Instructions for changing the spare tire and things to note!

Having a punctured tire in the middle of the road, running out of air and having to change the spare tire is something no one wants. However, according to survey data from the Ministry of Transport nationwide, up to 35% of roads are in the average category, 17% are in the bad category, and 16% are in the very bad category. An extremely large number that reflects the current road condition in Vietnam. Therefore, certainly when traveling, it will not be difficult for you to encounter potholes, potholes, cracks, etc., causing danger to yourself and a great risk to your tire.

So, in the article below, CarOn will guide you how to change the spare tire and what to keep in mind when encountering unexpected and unfortunate situations!

Instructions for changing the spare tire

Step 1: Park in a safe place, on flat terrain

Park the car on flat terrain

Before changing the spare tire for your car, you need to park the car in a safe place on flat terrain, avoid steep slopes or soft ground that easily sinks. If your car is near the road, try to park it as far away from traffic as possible. After parking the car in a safe location, pull the handbrake and push the gear lever to P. Be sure to turn on the emergency lights. If you must park on the side of the road, you should place traffic cones or emergency triangle signs 10 – 20 m away to warn other vehicles.

Step 2: Insert the tire

Insert the tire

Find rocks, bricks, wooden bars, etc. nearby to insert in front and back of the rear tire to prevent the wheel from rolling freely while changing the tire.

Step 3: Prepare tire changing gear

Prepare tire change gear

Tire changing equipment includes: spare tire (usually located under the trunk or under the car), tire changing kit and car chassis jack

Step 4: Place the jack under the car

Place the jack in the car tunnel

Place the jack near the location where the tire is about to be changed. The jack must lie perpendicular to the ground. The jack head must be in contact with the metal part of the vehicle frame. Absolutely do not place the jack on the plastic cover or plastic cover under the chassis. Current cars often have a groove or mark that lets the user know the exact location of the jack. This position is usually 20 cm behind the front tire and in front of the rear tire.

After placing the jack in the correct position, raise the jack so that it fits tightly against the vehicle frame. Note that at this time there is no need to raise the chassis, the wheels still need to lie close to the ground.

Step 5: Loosen the tire lug nuts

Loosen the tire lug nuts

Remove the nut cover. Use a socket to turn the nut in a counterclockwise direction. To remove the nut will require quite a bit of force. If you don’t have enough strength with your hands, you can put all your body weight or hold on to the cart and use your feet to push the tube. Compared to the standard hand-held tube, the cross tube will create greater torque.

Step 6: Jack up the car’s chassis

Jack up the car’s chassis

After loosening all the nuts, jack up the car’s chassis so that the tire is about 2 cm above the ground, enough space to easily remove and install the wheel.

While jacking the chassis, make sure the jack and vehicle are stable. If you see that the jack or vehicle is shaking a lot or the jack is tilted, quickly lower the jack, check the jack’s location and then start again from the beginning.

Step 7: Remove the punctured tire

Remove the damaged tire

Completely remove the lug nuts from the tire. Use both hands to skillfully lift the punctured tire off the axle and place it right underneath the chassis so that if the jack fails, the chassis will not fall down.

In case the tire is rusted and difficult to remove, you can use a rubber hammer to tap on the inside or use the spare tire to tap from the outside. This will help loosen and make it easier to remove the tire.

Step 8: Install spare tire

Install spare tire

Slowly lift the spare tire onto the axle, paying attention to aligning the lug nuts so they match. Be sure to install the tire in the correct direction, avoid installing it upside down. The tire valve tip always faces the outside.

Just install the nuts by hand at first. Then use a tube to tighten the nut. The order of tightening the nuts should follow the star-shaped diagram (crossing each other) to ensure balance. Do not tighten each nut as much as possible at once, but tighten it sequentially. Tighten each nut a little in order, then repeat the second and third tightening rounds. Note that in this step, you do not need to use force to tighten because it will easily cause the car to shake. Just fix the nut in position.

Step 9: Lower the jack and tighten the nut

Lower the jack and tighten the nut

Slowly lower the jack until the tire touches the ground firmly, then remove the jack. Use all your strength to tighten the nuts in the order of the star diagram. You should use your entire body weight or hold on to the car and use your feet to push on the tube and tighten the nut.

Step 10: Use the example to change the tire

Store punctured tires in the spare tire location, collect car jacks, and tire change kits.

Be careful when changing tires to ensure safety

Insert the cake before making

If you want to change the spare tire, the first thing you need to do is prepare a safe surface. Even if the parking location is convenient, placing obstacles on the wheel is still necessary. It helps prevent the car from sliding, causing danger. If you don’t bring specialized equipment, look around to see if there are tree stumps, bricks, etc., any hard objects that can be used!

Turn on the warning lights and lock the car doors

Turn on the warning lights and lock the car doors

At this time, the driver should turn on the warning lights to ensure the safety of other vehicles participating in traffic. If possible, prepare a danger warning sign, placed within a certain distance from the area.

Next, lock all the car doors. There are many cases where drivers are so focused on changing the tire that they forget to lock the doors and things get stolen.

Place the vehicle jack in the correct position

According to the process of changing car tires, after placing the warning sign – the car’s lock, the driver will need to place the car jack in the correct position. This step ensures you have enough distance as well as a safe tire change. If placed on a plastic jack, not strong enough to withstand the high pressure will lead to breakage and the vehicle will not be able to lift.

Please place the correct frame of the rear or front wheel about 15-20cm. This is just enough position for the driver to change tires conveniently. To judge the distance, the driver should use a ruler. If calibrated correctly, you can judge by eye.

Place the tire under the car, remove the screws properly

Placing the tire under the car will provide support and prevent the jack from having problems or suddenly breaking down, causing the car to fall down. In addition, this principle also contributes to ensuring the safety of drivers.

Next, remember to remove the screws according to regulations. Tire replacement needs to be done in accordance with the diagonal disassembly and installation procedure. If the driver turns clockwise, it will not be possible. Make sure to rotate the screw correctly, this will help the wheel get into the right direction and not be misaligned. Furthermore, this also contributes to improving wheel life.

Pay attention to your surroundings

One rule for changing the spare tire is that even if the warning light is on or even if there is a warning triangle sign, during the process of changing the tire, you need to pay attention to your surroundings. If you see a vehicle approaching, you should proactively move aside to give way. There have been many accidents that happened while changing tires.

Do not use homemade jacks

Absolutely do not stack bricks or use homemade jacks. Because the vehicle’s weight is very heavy, using anything other than a jack can put both people and the vehicle in danger when changing a tire.

How long can a spare tire be used?

How long does a spare tire last?

Most car manufacturers today recommend that drivers should not use the spare tire to drive more than 50 miles (about more than 80km).

Spare tires are also used in some emergencies or as a short-term replacement when your tire is damaged. That also means they cannot be used daily or as a long-term use.

Poor friction surface

The spare tire will be narrower and have a smaller road contact area. This also reduces traction, it also increases braking distance and can be unpredictable in emergency handling. It also means that ABS and having anti-slip controls are not effective in getting you out of emergency danger.

Smaller than main tire

Many people go on long trips and suddenly have a flat tire, so they have to use a spare tire instead. However, when we replace the spare tire as a lifesaver, many people use this tire to drive longer distances than the manufacturer’s regulations for use. So what is the main reason why manufacturers advise you not to use the spare tire longer than recommended?


Using a tire this temporary longer than recommended by the manufacturer will cause a series of dangerous problems.

Because this spare tire is used infrequently, automakers have used narrower, compact tires to save space and weight. Of course, the spare tire is a lifesaver when the main tire unexpectedly punctures, but using the temporary tire for longer than the manufacturer’s recommended time will cause a series of problems. .

  • Not as durable as normal tires
  • Narrower, smaller contact surface
  • Poor load bearing
  • The differential has a relatively complex function

Which car has a spare tire?

Which car has a spare tire?

Most car models such as FORD Ecorsport, Mitsubishi, Pajero Sport, Mazda 3, Kia Sorento, Toyota Innova… are equipped with spare tires by the manufacturer. However, in recent years, many luxury car models from brands such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Lexus, etc. have switched to using Runflat tires. This type of tire can still be moved even if it is punctured. Therefore, manufacturers usually do not equip spare tires for vehicles using Runflat tires.

There are also some cases where the vehicle does not use Runflat tires but also does not have a spare tire. The reason is because the tire sizes are different. At this time, the manufacturer will use high-quality tires and equip customers with a quick tire repair kit.

Quality and reputable car tire replacement address?

Car tires are a very important part, they directly affect performance. Therefore, when replacing car tires, you need to ensure that you replace genuine, quality tires with the correct specifications to ensure safety for yourself as well as those around you. However, people’s demand for cars is increasing, leading to more garages and tire repair, maintenance and service centers. But not every address is a reputable place for you to trust.

CarOn 5S - 5S standard car service system
CarOn 5S – 5S standard car service system

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