New Nissan GT-R Will Switch to Electric Engine: 1,300 More Horsepower, Electric Only, 4-Wheel Steering

In a notable event at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, Nissan introduced the Hyper Force concept car series, including a series of unique electric vehicle models. However, what’s special about the last model in this range is that it not only marks the arrival of the Nissan Hyper Force but also heralds the birth of a new generation of the Nissan GT-R with an electric motor.

This project has been rumored to be a follow-up to the next generation GT-R and shows Nissan’s commitment to converting their iconic sports car to electric. The connection between Hyper Force and GT-R has been indirectly confirmed by Nissan assigning two operating modes on this concept supercar with the names GT (Grand Touring) and R (Racing).

Although the Nissan Hyper Force doesn’t showcase the full capabilities of the new GT-R, the DNA of the iconic Nissan model is still evident, from the illuminated badge at the front of the car to the pair of rear taillights.

Hyper Force shows off a real car instead of just a rendering, which raises the possibility that this model could become a real GT-R in the future. This is shown through “practical” elements such as the aerodynamic bodykit including front and rear spoilers.

This pure electric sports car possesses a powerful capacity of up to 1,341 horsepower and takes advantage of e-4ORCE 2-wheel drive electric drive technology, allowing it to rotate all 4 wheels, providing optimal flexibility on the road. racetrack. In addition, the car also uses “optimal weight distribution” and lightweight components such as carbon fiber wheels and solid-state batteries.

The new Nissan GT-R is expected to launch in 2028 and will compete directly with the Porsche Taycan, with an estimated starting price of about 1.84 billion VND (equivalent to 75,000 USD). The transition to an electric motor promises to give the Nissan GT-R outstanding power and performance, while maintaining its position as a legendary sports car.

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