The engine is one of the very important parts that determines the survival of the vehicle. Therefore, they require special, moderate and timely care from car owners. So what are those parts and why do we need to take care of them regularly?

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Why do we need regular car maintenance?

Regular vehicle maintenance involves performing many steps according to the manufacturer’s requirements. These jobs are performed on all types of vehicles after a period of use (6 months or 10,000Km). To ensure your car always operates in the best condition, avoid unnecessary risks and many other benefits. At the same time, prevent damage early so you can fix it as soon as possible, saving maximum costs.

Parts need to be maintained and replaced periodically

Engine air filter

The air filter has the role of filtering dirt in the air. After a period of use, dirt and warmth stick to the filter, filling the air vents of the filter. If not cleaned or replaced, it will hinder the air flow. Air entering the engine, wrong air mixture ratio (fuel and air) reduces power, heats the engine, and cools the coal in the combustion chamber.

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Engine air filter

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, car users should pay attention to periodically cleaning the mechanical air filter system after the vehicle has operated 5,000km, and replace the new air filter after 20,000km. For older car brands, frequently used in dusty environments, the air filter should be cleaned after 3,000 – 4,000 km and replaced after 15,000 km.

Therefore, you should regularly check the air filter system. If you find that the filter is torn or damp, you should replace it with a new air filter.

Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter

Fuel filter (also known as gasoline filter, diesel filter) contributes to removing dirt and rust in gasoline and oil pumped into the vehicle, creating a clean fuel source before entering the engine combustion chamber.

During use, if there is dirt or damage, the filter will be clogged, the fuel flow to the carburetor or nozzle will be blocked, making it difficult to start the engine, jerking, and the vehicle will not operate stably. ,,, Recommended articles should periodically check and clean the fuel filter. The reasonable time experts recommend is when using about 40,000km, at which time you should replace the fuel filter.

Air conditioning system air filter

The air conditioner filter has the function of filtering dust and dirt from the outside environment before sending it to the air inside the car, cleaning the air as it passes through the air conditioning system and car interior. During use, dust and dirt clinging to the filters will reduce the air flow sucked into the air conditioner in outside air intake mode, affecting the cooling time of the interior compartment, the environment inside the cabin and especially especially the health of people inside the car.

Therefore, this part plays a very important role so you need to check and clean it regularly after using it for about 5,000k. Replace after 20,000km. During use, if the air passing through the air conditioner decreases, the fan system makes noise,,, At this time you should check and go to a maintenance center to have the air conditioner filter checked and replaced.

Car brakes

This is an extremely important part that affects the safety of the car owner. However, it is difficult to have a general “formula” to determine exactly when to check and maintain the brakes because it depends on the road conditions where the vehicle often travels, the driver’s habits as well as the type of spare parts. spare parts previously used by the vehicle owner.

Automobile experts advise us to check and replace brake pads after about 30,000 km of travel, or after 2 years of vehicle operation. This time may be shorter if the car frequently travels in densely populated areas or has to use the brakes.

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Cooling water

Car coolant is a solution that cools down the car engine, has the task of cooling and dissipating heat, helping the car engine maintain the most ideal working temperature.

If the coolant tank is empty, the car engine will overheat, leading to a very high risk of fire and explosion, causing direct insecurity for relatively large vehicle owners. Therefore, please check and add water on time, so that the car can operate normally and avoid unnecessary damage.

Cooling water

According to the car manufacturer’s recommendations, you should clean the coolant and change the coolant after 40,000 – 60,000 km of operation, about 2-3 years.

In case the vehicle frequently moves with high frequency or heavy load, you should check and change the coolant sooner to promptly detect problems if any.

Automatic transmission transmission oil

Compared to manual transmission oil, automatic transmission oil plays a more important role and is also a part that needs to be replaced periodically. Manual transmission oil is used to clean, lubricate, cool and transmit power in the torque converter. If the automatic transmission oil is consumed too much and is too dirty, the vehicle will lose power during operation or the vehicle will not be able to shift gears.

If there are no problems, replace the transmission oil box every 2 years or 38,000km.

Air purifier

With this part, car owners can clean and check themselves at home with specialized tools. If the air filter is dirty, the engine will lose more energy, making power production less efficient.

Regular car care and maintenance will save you more money than repairing damage. At the same time, it also helps your car avoid problems on the road and be more proactive in repairing the car.


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