Outstanding features on 360-degree Camera

As more and more Camera360s are launched on the market, their features are expanding, and manufacturers are paying special attention to further development. In order to compete with customers, features are increasingly optimized. So what outstanding safety features are available on Camera360 today? The answer will be in the article below

What is Camera360 technology?

A 360-degree camera is a type of device that comprehensively monitors the vehicle’s surrounding environment by combining multiple cameras at different angles, creating comprehensive and realistic images. In particular, the 360-degree Camera allows users to observe the entire scene around the vehicle at a 360-degree viewing angle, including the front, rear and both sides of the vehicle.

360-degree cameras include a sensor, camera system, processor and display screen. The sensor senses the signal from the cameras and transmits this signal to the processor to create a comprehensive image of the vehicle’s surroundings. The display screen will display this image to the user to help them observe and control the vehicle safely and accurately.

With the 360-degree video recording feature, the 360-degree Camera not only helps users observe and control the vehicle more safely, but also supports entertainment and records memorable moments during their trips.

Reasons to install 360 degree Camera

Increase safety features when driving

The 360 ​​car camera can see the entire scene around the car because it is a device consisting of 4 camera eyes. Each camera eye is equipped with a wide viewing angle with high resolution to support sharp recording. It can be seen that the wide-angle Camera360 operates like a dash cam but is much superior. Because it not only records images from the front or back of the vehicle, Camera 360 records the entire vehicle journey and easily observes a 360-degree panorama thanks to 4 cameras installed around the vehicle.

Supports safe parking and movement

Parking and moving in densely populated areas or difficult terrain is always a challenge for drivers. However, with 360-degree Camera, parking and moving are easier than ever. The 360-degree camera helps users have a comprehensive view around the vehicle, supports automatic parking using sensor technology and helps optimize movement in difficult terrain.

Save costs and time

In the process of using a car, we often encounter situations where accidents or scratches require changing parts of the car. Installing a 360-degree camera helps users observe the vehicle’s surroundings and limit accidents, reduce repair costs and save time.

Increase the aesthetics of your car

In addition to monitoring and safety features, 360-degree Camera also brings aesthetics to your car. This device is designed to be luxurious, modern and easy to install on the car, helping to increase the value and uniqueness of your car.

Helps users manage assets more effectively

With comprehensive monitoring of the vehicle’s surrounding environment, 360-degree Camera helps users manage assets more effectively. Thanks to the ability to monitor hidden corners around the car, users can detect maintenance and repair problems early, thereby minimizing repair costs and extending the life of the car.

Lane departure warning, steering assist

As soon as the vehicle shows signs of going in the wrong lane, Camera 360’s processor will receive a signal and display a warning on the car screen. This helps drivers limit traffic violations, ensuring safety for themselves as well as other traffic participants.

In addition, currently some types of 360 Cameras are also equipped with steering support. The screen displays the direction of travel according to the vehicle’s steering wheel angles, helping new drivers avoid confusion when traveling on the road.

Advantages of installing 360 degree Camera

Record 360-degree videos

CarOn Pro screen camera
360 camera panoramic view

The 360-degree camera is also equipped with a 360-degree video recording feature, allowing users to record every moment of their trip in the most detailed and comprehensive way. This helps users retain memorable memories and becomes a useful tool in promoting products, services or advertising communications.

Ability to comprehensively monitor the vehicle’s surrounding environment

With comprehensive monitoring of the vehicle’s surrounding environment, the 360-degree camera helps drivers observe and recognize all dangerous situations from all angles. This helps users make accurate and quick decisions to avoid traffic accidents.

High image quality, good sound quality

The 360-degree camera is equipped with a high-definition image sensor and good sound quality, allowing users to clearly see and hear every detail around the vehicle. This helps users feel every situation and phenomenon on the street in the most honest and complete way.

Sensor technology supports automatic parking

The 360-degree camera is also equipped with automatic parking assist sensor technology, making it easier for drivers to park more accurately and safely. When parking, users can see obstructions, obstacles and pedestrians around the vehicle clearly on the display screen. This helps users control the vehicle accurately and avoid accidents.

Note when installing 360 Camera for cars

  • Choose a high-quality 360-degree camera: To ensure high-definition and clear images, users should choose products with good quality and reputation.
  • Suitable installation location: 360-degree camera installation must be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The camera should be installed in a suitable position to be able to clearly observe the entire area around the car.
  • Waterproof feature: When choosing to buy a 360-degree camera, users should choose a product with good waterproof features to ensure use in all weather conditions.
  • Check connection: After installation is complete, users need to check the connection and ensure the camera works well on the control screen.
  • Periodic maintenance: To ensure effective use and durability of the camera, users need to regularly maintain, check and clean the 360-degree camera.
  • Comply with legal regulations: Users need to comply with legal regulations regarding the installation of cameras in cars and must not use cameras to violate the privacy rights of others.
  • Does not affect the driver’s vision: When installing a 360-degree camera, it is necessary to ensure that it does not affect the driver’s vision, avoiding causing unnecessary traffic accidents.

Origin of 360 car camera

On the market today there are many types of 360-degree car cameras with many different segments and origins. In particular, there are many poor quality products that are sophisticated imitations, making it difficult for buyers to find standard equipment.

Products of unknown origin can be used smoothly at first, however, after a short time errors can easily occur, affecting the control panel system. Therefore, when there is a need to install a 360 camera for a car, car owners should choose products with reputable brands on the market such as: CarOn Pro 360 degree camera. Genuine products often have logos and anti-counterfeit stamps on the box.

Features and display quality

To have the best visibility for drivers, image quality is the decisive factor. Current 360-degree car cameras also offer different visibility depending on the quality of each cam. When installing a 360-degree car camera, we need to consider and check carefully to ensure the best display and image quality.

The 360-degree car camera system is equipped with many modern features to better support users. In particular, other modes also help capture images and display them in all weather conditions: storms, fog,… and provide extremely good night vision. This is also one of the biggest advantages of the 360-degree car camera system.

Reputable address to install 360 Camera?

Currently on the market there are many 360-degree camera installation centers, however, before installing, drivers should research reputable centers to avoid poor quality products floating on the market.

CarOn Pro – 5S standard car service system

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