Mercedes-Benz tests ChatGPT AI Chatbot in cars: Good or bad?

Recently, the appearance of an artificial intelligence (AI) tool called ChatGPT (full name is Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer) – a chatbot developed by startup OpenAI has made the technology world concerned. interested in trying it out. The special feature of this tool is that it has a knowledge base that ChatGPT has learned over a long period of time to perfect. This is a signal that the future of artificial intelligence can easily creep into our lives in all fields, including automotive technology. Not out of the race, some major auto companies are also researching products to create supercars capable of satisfying any customer. Join CarOn to learn more about this issue through the following article!

ChatGPT Technology What is Al Chatbot?

It is known that GPT Chat application (chatbot) is known as the smartest artificial intelligence (AI) in the world. This tool can chat and fluently answer all the questions you ask, regardless of the field. When GPT Chat was launched, users who wanted to look up started chatting with this tool instead of searching for information on Google. With knowledge in many fields, users’ questions are answered in just a few seconds.

Currently, the number of users of the GPT Chat tool developed by OpenAI is said to reach 100 million people/month, just 2 months after this artificial intelligence software was launched, making this an application for users. fastest growing in history. According to Sensor Tower statistics, short video sharing platform TikTok needed 9 months after its global release to reach 100 million users, while Instagram took 2.5 years, and the Google Translate translation application took 6. 5 years.

The launch of ChatGPT in November 2022 is a technological turning point in the wave of artificial intelligence aimed at the general public.

What Mercedes says about ChatGPT technology

Unable to resist the attraction of such a potential application with so many interesting things, car manufacturers are also on the verge of bringing this mode into their cars. Specifically here is Mercedes.

As chatbots like ChatGPT continue to gain attention, the German automaker recently showed off how its future luxury cars and SUVs could one day integrate with the advanced technology. This. Mercedes introduced the 2024 E-Cless interior and the new Mercedes-Benz operating system, also known as MB.OS. This technology will help power upcoming infotainment systems as well as deliver in-car relaxation and entertainment like no Mercedes predecessor. Combined with voice technology, ChatGPT hopes to be used as a voice assistant to support drivers’ trip experience.

How does ChatGPT work in Mercedes technology?

Currently, there are many car manufacturers as well as many smart car display companies that know and use smart voice technology as a virtual assistant in the car, for example: Kiki virtual assistant is available on CarOn Pro smart car screen. These virtual assistants help bring extremely good experiences to users. Readers can refer to interesting things about virtual assistants through the following article:

ChatGPT is famous for its compiled knowledge base equipped with outstanding features such as automating conversations, answering questions, creating automatic answers and improving the self-learning ability of the model. image. In addition, all your questions and concerns, regardless of any field, will be answered fluently and fully by ChatGPT in just a snap.

Realizing the value of this AI in the future, Mercedes has researched combining ChatGPT with a prototype voice assistant in cars. Some people believe that having an assistant in the car is unnecessary because the time spent moving the car requires a lot of concentration. However, a smart voice assistant can be more helpful in many unexpected situations such as: giving directions without using the phone, learning about the area around the travel route, News updates are usually imported immediately, etc. All of these operations are performed with a simple command. And with ChatGPT’s treasure trove of knowledge compiled and updated daily, nothing is impossible!

The main highlight is the ChatGPT AI chatbot that answers customer questions about various aspects of Mercedes-Benz cars, including specifications, features and prices. It can also provide information on available services such as maintenance and repairs, along with personalized recommendations based on the customer’s preferences and driving habits.

More importantly, the voice assistant with ChatGPT support has vehicle-related preferences. This system provides detailed reviews and extremely useful advice about the latest car models and the most advanced automotive technologies of today. This is an extremely useful feature for car enthusiasts who always want to update the latest situations on the car market.

Limitations of ChatGPT in MS.OS technology

Recently, Mercedes announced its intention to use ChatGPT in its MS.OS technology by introducing a test SUV with this technology. However, there was a limitation: ChatGPT application responded quite slowly on the screen. At the event, the staff tasked it with creating a geography quiz game and after a while, it reminded us “What is the Capital of India”. The system barely gives enough time to consider the correct answer.

With the hope that future versions of the Mercedes voice assistant can also work better with the support of ChatGPT, the automaker’s technicians are also in the process of researching to further perfect this application. . Although it is only a launch version, Mercedes has successfully attracted the attention of enthusiasts.

When will ChatGPT be officially applied to Mercedes technology?

After the introduction event of the SUV testing ChatGPT technology, the question posed to Mercedes is: When will this company’s cars integrate with ChatGPT? The automaker says this is just a study at this time. At the event, Mercedes showed a future where completely new support systems and information systems can be continuously updated so that customers can achieve the most exciting and new experiences.

However, besides that, this car company is not a car company that always depends entirely on available applications from other parties. “Software is the core competency of an automobile company” – Ola Källenius, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Group, said at the event. Mercedes leaders clearly show their willingness to cooperate and develop together with other investors. But for Mercedes’ operations center, in-house technology is definitely the automaker’s top priority.

In short, Mercedes’ experiment with ChatGPT AI represents a brave and groundbreaking strategy for the brand as it seeks to improve the customer experience. This can also be seen as a strategic move to differentiate themselves while also staying ahead.

Until now, ChatGPT technology has not cooled down and is widely applied in many different fields. For a high-end car company like Mercedes, understanding market trends as well as applying these new technologies to products is an interesting and reasonable move. However, this is a quite expensive experience, because Mercedes cars are very expensive. If you still want to have a virtual assistant experience like ChatGPT, you can absolutely use another virtual assistant, more purely Vietnamese – virtual assistant Kiki.

Virtual assistant Kiki is one of the products created by Zalo – a familiar application of Vietnamese people – integrated on the CarOn smart car screen. In addition to Kiki, CarOn’s screen also has many other interesting and useful features. Competitive prices, attractive after-sales service, enthusiastic advice and timely support for problems, CarOn is a reasonable choice for your beloved drivers.

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