Is car safety technology still safe after repair?

Collision avoidance technology has played a prominent role in improving vehicle safety, with some of these systems helping to reduce accidents and deaths. However, a new study shows that these systems have also been shown to be problematic for consumers especially after they have been repaired. Let’s learn about this issue with CarOn!

Safety technology and its strengths

The safety system includes many features and technologies to protect the driver and passengers, increase safety, and minimize risks when the vehicle is moving.

A few years ago, car safety technologies seemed like something very luxurious, almost only seen on luxury cars. But now, these technologies have become more and more popular. There is even a technology “race” between car manufacturers, bringing many benefits to users.

In addition to mechanically supported systems such as seat belt systems, airbag systems, etc., electronic safety systems are increasingly receiving more attention. Nowadays, not many drivers are unfamiliar with terms such as: reverse sensor system, 360 camera system, ESP electronic stability system, ABS locking brake support system, LDWS lane warning system, …

All of the above systems are aimed at supporting the driver’s driving process and ensuring a fully comfortable trip and the most complete experience possible. Almost all popular car models today are supported with these systems, however during use, they will inevitably be damaged and need to be repaired. So is the safety system still safe after one repair?

Survey on vehicles equipped with safety technology

According to research by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), many car owners said they had trouble with safety technology after performing repairs. This agency surveyed more than 3,000 vehicle owners equipped with safety technology (For example: Reverse sensor system, Collision warning, Rear camera, etc.). Among survey respondents who said they had completed repairs to any of these systems, about half said they had problems with the technology after completing the repairs.

“Most of the more than 3,000 owners we contacted said they never needed repairs to their collision avoidance features, but for the few owners who did, the problems were not immediate. are easily resolved,” said the survey’s designer, IIHS Senior. Research scientist Alexandra Mueller. “Some of the survey respondents said they had to repair the same feature multiple times. However, the vast majority said they would still choose to buy a car equipped with this technology because of its superior features and most were satisfied with the out-of-pocket cost.”

According to IIHS estimates, in the US, the cost of replacing a typical windshield only costs about 250 USD. However, if the glasses are equipped with front collision prevention features, the minimum price is $1,000, mainly due to issues related to the accuracy of this equipment.

Besides, many cars today are equipped with high-tech soundproof glass, so the replacement cost is not cheap. For vehicle models equipped with a HUD screen, the windshield needs a special coating. Therefore, the replacement also “costs” the car owner a lot of money and time.

More and more new vehicles are equipped with such safety features and are expected to increase rapidly over the next few years. The features themselves are also resilient to impact forces – but IIHS analysis shows that the majority of problems come from the repair process itself, not the actual problem. Therefore, a garage with reputable and skilled workers is one of the essential conditions for your car to always maintain its “performance”.

Despite the problems encountered with safety systems, and the troubles caused by system failures, almost every car owner loves and wishes to use this feature for their car. your bowl.

Vehicle safety technology is proving reliable when it comes to reducing accident cases. For example, automatic emergency braking (AEB) reduces rear-end collisions (reported by police) by 50%. Another study by the IIHS Highway Loss Data Institute found that the rate of reduction in insurance claims for Subaru and Honda models supported with these systems remained essentially unchanged even when The vehicle is more than 5 years old.

IIHS research shows that only about 5% of owners who experience problems with this technology will not choose to buy another vehicle with a similar system. But IIHS still shows great concern. Because people who still buy cars with many of these technologies are willing to turn off the “short-circuited” safety features instead of continuing to find ways to fix them. So is there any reputable garage address that guarantees to completely repair problems surrounding this necessary safety system?

CarOn Pro – a reputable garage that ensures quality maintenance services

Car safety systems are rarely damaged, but this is not unheard of. Maintaining and repairing the system so that it is not affected too much and avoids repeating the same error that causes discomfort to the car owner is partly determined by the skill of the repairman.

At CarOn – 5S standard car service system, equipped with modern and advanced equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis of problems encountered by the car. Besides, the skill of a team of experienced mechanics also partly creates the reputation of the CarOn brand. Easily “catch” systems that are having problems and handle them quickly, ensuring that your vehicle always operates smoothly without the driver having to worry about spending money or time on maintenance. multiple times for one error.

For further information related to CarOn’s maintenance services, please contact hotline 0961.247.360 or via website: for quick direct consultation support.

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