Information you need to know about car steering wheel alignment

Many people who use cars do not understand any information about the steering wheel. Many times they may not even know this part exists until the steering wheel is damaged. In the article below, CarOn will provide the most necessary information about car steering racks

What is a car steering wheel?

Car steering wheel is known as a steering system equipped on a car. The steering wheel is designed with the purpose of helping the car move based on the driver’s control through the operation of the steering wheel.

Furthermore, the car steering wheel also has a direct impact on the safety of the car driver as well as other passengers in the car. Today, most modern vehicles are equipped with a power steering system to help the driver control the vehicle more easily, more comfortably and more safely.

Structure of car steering wheel

The structure of a mechanical car steering wheel is in the form of a rack and pinion, a reciprocating gear or a hydraulic reciprocating piston. This structure of the steering wheel helps convert the rotational motion of the steering wheel into a translational motion of the steering wheel.

Parts of the car steering system

The structure of this system includes the following parts:

Match the posts

Takes on the task of turning direction attributed to the steering wheel connecting rods. Because the steering wheel shaft is directly connected to the gear on the steering wheel, when the steering wheel rotates, the gear will rotate. At this time, the propeller joints will maintain the rotation of the steering wheel shaft, which are connected in different directions.

Steering wheel spindle

The steering wheel rotation shaft consists of small segments connected together by the propeller shaft coupling. This rotating shaft is an important part that helps transmit rotation from the steering wheel to the gears in the steering wheel.

Tooth bar

In the steering wheel, they are arranged in a linear sliding rail system. When the gear engages with the rotating rack, the translation rack will slide fixedly to the right or left.

Lever arm

The lever arm has the role of transmitting forward motion from the rail to the steering joints.

Steering joint

It is a short arm, connected to the joint point of the wheel’s axle. The lever arm from the steering wheel will connect to the wheel and exert rotational force on the wheel, through the operation of this steering joint.

Operating principle of car steering wheel

The working principle of the system is that when the driver moves the steering wheel, the screw will rotate. The rack moves left or right thanks to the screw structure that meshes with the rack. In addition, the rotors have the function of connecting the rack with the wheel hub. The rack and rotors form a trapezoidal steering transmission system, this trapezoidal shape is called the steering trapezoid.

The steering trapezoid shape helps the vehicle move stably when turning, the wheel inside the corner does not slip compared to the outside wheel.

Different components of the steering wheel perform different roles, but all combined into one system, ensuring easy, safe and stable vehicle control.

Function of car steering wheel

Determine the direction of the car

The steering wheel is designed in such a way that the driver does not find it difficult to control the vehicle, to ensure the vehicle’s ability to change direction when the driver uses the steering wheel.

Brings stability to the car

Steering wheel provides stability for car movement. If the driver wants to turn the front wheel and leave it that way, the steering wheel can ensure that the wheel always stays in the fixed position the driver desires.

Control tire wear

By using a ruler, the tire is guaranteed to move at the necessary angle, limiting tire wear

Limit steering wheel vibration

Thanks to the steering wheel being designed to reduce vibration on the wheels, people will have the smoothest traveling experience.

Signs that the steering wheel is having problems

After a long period of working, the steering wheel will encounter unexpected failures. Here are a few signs that the steering wheel is having problems:

Heavy steering occurs

When the steering wheel becomes heavier, it will cause the car driver to lose a lot of strength, and it can even cause unfortunate situations. Therefore, car owners need to check the amount of oil and power steering pump.

The cause of power steering pump failure is usually due to a lack of power steering fluid. Gradually the pump impeller will wear out, causing the steering wheel to become exposed. As soon as this problem is discovered, the car owner needs to immediately take it to a reputable garage to have the steering wheel checked and maintained.

Driver pays late

A bent or worn steering wheel is a common cause of late steering wheel return. Steering delay is a phenomenon in which the steering wheel does not respond to commands immediately when the driver steers to the right or left (ie, there is a certain delay between the time of steering and the time the wheel changes direction according to the command).

In addition, the phenomenon of slow steering wheel return can also stem from reduced pressure and oil flow through the power steering pump; due to power steering oil leaking through the cavity due to the steering wheel having an open ring ring or the engine guide rod being dry and worn due to not being fully lubricated… In short, the main cause comes from the lubricating oil not working effectively. results (due to leakage, or exhaustion).

When the steering wheel rod is bent or worn, it can be resolved by straightening it or replacing it. In the remaining cases, the steering rod must be replaced if excessively worn, re-lubricated in case of dryness and supplemented with power steering fluid.

The steering wheel rim is loose

After a long period of use, steering wheel slippage may appear. At this time, the ball joint joints, intermediate shaft joints, and steering propeller shaft will wear out, causing increased delay.

At this point, you need to immediately take it to the nearest garage so that technical staff can check and fix the problem.

The car’s steering system makes strange noises

Observe the vehicle while running, making a creaking and rubbing sound because the steering wheel lacks lubricant. This situation has been going on for a period of time. The steering wheel may be worn out. In worse cases, discovering that the car makes a rattling noise every time it turns a corner is a sign that the steering system is broken. Repairing with inspection, advice and experience from qualified and skilled technicians is always the safest and best choice.

After about 120,000 km – 160,000 km, the steering wheel rotor is worn out and needs to be replaced, so you need to pay attention to this while using the vehicle.

The car’s steering wheel is leaking oil

If you notice a puddle of fluid coming from your car, it may be power steering fluid. In particular, users can further confirm if the liquid looks foamy or colored.

Foaming or discolored power steering fluid is a sign that water or air has entered the system. If this problem is detected, users need to check it thoroughly and quickly go to repair centers to have it promptly fixed to avoid danger when driving.

Tires wear unevenly

The cause of uneven tire wear may be that the car moves to one side when the user controls the vehicle, and one of the possible causes of this deviation in vehicle control is a broken steering wheel. When the wheels are not properly aligned, the car will lean to one side, causing the wheels to wear out.

Notes on car steering wheel alignment

Car steering wheel is a part that directly affects safety when participating in traffic. To ensure the safety of trips, drivers need to maintain and re-calibrate the steering wheel. So what is calibrating a car steering wheel?

Adjust camber angle

Camber angle is the angle of the wheel relative to the vertical axis when viewed from the front of the vehicle. When it is deviated outward, in specialized language it is called positive camber angle; when deflected inward, it is called negative camber. Positive/negative camber angle will cause the tire to wear too much on the outside/inner surface of the tire or break the inner ball bearing of the wheel axle if gravity is concentrated so this part is too large.

Adjust toe angle

Toe angle is also known as wheel precisionis the angle of inclination of the wheel compared to the vertical axis when viewed from above the roof of the car looking down.

Similar to camber angle, toe angle also deviate from the original direction to the inside called positive toe and deviate to the outside is called negative toe. When the wheel toe ratio is positive/negative, the wheel will be worn heavily on the inside edge or feathered.

Adjust the caster angle

Caster angle is the angle of the steering wheel axis when viewed from the side of the vehicle. When the caster angle is deviated, the vehicle’s guidance will no longer be accurate, especially when moving straight or cornering. Wheel caster angle alignment helps balance the vehicle’s ability to steer, stabilize and corner accurately.

However, for family cars such as Toyota Camry, Toyota Venza, Vios, Mazda… manufacturers will cut the alignment as much as possible to reduce the steering wheel alignment process. At this time, the car only allows toe adjustment or Camber adjustment, but the Caster angle will be fixed and cannot be adjusted. There are even cars that the manufacturer tweaks a lot, not allowing intervention in the Camber and Caster angles, only the Toe angle is adjusted. At this time, if the two Camber and Caster corners are misaligned too much and lead to damage, the only way is to replace the spare parts.

Prestigious car steering wheel alignment and maintenance address

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Car steering wheel is an important part of the car steering system, directly determining the driver’s experience and safety. Therefore, when there is a problem, it needs to be checked and repaired immediately to ensure the driver’s safety is the most important thing.

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