Huawei Luxeed S7: Electric Car Model From Huawei Technology Group

News about the Luxeed S7 electric car model of Huawei technology group is attracting the attention of car lovers around the world. After successful cooperation with Chery Automobile, Huawei has revealed the first images of this product, marking a significant step forward for the new brand, Luxeed, in the world of electric cars. This article will introduce in detail the Luxeed S7 model and its highlights.

Design similar to Porsche Panamera:

Luxeed S7 bears the design imprint of Huawei and Chery Automobile. With soft and creative lines, this car model attracted attention at first sight. It has two versions with different sizes, creating diverse choices for customers: 4,971 x 1,963 x 1,477 mm and 5,004 x 1,963 x 1,472 mm. The front of the car is highlighted by thin headlights and daytime LED strips running across the body, creating a unique beauty. At the rear, the taillight cluster has a neat and creative design, connected together by LED strips. In addition, this model also has a sports version with dual 5-spoke wheels and Brembo brake calipers with Michelin tires. Some details are painted in dark colors such as the rear mirror cover, gills, roof, and side panels, creating a unique look for the Luxeed S7.


Although there is no official information about the interior, according to leaked images, the Luxeed S7 has a flat and multi-layered design, with a large area of ​​leather upholstery. Hidden air conditioning vents and convenient equipment such as wireless fast charging, USB-C port, electronic driving clock, and large central screen all show the product’s pioneering technology.

Technology and safety

Luxeed S7 is equipped with Huawei ADS 2.0 smart driving system, combined with Lidar sensors and Hongmeng HarmonyOS 4 operating system. This helps drivers and passengers have a more technologically advanced experience, while ensuring ensure safety when participating in traffic.

Powerful performance:

This model will have two operating versions, including a 1-wheel drive version with 204 horsepower and a 2-wheel drive version with 292 horsepower. Both versions will be equipped with Lithium battery packs or Ternary Lithium batteries manufactured by CATL.

Price and market positioning:

The price of Luxeed S7 will be officially announced in November 2023 and this product will compete directly with the Tesla Model S. This demonstrates Huawei’s commitment to developing products that operate at high performance. and Hongmeng HarmonyOS 4 operating system, meeting the criteria of Huawei’s own ecosystem.


Huawei’s Luxeed S7 electric vehicle has made waves in the electric vehicle world with its classy design, advanced technology, and powerful performance. Wait for November 2023 for more information about the price and actual experience of this car model. Huawei has demonstrated its commitment to the development of electric vehicles and its technology ecosystem through the Luxeed S7, a remarkable innovation.

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