Leather car seat covers and things you need to know

The car seat plays an extremely important role, which is to bring a smoother, more comfortable and pleasant feeling to the person sitting during the journey, while also showing the aesthetic beauty of the car’s interior. . Therefore, leather seat upholstery and interior upgrading service is one of the hot services that receives a lot of attention from customers. So what do you need to know before installing a leather car seat cover? Join CarOn to find out through the article below to answer your questions!

Should leather car seats be covered?

Health magazine Harvard Health Watch researched that on average each driver spends nearly 38,000 hours behind the wheel and travels more than 1.2 million kilometers during their lifetime. Therefore, car seats play an extremely important role, directly affecting the feeling of comfort and ease while driving.

Nowadays, cars are no longer just a simple means of transportation, but also a companion assistant on every road, showing the class of the car owner. So why bother refurbishing your car with a genuine leather seat cover? Leather seat covers not only give you a great car experience but also help you protect your beloved car from external influences.

Some of the effects of leather car seat covers include:

  • Increase aesthetics, luxury and class
  • Overcome mold and odors caused by bacteria
  • Anti-fouling, anti-dust, anti-odor
  • Dry, safe for health
  • Easy to clean, highly durable

Popular types of car seat covers today

Simili car seat covers

Faux leather material, also known as Simili – a material with appearance and properties similar to real leather. It is made of synthetic materials such as vinyl or some types of plastic. It is also commonly called synthetic leather, imitation leather, or animal leather, simili leather (plastic leather).


  • Aesthetics like real leather chairs but cheaper and more durable than fabric.
  • Similli seat covers are resistant to stains and liquids


  • Because it is made of plastic, this type of leather makes the seat colder in the winter and hotter in the summer.
  • The smell is quite strong when first installed because the components are mainly made of plastic. If the car is parked for a long time in the sun with the door closed, similli leather seats can easily produce an unpleasant plastic smell.
  • This type of leather chair is also quite flammable

PU industrial leather car seat covers

Industrial leather car seat covers are mainly made from PU with ingredients that are leather scraps, then milled and coated with polyester resin to create a bond, followed by dyeing and creating leather texture on the bottom surface. Faux leather is a woven fiber, quite wrinkled, creating extremely strong adhesion and adhesion to the leather on the surface

The characteristics of industrial leather are similar to real leather, and the color is even more eye-catching.


  • Industrial leather seat covers are very beautiful and luxurious, creating a premium feel for your car
  • Material made of industrial leather, cool, highly elastic and soft
  • Diverse and rich colors and designs, very good water resistance, high durability from 5-10 years


  • This type of leather is often confused with similli because the appearance is quite similar and the feel on the hand is often similar. Some disreputable businessmen often rely on this feature to gain illegal profits. Follow the table below for easy comparison:
Cheaper price Characteristic smell of strong plastic Higher price Does not have a strong plastic smell like similli. Feels smoother, softer and softer to the touch

Microfiber leather car seat covers

Microfiber leather is also a type of industrial leather but is more advanced than PU leather. Microfiber leather is produced using cross-needle weaving technology that simulates the 3D structure of real leather. The main ingredients of Microfiber leather include polyester microfibers, polyamide fibers, polyurethane… Thanks to knitting technology, Microfiber leather has a very high level of simulation of real leather.


  • Highly resistant to mold, easy to clean, odorless, fire resistant
  • Gives a feeling 80% like real leather
  • Super soft, smooth surface, good ventilation and breathability
  • High durability up to 10 years, good abrasion resistance


  • The high price makes this product not popular in the market. However, Microfiber leather upholstery is becoming more and more popular, considered high-quality leather upholstery

Suede car seat covers

Suede chairs are mainly made from nylon and PU material. Gives you the feeling of suede with tiny fibers. This is the lower layer (left side, inner side) of the animal’s skin. Because there is no hard layer on top, suede is often thinner, softer and more flexible.

This is the reason why suede is widely used in everyday products. The most famous type of artificial suede for seats and car interiors is Alcantara.


  • With materials from nylon and PU, suede seat covers are considered very luxurious and high-class
  • The velvet-like suede surface provides an extremely smooth and comfortable sitting feeling


  • Similar to felt, suede is also susceptible to dust, dirt, and moisture.
  • Vulnerable to mold if exposed to moisture and not treated promptly
  • It is difficult to clean because of the absorbent nature of suede and is easily damaged by improper cleaning

Nappa leather car seat covers

Nappa leather car seat covers are the highest quality imitation leather available today, with a structure most similar to real leather. In particular, Nappa leather is softer and smoother, without pores or crow’s feet like real leather. .

Nappa leather car seat covers are made from ultra-thin fibers, also known as microfibers, which, thanks to cross-needle weaving technology, can simulate a 3D structure just like real leather.


  • Recognition similar to real leather up to 90%
  • The leather is shiny, soft and cool to the touch with many colors and designs
  • Easy to clean and preserve because liquid is difficult to penetrate and does not cause unpleasant odors
  • Good water resistance and fire resistance
  • Good quality and cheap price compared to real leather
  • High durability from 10-20 years


  • The price is higher than other industrial leather lines on the market

Cowhide car seat covers (genuine leather)

Covering car seats with cowhide is the highest quality leather, the most expensive compared to industrial leather. Usually this type of leather is natural leather processed from animal skin, has natural color, high softness, and better dust resistance.


  • Due to the pores, this type of cowhide will feel extremely cool and breathable
  • High softness, good dust resistance, the longer you use it, the more shiny it becomes
  • Natural, luxurious colors increase the aesthetic value and value of the car


  • Durability is not high, cracks easily appear at frequently exposed locations
  • Easy to absorb water, easy to absorb heat
  • Difficult to clean or sanitize

Advice on choosing car leather seat cover colors

Before choosing leather car seat covers, you should carefully research the leather material, color, and reputable manufacturing facility to get the most satisfactory set of leather seats and avoid “losing money”. On the market today, there are many different lines of leather seat covers with diverse color palettes to meet all consumer needs. To choose the most suitable product, CarOn has compiled a few factors as follows:

Cover car leather seats according to old seat color

If you are someone who doesn’t like too many changes in your car’s interior but still wants a comfortable sitting experience, choose a color similar to the car’s previous seat color.

Cover leather seats in dark colors

Usually, the ceiling of the car will be light in color to give the feeling of a larger and more airy space. Therefore, you should choose dark leather seat covers to harmoniously balance the car’s interior

Cover leather seats according to feng shui colors

With the characteristics of being an Asian country with spiritual beliefs, in the Vietnamese market, choosing leather chairs according to feng shui colors is also quite important. Feng shui colors are chosen by the driver with the desire to bring good fortune, luck and health.

Leather seat upholstery in many colors

There are many car enthusiasts who love to stand out and have unique personalities, so combining 2-3 car colors for car wraps is also very popular. However, you should be careful to use colors that complement each other to avoid being in harmony with the car’s interior.

Types of car leather seat covers


Covering is a way of covering the new leather over the old seat cover. The advantage is saving time and construction costs. The downside is that the aesthetics are not high because the leather layer is often uneven, the shape is not beautiful, and the edges of the seat area are difficult to stand out.

Cover and remove felt

With felt removal upholstery, also known as squeezy upholstery, the technician will strip off all of the car’s felt layer and replace it with completely new leather seat covers. The leather chairs have a built-in foam layer inside, then are covered and each part of the chair will create smooth tension, creating a very beautiful chair shape.

Where is a good place to get car seat covers?

If you are wondering where to find leather seat covers that have experienced workers, standard seat shapes, really good leather material and a reputable warranty, then you must come to CarOn Pro right away.

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Leather car seat covers are one of the highly appreciated services at CarOn. If you want your car to always look like new, CarOn is a reputable address for you to send it to.

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