car air cushions that CarOn brings to readers. Hopefully the above useful information will help you have more experience choosing to buy an air mattress for your car

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