Learn the causes and solutions when car windows are stuck

Today, people’s lives are getting higher and higher, requiring greater demands for quality of life as well as quality of services. For the above reason, car manufacturers are also racing to upgrade their “children” – equipping them with electric control systems, including electric windows.

Operating principle of car electric windows

The structure of a car electric window includes: Control motor (including motor, gear transmission and sensor) and window lifting/lowering part (including lever and X-shaped lever mechanism)

The electric glass door system operates based on 2 main parts:

• Window lifter: the window lifter’s lifting arm is supported by an X-shaped mechanism and connected to the window lifter’s adjusting arm. It has the role of supporting the glass, thanks to the rotation of the window control motor being converted into an up and down motion to open and close the window.

• The electric window control motor consists of three main parts: motor, gear transmission and sensor (anti-jamming). The motor changes the direction of rotation thanks to the switch, the gear transmits the motor’s rotation to the window lifter. The sensor includes a limit switch and a speed sensor for anti-jamming control

The main causes of glass doors getting stuck

Technically speaking, it can be divided into two main damage cases: The motor is broken or the lifting/lowering mechanical system is broken.

In the second case (the lifting/lowering mechanical system is broken), the mechanical system can be repaired but there is a high possibility that the entire mechanical system will have to be purchased and replaced (the motor does not need to be replaced due to still works fine)

Motor broken

When you press the button to lower/raise the glass but there is no sound and the glass does not move, this proves that the motor may be having problems.

Gears are worn or broken

One of the gears was worn and even broke under the weight of the glass door. Or due to frequent up and down operations, it also accelerates the deterioration of the gears. Because the gear has the function of transmitting the motor’s movement to the window lifter, if it has a problem, it will cause the car window to jam.

The cable is broken

In case, if the glass lifting system uses cables instead of gears, if the cable gets stuck in the shaft or breaks, it will cause the glass door to get stuck. Besides, you will hear a small noise when pressing the up and down button on the glass. The motor rotates but is stuck by the cable, causing the glass door to not go up or down completely.

Other causes

In addition to the common causes above, there are a few other causes that lead to stuck glass doors such as:

  • The moving joints are dirty and rusty
  • Rubber gaskets become hard due to not being regularly maintained
  • The switch is broken, shorted or short circuited in the line

Steps to check and repair when electric windows have problems

To fix a stuck car window, you need to check and find the exact cause. The steps to check car windows are as follows:

Step 1: Check the fuse

Check to see which door has a broken glass adjustment system, press and try again. If it doesn’t work, replace the fuse (fuses for car electronic devices are usually located inside the car under the steering wheel control panel. Can be seen with the naked eye).

Replace the fuse with a new one, try starting the car door system. If you can hear the sound of the system’s engine operating, the fuse is not broken. My condolences to you at this time, repair will be more difficult.

Step 2: Remove the car door panel

Car door panels are usually fixed with screws on the door edge and door handle. Just unscrew all these screws to open the car door panel. Note: If you don’t have a diagram, take a pen and paper to write down the screw points on this cover so you can remember it so you can reinstall it as before.

Step 3: Check the car door gasket

In case the car window cannot roll up or down or is stuck at a certain point, it may be caused by the door gasket. If the gasket is loose or damaged, it must be removed and replaced.

Step 4: Check the wiring system

See the wiring diagram in your vehicle’s owner’s manual to learn how your car windows work. Then see if the wiring system, connections, and switches in the car door are still good? Broken or rusted ones will cause the motor to operate weakly or not work at all, requiring replacement.

Step 5: Check the motor

After doing all the above steps, if your car window still does not work or flickers, replace the motor with a new one. However, replacing the motor also depends on your repair experience. Therefore, the advice is that you should take it to a reputable car garage for advice on how to fix it.

Step 6: Put everything back in place

After completing the above checking process, install everything back to its original position. It is important to clearly remember from the beginning where the system is installed. When installed, adhesive can be used to hold the insulating layer.

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