List the causes that cause the car to vibrate when driving

When traveling on rough roads, the vehicle’s vibrations are unavoidable, but when traveling on flat roads or highways, it still feels like you’re walking on a gravel road. was an unpleasant experience. Understanding that problem, the article below will partly overcome this inconvenience. Join CarOn to find out the causes of car vibration!

Car shakes caron

The engine is having problems

Occasionally, a shaking or clutch vibration can come from the engine compartment, because the engine is not getting enough air, fuel or spark it needs to run smoothly.

Symptoms that may indicate an engine-related vibration include:

  • Vibration or jerking occurs when accelerating.
  • Vibrates in rhythmic rhythms, as if moving through shock absorber lines within a specific speed range.
  • The car starts and drives fine for a while but then starts vibrating.

These signs may signal that it’s time replace new spark plug. If the spark plug is still good, you should check the spark plug wires to see if they are connected in the correct order, or replace them if they are not functional.

Finally, one dirty air filter or clogged fuel filter can prevent the engine from getting the oxygen or fuel it needs. Therefore, make sure you replace the above devices according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Due to air in the combustion chamber

During engine operation, pressure difference inside and outside the combustion chamber pulls air into the chamber, making it easier for them to enter through gaps in the pipe system. Since then, the amount of air supplied to the chamber has become difficult to control, the ECU system cannot work stably as usual, so the injectors also do not work properly. The fuel supply is just enough but there is too much gas, the fuel combustion process will not proceed reliably, creating an unpleasant jerking phenomenon every time the car accelerates.

In the combustion chamber, all fuel combustion processes take place and the cause of the vehicle shaking phenomenon also originates from here. The ideal gasoline-air ratio is 1:14. However, if the actual ratio does not meet the standard (such as too high or too low), then Engine combustion is also not guaranteed, the fuel will not even burn. Of course, this leads to the inevitable rumbling of the car.

Wheel axle problem

A vehicle is made up of many rotating or reciprocating parts, forcing them to move within a certain size or tolerance, to ensure functionality in the vehicle.

However, if you are unlucky enough to have one bent shaftcannot perform its functions well, unwanted incidents will occur.

The problem will become more obvious as you gradually accelerate, because the drive shaft is responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the rear wheel axles. If the axle is bent, the vehicle will shake.

Not only in the shaft, the Copper pot joints are worn out This is also the cause of vehicle vibration. In case the The rubber sheet and cover around the ends of the drive shaft are torn, allowing dirt and trash on the road to penetrate inside, causing damage to the joints. Especially for vehicles with front drive systems, if you check and see that the copper coupling is hot, this means you should buy a new drive shaft.

Job The cross joint is loose or worn, also causes vibration, especially during acceleration or deceleration. An uneven axle can cause your car to shake, but what if these “deadly” vibrations only come when you press the brakes. Let’s find out in the next section.

Vibration error due to braking

Do the vibrations appear or intensify when you press the brakes? If so, there’s a strong possibility that your vehicle is suffering from one or more bent brake discs.

Brake discs are shiny silver disc-shaped components on cars that have a disc brake system. Brake discs can bend out of shape due to aggressive wear, essentially overheating during hard braking, which exceeds the brake disc’s ability to handle it. Instead of being flat on all angles, one Brake disc is deformed There will be raised and lowered surfaces, also known as convex and concave surfaces. Brake calipers and brake pads have the effect of tightening the brake discs to bring the vehicle to a stop. Deformed brake discs cannot be clamped tightly. And thus, shaking appears.

If you cannot use a wrench skillfully, it is a good idea to see a specialist in this field who can tell you the condition of the brake discs or brake drums (on vehicles). has rear drum brakes).

The wheel wobbles

When you feel vibrations going straight to the steering wheel, it’s usually coming from the linkage shafts. In addition, wheels are also a cause of this phenomenon.

Each wheel is connected to the axles via lug nuts. If These nuts are no longer secure as at first, it will cause vibrating force. In addition, worn or broken bearings also cause the vehicle to vibrate.

The cake tray is not evenly round or bent It also causes people sitting in the car to feel vibration. In this case, replacing a new wheel tray will solve the problem.

Due to tire problem

Tires are parts that are constantly in contact with the road surface. After a period of time, the tires will wear out. However, this wear is not uniform, there are “severely worn” spots and “lightly worn” spots. .

According to recommendations from the manufacturer, car tires should be replaced after 5 years from the date of tire manufacture. If after 5 years, the tire’s condition is still good, you can continue to use it, but you need to check it annually and not use it for more than 10 years. To avoid uneven tire wear, tires should be rotated every 6 months or every 7,000 – 12,000 km depending on the type of tire.

If the heavy abrasion point is located on the side of the tire, it will cause the vehicle to bounce when driving. If it is located on the side of the tire, there will be a dynamic imbalance, causing the vehicle to sway back and forth.

Summing up, there will be the following problems:

– If the car vibrates at a certain speed range, the owner is required to balance the tires.

– In case the vehicle is cracked or torn, it is necessary to replace the tire with a new one.

– Tires are wearing unevenly, as described above, requiring tire rotation.

– The tire does not rotate round, and the roll is also uneven, so replace the tire with a new one

To prevent wheel defects, when moving, pay attention to going up and down sidewalks, and do not drive at high speed through roads with many potholes or under repair.

Tires need to be inflated to the correct pressure, so you should equip a tire pressure gauge and a cheap mini air compressor to carry with the car to inflate for some necessary cases.

Car rim is damaged

When participating in traffic, if you are unlucky enough to have a collision with the rim, even though there is no serious damage, it will definitely cause an impact, specifically the vehicle shaking.

The cause is that the wheel rim is bent, causing the wheel’s rotation to no longer be in the correct orbit, causing the vehicle to vibrate.

Bent wheel rims can be handled at repair centers, the technician will help you straighten the rim, but if the rim is made of aluminum (for cast rims), it needs to be replaced.

Vehicle maintenance address

Owning a car for a long time will prevent your vehicle from maintaining its original perfect function. And one of the most common and most annoying problems is vibration when driving on the road. To limit the above problems, drivers should take their vehicles to reputable maintenance centers regularly. So where is the address worth choosing to send gold to?


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