Is a steering wheel cover necessary? Experience buying steering wheel covers

For a car, what customers care about most is style, comfort, performance and driving feel. The driving feel of the car depends on many different factors such as the engine, configuration… of the car. However, for many drivers, the simple feeling is the feeling they have when directly holding the steering wheel to control the car. Steering wheel cover is a support equipment that helps have great experiences in the car. Join CarOn to learn about this equipment now!

What is a steering wheel cover?

The steering wheel is a very important part. This is where the driver directly “directs” and controls the direction of the vehicle as desired. Therefore, the steering wheel greatly affects the feeling of driving. In addition, the steering wheel also has a great impact on the aesthetics of the interior, as well as the value of the car in general. Some older car models have quite thin and smooth steering wheel designs, which is why they were born steering wheel cover to overcome the above shortcomings

boc-vo-lang caron

Steering wheel cover (also known as steering wheel cover) is a quite popular car accessory that many car owners in Vietnam equip to increase the aesthetics of the interior compartment as well as create a better driving feeling.

Is a steering wheel cover necessary?

The steering wheel seems to be a sturdy and durable part over time, but in reality, the steering wheel is one of the “vulnerable” parts in the car’s interior. There are many reasons leading to that.

The steering wheel is usually located very close to the front windshield and the side window glass. These two glasses are the places that absorb the most heat and radiation into the interior. Because car steering wheels are mostly made of plastic or synthetic plastic, their heat resistance is very poor. Although it does not cause obvious harm, in the long term the car steering wheel is definitely affected by high heat and radiation from the sun.

Besides, the specific working nature of the steering wheel requires frequent direct contact and lots of friction with the driver’s hands. In particular, when driving for a long time, the driver’s hands are susceptible to sweaty hands. This factor also has a negative impact on the outer shell material of the steering wheel. There are also factors that affect the quality of the steering wheel such as: oxidation, impact by sharp objects, lack of regular maintenance, etc.

The deterioration of the steering wheel first affects the vehicle’s aesthetics, followed by a direct impact on the driver’s driving experience. Sometimes it also becomes difficult to firmly grasp the steering wheel, causing many problems when participating in traffic. In addition, the value of the car is also greatly reduced. Think about how a car with a peeling and rough steering wheel can have a high value.

For the above reasons, steering wheel covers are a very optimal solution for drivers.

Uses of steering wheel cover?

A steering wheel cover will act as an armor to shield and protect your beloved driver’s steering wheel from external impacts.

Protects the steering wheel to always be durable and beautiful, increasing aesthetics

2-caron steering wheel cover

Car steering wheel covers help protect the steering wheel from damage from heat and radiation through the car glass. With the shielding of thick layers of material from the cover, the harmful effects of heat and solar radiation are minimized. When installing a steering wheel cover, the driver’s hands no longer have direct contact or friction with the steering wheel surface, so it also helps limit negative effects.

In addition, the product also increases the aesthetics and style of the cockpit according to the owner’s wishes with many different designs and colors.

Increases grip and comfort when driving

When using a steering wheel cover, the driving experience is better. Car steering wheels often have a fairly small steering wheel, especially compared to the average hand size of men. If you hold the wheel for a long time, sweaty hands will easily cause slipping, and even if you don’t pay attention, you may lose the steering wheel. When installing a steering wheel cover, the steering wheel becomes larger so the steering wheel will fit better.

boc-vo-lang caron 3

In particular, today’s high-end steering wheel covers are often designed with many ridges, rough patterns… to help increase grip and friction. Some covers are also equipped with smart ventilation holes to help limit slipping due to sweaty hands. Thanks to that, the driver can hold the steering wheel more firmly, control the steering wheel more easily, and steer the steering wheel more accurately, especially in emergency situations…

Popular types of steering wheel covers on the market

When deciding to buy a cover for your car steering wheel, you will surely be confused about which material to choose. On the market today, there are many steering wheel cover products with different materials from felt, PU to rubber. Below are some general reviews of steering wheel covers compiled by CarOn

PU leather

PU leather steering wheel cover 1
PU leather steering wheel cover

This is the highest quality faux leather steering wheel cover on the market. Although the price is affordable, the quality is very sustainable.

The leather is made of Simili material covered with an additional layer of Polyurethane plastic to help keep the manual driving process breathable and soft, suitable for drivers who often have sweaty hands.

Price: 500,000 – 1,000,000 VND

PVC leather

caron pvc leather steering wheel cover
PVC leather steering wheel cover

Often called simili leather, it is made up of a lining fabric and 2 layers of PVC plastic. The advantage of this type of upholstery is that it is cheap. However, PVC leather has many limitations: the surface of the material is very hard and hot, making it unsuitable for drivers who sweat.

After about 3 to 6 months of use, the product surface will peel, peel, and crack, providing a bad driving experience.

Price: 300,000 – 500,000 VND

wood grain

caron wood grain steering wheel cover
Wood grain steering wheel cover

Products often use genuine leather or PU to simulate wood grain. The biggest advantage of this wood grain steering wheel cover is the beautiful wood grain, which increases the luxury of the cockpit as well as helps the driver have a firmer grip when driving.

Price: 300,000 – 500,000 VND


caron felt steering wheel cover
Felt steering wheel cover

The felt steering wheel cover gives the driver a soft, comfortable feeling. Because it is felt, the product often frays and peels after a long time of use.

Not only that, the steering wheel cover is often dirty, not suitable for people who sweat, creating an environment for bacteria and viruses to live.

Price: 200,000 – 500,000 VND

Real skin

caron genuine leather steering wheel cover
Genuine leather steering wheel cover

This material is chosen by many people. However, the price of the product is often more expensive than other products on the market, but in return the driving feeling is extremely wonderful: Soft, sturdy, breathable…


caron rubber boc-vo-lang-sparco
Rubber steering wheel cover

The biggest advantage of rubber steering wheel covers is their low price. But the disadvantage that makes this type of wrap not so popular is that it has very poor durability, often cracks, is brittle, has poor aesthetics, and can cause an unpleasant odor when used.

Price: 150,000 – 300,000 VND

Experience in choosing to buy good steering wheel covers

With a variety of designs on the market today, it is not difficult to find and buy a steering wheel cover. However, with any product, we all have certain criteria to be able to choose the best and most suitable product to avoid “losing money”.


Each car model will have different steering wheel sizes. Choosing the right size will help the driver grip and turn the steering wheel more accurately and gently.

Thickness/thinness is also a factor to consider. In theory, the thicker the steering wheel cover, the smoother it is. However, this also makes the size of the steering wheel larger, potentially not suitable for drivers with small hands, especially women.

Caron steering wheel cover size

The following is some standard measurement information of steering wheel covers for each vehicle:

  • Size S steering wheel – measurement 36cm: Usually suitable for small class A cars.
  • Steering wheel size M – measurement 37.5 – 38 cm: Usually cars of class B, class C, class D, 5-seat high-clearance cars, 7-seat cars…
  • Size L steering wheel – measurement 39cm: Usually luxury cars, large 7-seat cars, 9-16-seat cars…
  • Steering wheels size XL (41 cm), XXL (42 – 44 cm), XXL (45 – 47 cm), XXXL (47 – 49 cm): usually for trucks with large displacement…


As listed above, there are many steering wheel cover materials for us to choose from. With the advantages and disadvantages mentioned, we have advice for car lovers, drivers should choose high-quality upholstery materials from leather, carbon, PU… If conditions do not allow, you should choose these The sleeves are made of simili leather, felt, or rubber.

Color and style

The top priority in choosing color and style is to create compatibility and unity with the overall interior of the vehicle. In addition to comfort and grip, the harmony in color and design of the steering wheel cover also contributes to enhancing the value of use and retaining the typical style in the cabin of each different car model.

caron style steering wheel

Notes when using steering wheel cover

Although steering wheel covers have many outstanding advantages, “durability depends on the person”, it must be cared for and maintained to be durable.

Cleaning and wiping the steering wheel cover periodically, especially in weather conditions and moldy environments, is extremely important.

Avoid letting the steering wheel come into contact with detergents, chemicals, grease, food, etc. If the steering wheel cover is dirty, clean it immediately, don’t let this unclean condition persist, it will reduce the life of the steering wheel. the longevity and aesthetics of this accessory as well as the impact on the driver’s control.

Where is a good place to buy steering wheel covers?

Steering wheel cover is no longer a new product, it is very popular on the market today. Choosing a reputable brand to be assured of product and service quality is a top priority for customers. We would like to suggest to you a recently famous brand: CarOn Pro

Product quality is guaranteed to be genuine, highly durable and always available with new products, many updated designs. More importantly, our experienced staff is always ready to advise and listen to customers’ opinions. Don’t wait any longer and come to CarOn to buy yourself a genuine steering wheel cover!

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