Toyota Land Cruiser “mini” is a significantly smaller version than the Land Cruiser Prado, with an expected price of about 730 – 850 million VND.

Land Cruiser is an icon in Toyota’s SUV line, born in 1951, with a reputation for versatility, durability and excellent off-road ability. Currently, the Land Cruiser line has been divided into 3 different variants, including the LC300, Land Cruiser Prado (LC250) and the classic Land Cruiser 70 Series. Toyota is planning to expand this product line with two new versions including the electric Land Cruiser EV and a “mini” Land Cruiser model that has no official name yet.

Although it has been confirmed to launch, information about the “mini” Land Cruiser version is still scarce. Initially, this Japanese SUV was called “Land Hopper”, but Toyota has confirmed that is the name of a three-wheeled electric bicycle model. To name the “mini” Land Cruiser Toyota could consider reusing the name “FJ Cruiser” or look for variations like “FC Cruiser”. Another option could be a “Compact Cruiser” similar to the concept car. Alternatively, Toyota could use a naming scheme that combines letters and numbers, like the LC300, LC250 or Land Cruiser 50.

The “mini” Land Cruiser is expected to have a “hybrid” appearance design between the Compact Cruiser Concept and the Land Cruiser Prado with a characteristic square box shape. Reliable sources in Japan say this SUV will use a gasoline or hybrid engine initially and Toyota is also considering an electric version.

With a position below the Land Cruiser Prado in Toyota’s product range, there is a high possibility that this SUV will be equipped with an engine with about 200 horsepower. The 194-hp 2.0-liter HEV or 220-hp PHEV engine options from the RAV4 could be a reasonable choice.

In terms of size, it is expected that the “mini” Land Cruiser will have dimensions of length x width x height of 4,500 x 1,800 x 1,850 (mm), respectively. This means that this SUV is significantly smaller than the Land Cruiser Prado 2024 (4,925 x 1,980 x 1,870 mm) and has similar dimensions to the Ford Bronco Sport.

In addition to its smaller size, the “mini” Land Cruiser is expected to have a significantly more attractive price than the Land Cruiser Prado (from 55,000 USD – equivalent to 1.33 billion VND). According to Carscoops, this SUV model will have an estimated starting price of about 30,000 – 35,000 USD (730 – 850 million VND).

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