Should car insulation film be applied?

Currently on the market, there are many types of automotive heat insulation films. However, is it really necessary and what are the specific uses? The article below CarOn will answer your questions!

What is car heat insulation film?

What is car heat insulation film?

Heat-insulating film is a type of film made up of many different layers of material. Heat-insulating film is often used to paste on car windows to minimize temperature and light shining inside, heating the cabin and making the cabin warmer. damage to interior details inside the vehicle.

How many types of heat-insulating films are there?

Currently, film making technology is developing very well, creating many types of heat-insulating films to serve many different needs.

Common types of heat insulation films include:

  • Tinted heat insulation film: Relatively cheap price, not very effective.
  • Metal-coated insulation film: Moderate price, easy to buy, easy to use, average effectiveness.
  • Metal sputtering insulation film: High price, good quality, high efficiency
  • Ceramic Nano ceramic heat insulation film: High price, high efficiency
Classification of heat insulation films

Uses of heat insulation film

Protects health, eliminates UV rays

Applying car heat insulation film will help the body avoid UV rays every day. According to the dermatology research institute, dangerous radiation from the sun is related to about 90% of skin cancer cases, and can also lead to signs of aging such as wrinkles, acne, melasma, freckles, etc. are more serious than increasing the risk of skin cancer

Reduce glare, clear vision

When sunlight shines directly on the car’s windshield or when driving at night, encountering headlights from opposing vehicles can easily blind the driver. If this happens often, it will cause vision loss. limited visibility. In fact, dazzling light is also one of the causes of distraction while driving, and more seriously, it will cause unfortunate risks.

Applying heat-insulating film provides a certain ability to reduce glare. This ability will help drivers reduce glare, protect their eyes, increase visibility and drive more safely.

Increase car interior life

Sunlight shines into the car

Solar radiation is not only harmful to human health but it also affects the durability and beauty of interior details inside the car. When the car is exposed to direct sunlight, car parts made of plastic, rubber, etc. such as the steering wheel, seat cushions, and door tarps are often heated, leading to discoloration and wear. , blistering, cracking, even deformation, etc. This not only causes loss of aesthetics, but also reduces the value of the luxury car, and repair costs are very high.

It can be seen that with heat-insulating film stickers, it not only protects human health but it also helps protect the interior of the car in the best way. You will forget the worry of having to spend huge amounts of money to replace the interior. Extremely economical.

Increase safety in case of glass breakage accidents

Increase safety when glass breaks

All collision risks cannot be predicted or controlled. If there is a sudden impact, especially an impact that causes broken glass, it will be very dangerous for the driver. Applying an additional layer of heat-insulating film will help increase safety for people in the car when the glass breaks. From there, the glue of the heat-insulating film will help bind broken pieces of car glass when a collision occurs, ensuring safety for drivers.

Ensure private space in the car

Most heat-insulating film lines are equipped with the ability to prevent viewing from the outside, which helps increase privacy, comfort, and protect the private space inside the car in the most optimal way. On the other hand, carefully protecting the space inside the car will help prevent thieves from intending to invade your property.

Save fuel, save money

Previously, the car temperature was high. To rebalance the heat, users must turn on the air conditioner. The hotter the car, the more power the air conditioner has to operate, causing more fuel consumption. But when you apply car insulation film, the temperature inside the car remains stable, car users will feel more comfortable and at ease when going to see if the air conditioner does not need to work at high capacity, helping Maximum fuel and cost savings.

Create a luxurious and classy look

Increase vehicle aesthetics

With unique technology, the colors of film lines such as:

Location of applying heat insulation film

Apply heat-insulating film to the driver’s glass (windshield)

The steering glass, also known as the windshield, is one of the most important positions on the vehicle because it affects the driver’s vision while driving, so when applying heat-insulating film to the driver’s glass, you need to choose the appropriate type of heat-insulating film. .

Apply heat-insulating film to the windshield

When choosing a heat-insulating film for your windshield, readers need to choose a heat-insulating film with high heat-insulating ability because this is a location directly affected by sunlight and absorbs a lot of heat if moved into it. noon.

Regarding the color of car window film, you should choose a light window film with a high light transmission rate so as not to affect the driver’s visibility. Driving glasses should have a light transmission rate of about 60-65% which is most reasonable.

Drib glass insulation film project (window glass)

Side glass, also known as car window, this position does not affect the driver’s vision too much, except for the 2 side glasses in the front, which need to have holes cut out to observe the rearview mirror. The remaining 2 side windows at the back can freely choose the type of heat-insulating film depending on preference. Normally, car owners will choose black heat-insulating film to increase the privacy of the cabin.

Apply heat-insulating film to the rear window of a car

The rear glass of a car almost does not affect the driver’s vision too much when moving. In this position, you should apply a heat-insulating film with a slightly low light transmittance rate, choosing a slightly dark color of the heat-insulating film to help. The space inside the car is a bit private and limits heat absorption from the sun.

What are the best types of heat-insulating films today?

Current types of heat insulation films

3M automotive heat insulation film

3M car heat insulation film is a very famous film line in Vietnam. This type of film helps block up to 99.9% of UV rays. Total heat insulation is up to 70%; eliminates 97% of infrared rays;… Thanks to that, the temperature in the car is significantly improved, reducing the capacity of the air conditioner. This type of heat-insulating film is recommended by the World Cancer Prevention Organization. Because they help best protect the health of you and your family.

CONCO heat insulation film

This type of film is extremely suitable for tropical climates, and its effectiveness is rated very well by consumers. Besides, the cost is much lower than other heat insulation film brands from USA, Japan, Germany… So it can easily reach many users. Wintechfilm heat-insulating film has the ability to eliminate up to 100% of UV rays. Helps prevent and protect people in the car, protects the interior, increases aesthetics and helps maximize cost savings.

Xpel heat insulation film

Xpel heat insulation film

This is one of the high-end movie lines from America that is loved and used by many people recently. With extremely effective insulation, reducing up to more than 70% of heat in the vehicle compartment, good sun protection, eliminating up to 99% of UV rays, limiting blackening and tanning of the skin, reducing the risk of skin cancer. At the same time, it is also extremely energy and cost saving.

Llumar heat-insulating film

Llumar window film is a popular film recently. Llumar film’s ability to block heat from infrared rays is up to 96%; Helps reduce 43 – 68% of heat from the sun. Thanks to that, the space is cooler; helps balance temperature. Reduces air conditioning load; In addition, this type of film can also block UV up to 99%. They help protect health, and ensure the durability of the car’s interior.

Llumar car heat insulation film

V-Kool car heat insulation film

V-Kool is the earliest type of heat insulation film to appear in the Vietnamese market. This film line is diverse in types, colors, and designs. Therefore, they are suitable for many different vehicle models and greenhouses. Currently, there are two most popular lines of VK insulation films: VK40 and VK 70.

V-Kool heat-insulating film is a transparent, spectrally reflective film that can control heat well. This type of heat-insulating film can eliminate up to 99% of ultraviolet rays. 98% of the heat comes from infrared rays from the sun. Reduces total heat by 65%, helping to protect the health of everyone riding as well as all equipment.

Classic heat insulation film

Classic heat-insulating film is also a familiar name, not to be missed when mentioned. Classic Spectra line insulation films use ceramic materials with nano particle spraying technology. They help block up to 99.99% of ultraviolet rays. This is the first movie line to have this technology. In addition, the one-way film feature will increase the privacy of the space in the car. At the same time, Classic film helps the glass absorb force better, be more flexible and stronger. Helps protect people in the car to the maximum extent.

Where is a reputable place to install heat-insulating film?

Currently on the market there are many garage centers that apply heat-insulating film, but please research carefully so that “lost money” will affect your driving process.

So where is a reputable place to install heat-insulating film?

CarOn Pro is known as the most prestigious 5S standard auto service system in Vietnam, trusted and chosen by many customers because of its reasonable price, high warranty period and extremely skilled staff. . CarOn is committed to bringing customers satisfaction when using the service here.

CarOn – 5S standard Car Garage system
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Facility 6 – CarOn Care An Khanh
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Is it okay for the patch to discolor?

During the first period of applying the insulation film, the sticker will slightly turn a different color. This is quite common when the insulation sticker, after a period of use and storage, the color will return to its original color.

The above article is a summary of issues related to heat insulation film. We hope that drivers can choose the most suitable sticker for their car!

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