An out-of-control vehicle that does not move according to the owner’s wishes will cause many unpredictable risks, directly affecting the life and safety of the driver and those around him.

So what is the cause? How to handle? The article below at CarOn will answer your questions!

What causes the car to lose control?

Loss of control occurs when the driver is no longer able to steer and control his vehicle. This situation often occurs suddenly and without warning, causing extremely serious consequences for the car owner and people around

So what is the cause?

Vehicle technical error

There are many problems from vehicle engineering such as: Sudden tire explosion, vehicle brake failure, an important part in the steering system or operating system is damaged, stuck…

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Control error

Second, is the driver’s control error (not being able to control the speed, not being able to control the accelerator pedal, brake pedal, cornering at high speed, riding on slippery roads, etc.)

Wheel angle deviation

Wheel angle deviation

Deviation of “Wheel placement angle”. This condition happens very gradually and has no immediate consequences. That’s why it’s very dangerous and makes drivers get used to technical errors. After a while, it will cause many extremely unpredictable situations.

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The steering wheel is not balanced

The steering wheel is not balanced

The position of the steering wheel is not balanced and straight with the direction of the vehicle, forcing the driver to frequently steer and hold the steering wheel with his hands to drive in a straight direction. This is especially not good if you are a transportation business whose job often requires you to drive long distances continuously day after day. Unnecessary stress and fatigue make long-distance driving a very difficult and stressful profession.

How to handle when the car loses control

When a car loses control, the more panic the driver becomes, the more difficult it is to handle the situation. So the important thing to do is try to stay calm. The driver needs to hold the steering wheel tightly with both hands to maintain control.

How to handle when the car loses control

First, slow down the vehicle by slowly reducing the accelerator and shifting the vehicle to a low gear to brake the engine. Note that you should only apply the brake lightly, do not apply the brake forcefully and continuously. Because if the vehicle is moving at high speed or the front/rear wheels are slipping or losing grip, braking hard will make the situation even more dangerous, such as causing the vehicle to lock up and the wheels will lose grip. The vehicle is unbalanced, leading to the vehicle spinning or overturning…

When the vehicle begins to slow down and the driver regains control of the vehicle, watch the road and calmly control the steering wheel to bring the vehicle back to the correct lane. If possible, find a safe place to park your car to regain your composure and then continue your journey.

How to prevent and limit cases of vehicle loss of control

Drivers can install tire pressure sensors to warn immediately when a tire has a problem.

At the same time, you should periodically maintain the steering system and related details such as: steering wheel, steering rotor, bearings, rubber gaskets, always check tire pressure, align wheel angle…

Regular maintenance at CarOn Pro

When driving, do not speed or overtake recklessly, go at the right speed, keep a safe distance from vehicles on the road. When going through slippery or wet terrain, you must reduce your speed by at least 10% compared to the speed on a sunny day on a straight road; 20% off if cornering. Do not brake suddenly or pull the handbrake when the vehicle skids, increasing the safe distance from the vehicle in front.

At the corners, you apply the corner cutting method as much as possible to reduce the corner angle. When driving on a hilly road with many curves, you must drive against the side of the mountain and slow down when entering a corner with the road surface tilted towards the negative slope (the side of the cliff).


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