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A car that is not equipped with a good suspension system is enough to make us bored. So, it’s hard to imagine how much discomfort will be if you sit in a car that is not equipped with any suspension system. This article will help us better understand the structure of car shock absorbers.

What are car shock absorbers?

Car shock absorbers are a part that helps ensure safety and limit the risk of accidents for users. This part is located in the car’s suspension system. They are responsible for minimizing strong vibrations when the vehicle moves through bad roads, potholes… Each car model uses a different type of shock absorber, below is types of car shock absorbers popular:

  • Shock absorber 1 tube.
  • 2-tube shock absorber.
  • 2-tube shock absorber with pressurized air
  • Vario shock absorbers.
  • Air ball shock absorber
  • Hydraulic pneumatic shock absorber series.

Why is it necessary to use shock absorbers?

When creating vehicles, the first developers faced a serious problem. While driving on the road, the driver feels terrible discomfort due to constant vibrations. In addition, due to overload, parts of the chassis quickly fail.

To eliminate the problem, rubber hoses extending along the wheels began to be inserted. Then came the shock absorbers, but the handling lacked stability. When there is a collision, the car shakes a lot.

The first shock absorbers appeared in 1903, and were made in the form of springs fixed to levers near each wheel. Basically, they are installed on sports cars, since pony cars do not need such a system due to their low speed. Over the years, this development was improved and friction shock absorbers were replaced by hydraulic shock absorbers.

When driving on bumpy roads, the machine’s wheels must constantly come into contact with the coating. Vehicle handling will also depend on the quality of the shock absorbers.

When the car accelerates, the body leans backwards. Because of this, the front of the vehicle is unloaded, reducing the front wheel’s grip on the road surface. During braking, the reverse process occurs – the body leans forward, and now the contact of the rear wheels with the ground is broken. When turning, the load shifts to the opposite side of the car.

The task of shock absorbers is not only to reduce vibrations, creating maximum comfort for the driver, but also to keep the vehicle body in position. horizontal stabilityprevents the vehicle from swaying (as in vehicles with spring suspension), increasing the vehicle’s handling.

Structure and operating principle of car shock absorbers

The structure of each type of shock absorber is different, specifically as follows:

1-tube car shock absorber

Monotube shock absorber is a new generation of damping mechanism. They have designs simple include :

  • A tank containing part oil and gas (in some designs, there are tanks that are completely gas).
  • A rod drives the main piston inside the cylinder
  • The rod-mounted piston is equipped with bypass valves through which oil flows from one chamber to another
  • A separating piston separates the oil chamber from the air chamber
Advantage Defect
This type of 1-tube shock absorber has the ability to quickly and extremely effectively suppress vibrations thanks to creating opposite impulses between the oil chamber and the air chamber. – There is no leg tube, so a single-tube shock absorber cannot compensate for the missing volume caused by the vapor chamber below the oil chamber.
– The price is quite expensive

2-tube car shock absorber

Nowadays it is kind of popular most of the shock absorbers. The 2-tube shock absorber is composed of 4 parts, including:

  • Shell, inside is placed another flask. In the space between the vessel walls there is an air and compensation cavity.
  • The flask (or sub-cylindrical) is completely filled with shock-absorbing fluid. The inlet and outlet valves are made at the bottom.
  • The piston push rod is the same as in the single tube version.
  • Piston equipped with check valve. Some open when the piston moves down and others when it moves back up.
Advantage Defect
– This 2-tube shock absorber is cheap, highly durable, and reduces vibrations at a very stable level.
– This type of shock absorber is mainly used on passenger cars.
– Easily leaks oil through slots when moving, so requires precise assembly techniques.
– In addition, this type of car shock absorber is easily damaged when the vehicle moves in terrain that vibrates strongly in the horizontal direction.

2-tube shock absorber with pressurized air

The 2-tube shock absorber combined with pressurized air is the perfect combination of the above two types of shock tubes. They are composed of the following parts.

  • The spring tube fixing hole part helps fix the spring tube to avoid deviations during use.
  • Pipe 1 will include parts such as Piston with two-way valve, Piston shaft and Vapor isolation piston with compression pressure of about 7 Bar of steam and oil.
  • The protective tube is installed on the outside to protect the tube.
Advantage Defect
– Able to quickly eliminate fluctuations.
– 2-tube shock absorbers with pressure air are designed to suit pickup trucks and off-road vehicles.
– 2-tube shock absorbers with pressurized air require meticulous and precise manufacturing. Therefore, the cost of the type car shock absorbers This is relatively high.
– In addition, users need to regularly maintain it to ensure the best operating efficiency.

Vario shock absorbers


Vario shock absorbers are composed of: air compression tube, gas spring cover, oil and shock tube shaft with oil throttle valve. The structure of the Vario shock absorber is similar to the 2-tube shock absorber. However, Vario shock absorbers have the outstanding feature of being able to adapt to many different shock conditions and being able to change the damping characteristics.

Advantage Defect
This car suspension system can quickly adapt to different shock conditions, easily changing the damping characteristics. Vario shock absorbers only operate when the engine is started. Therefore, turning off the engine in places with obstacles will cause the vehicle to be easily damaged.

Air ball shock absorber

The structure of the air ball shock absorber includes a compressed air tube, air spring cover, shock tube shaft, oil valve, and oil reservoir. Air bubble shock absorbers operate on the principle that compressed air is introduced under a controllable pressure, accordingly, depending on the pressure of the compressed air, the air bubble can also be easily changed, helping minimize fluctuations. However, the air bulb only works when the engine is running. If you accidentally turn off the engine in high places, the car will drop and there is a risk of damaging the shell or other parts.

Advantage Defect
Based on compressed air pressure, the air gloss level can also be easily changed to minimize fluctuations. Air shock absorbers also only work when the engine starts like vario shock absorbers. Therefore, if you accidentally turn off the engine in high or uneven terrain, the shock absorbers will easily be damaged.

Pneumatic – hydraulic shock absorbers

The structure of the pneumatic – hydraulic shock absorber line includes:

– The shaft part is the piston of the elastic part.

– The inflatable balloon is placed in a cylindrical sphere and is surrounded by a layer of rubber membrane alternating between the parachute and the core layers.

– The gas pressure tank is connected to the air balloon through a compressed air pipe.

Advantage Defect
– Gas-hydraulic car shock absorbers bring a better experience, suitable for each person’s feeling.
– With this shock absorber line, the driver can manually adjust the control valve to suit the load and road frame
– This type of shock absorber has a high price because of its complex operation and integrated air compression system.
– Gas-hydraulic shock absorbers are often equipped on passenger cars.

Reputable address for maintenance and replacement of car shock absorbers

Car shock absorbers have more and more versions with advanced, modern structures and meet many different needs. Therefore, users can base their selection on the appropriate car shock absorber model depending on the vehicle they are driving to help the vehicle operate as smoothly as possible. So where is the reputable address where you can safely entrust your beloved car?


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