How much does it cost to maintain a car monthly?

When looking to buy a new car, don’t just look at its selling price or rolling price. Additionally, think about how much raising it including gasoline, insurance, roads, etc. will cost in the long run. This is also considered one of the quite expensive costs, affecting your budget in the future.

Down here, CarOn I will list the details in the most objective way for your reference!

Registration fees

Car registration is the process by which specialized agencies inspect the quality of vehicles to see whether they meet standards or not. Standards here include: technical safety such as braking, steering and environmental protection level.

– For Cars with less than 10 seats: 340,000 VND/ Year

– Passenger car 10-24 seats: 400,000 VND/ Year

– Passenger car 25-40 seats (including driver) and bus: 400,000 VND/ Year

Protection fees

Road toll, also known as road maintenance fees is a fee that owners of vehicles traveling on roads must pay to use for road maintenance and road upgrading purposes to serve vehicles that have paid traffic fees. Road tolls are collected annually and the toll rates are prescribed by the state. After paying all fees, you will be given a stamp to paste on the front windshield of the car, the stamp will clearly state the start date and expiration date. Usually, stamps will be given when you register for registration.

Road maintenance fees for cars with less than 10 seats are set at 130,000 VND/month (according to: Road user fee schedule (Issued together with Circular No. 293/2016/TT-BTC dated November 15 2016 of the Ministry of Finance)

Civil liability insurance premium:

Civil liability insurance (Civil liability insurance) is a type of auto insurance that car owners must purchase according to regulations. Civil liability insurance prices are currently:

  • Car with less than 6 seats: 437,000 VND/year
  • Car from 6 – 11 seats: 794,000 VND/year
  • Vehicles with less than 6 seats for transport business: 756,000 VND/year
  • 6-seat car for transport business: 929,000 VND/year
  • 7-seat car for transportation business: 1,080,000 VND/year
  • 8-seat car for transport business: 1,253,000 VND/year

Material insurance premium

Physical insurance premiums are often called body insurance or two-way insurance. This type of insurance covers physical damage such as machinery, bodywork, etc. due to accidents beyond the vehicle owner’s control. Physical insurance is voluntary auto insurance. However, to prevent risks, most car owners buy this type of insurance because the cost of repairing physical damage to the car is quite high.

Normal insurance levels fluctuate around 1.5% of the vehicle value. Depending on the vehicle model, age/newness, time of use, and the amount the driver has to spend will vary. For small car models (worth 500 million VND), this insurance level is in the range of 8-10 million VND/year.

Monthly parking fee.

Depending on the quality of the parking lot’s facilities, the current monthly parking fee ranges from 1 – 2 million VND. If your home has parking space, you will not have to pay this fee.

Gas/oil fees

Fuel costs will depend on the type of vehicle used and the distance traveled. If you use your car a lot, gas/oil costs will be higher and vice versa.

For example, with Honda City – the car model representing the D-class Sedan line – fuel consumption ranges from 4.73 – 7.29 liters/100 km. Each month the car runs about 2,000 km, the average monthly gasoline cost is about 2.6 million – 4.0 million (gas price updated to February 4, 2023: 22,320 – 23,600/liter).

BOT road tolls:

Cars must buy tickets when passing through BOT toll stations. Depending on the route, ticket prices through BOT stations will be different. Below are the most common ranges!

  • Vehicles with less than 12 seats, trucks with a load of less than 2 tons, the ticket price is 28,000 VND/ticket/turn;
  • Vehicles with 12 – 30 seats, trucks with a load of 2 – under 4 tons: 42,000 VND/ticket/turn;
  • Vehicles with 31 seats or more, trucks with a load of 4 – under 10 tons: 55,000 VND/ticket/turn;
  • Trucks with a load capacity of 10 – under 18 tons, trucks carrying goods in 20 ft containers: ticket price 110,000 VND/ticket/turn;
  • For trucks with a load capacity of over 18 tons, 40 ft container trucks: ticket price is 155,000 VND/ticket/turn.

With more and more BOT stations, road tolls are also gradually accounting for a large proportion of basic car maintenance costs.

Maintenance and repair costs

In order for the car to operate smoothly and durably, it needs to be checked and maintained periodically according to the company’s car maintenance schedule. Each type of vehicle will have a different maintenance cost. Usually, the higher the price of the car, the higher the maintenance costs will be. Older cars have higher maintenance costs than new cars. Depending on the level of maintenance, this cost ranges from several hundred to several million dong.

In addition to maintenance fees, car owners may have to pay additional repair costs if the car has problems or is damaged. This cost ranges from several million to several tens of millions of dong depending on the level of damage. Maintenance and repair costs are one of the highest fees when using a car

Parking fee outside:

  • Car parking fees at some shops are about 20,000 – 30,000 VND/trip.
  • The parking fee on the street on some roads is about 25,000 – 40,000 VND/hour.
  • Parking fee in the basement of shopping centers is about 35,000 VND/first 2 hours. Each subsequent hour is 20,000 VND/hour.

Depending on each area, there will be different prices. However, on average, a month will cost about 600,000 – 800,000 VND.

The cost of maintaining a car for 1 year depends on each segment

Small cars

Small cars are usually Class A Hatchbacks and Class B Sedan cars. Car prices range from 300 – 600 million VND. These are the car models with the lowest operating costs due to low fuel costs (small engines), low maintenance costs, etc.

Typical car models: Honda Brio, Honda City, Kia Morning, Hyundai Grand i10, Ford Fiesta, Suzuki Swift, Mazda 2, Chevrolet Spark…

Average fuel consumption ranges from 5.5 – 6.5 liters/100km (mixed terrain). Each level 1 routine maintenance costs less than 1 million VND. Overall level 2 maintenance ranges from 3 – 4.5 million VND depending on each vehicle. The cost of replacing damaged parts is also relatively low.

The average cost of raising is about 3 – 4 million VND/month (40 – 50 million VND/year)

Medium-sized popular car

Usually C-class Sedan cars, small Crossover/SUV models, C-class high chassis. Car prices range from 600 – 800 million VND.

Typical car models: Honda Civic, Honda HR-V, Toyota Corolla Altis, Ford Focus sedan and hatchback….

The fuel consumption of this class of vehicles is about 8 liters/100km on the road, equivalent to 13 liters/100km on the urban road. Car owners will spend an additional 4 – 6 million VND monthly when traveling a distance of 1,500km.

Average farming cost is about 4 – 7 million VND/month (50 – 90 million VND/year)

High-end midsize car

Typical car models: Honda CR-V, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Ford Mondeo, Nissan Teana,…

Average farming cost is about 7 – 9 million VND/month (80 – 100 million VND/year)

Luxury cars:

Luxury car models commonly found in the Vietnamese market are small sedans (Mercedes C180 – C200 – C300, Audi A4, BMW 320i – 330i…), mid-sized sedans (Mercedes E200 – E300, Audi A6, BMW 520i – 530i…), large sedans (Mercedes Maybach, Audi A8…), small SUVs (Mercedes GLC 300, Audi Q5, BMW X3…), mid-size SUVs (Mercedes GLE, Audi Q7, BMW X5… ). Car price ranges from 4 billion – 7 billion VND.

The cost of maintaining a luxury car is quite expensive. Especially the cost of maintenance and replacement parts. Normally, the higher the price of a luxury car, the more complicated the maintenance, leading to higher maintenance costs.

Luxury cars often use high-performance engines, with an average consumption of about 12 – 20 liters/100km, depending on the distance traveled. Therefore, the fuel cost of luxury cars is also much higher than that of popular cars.

The average cost of farming is about 10 – 15 million VND/month (120 – 150 million VND/year).

However, that is only an average cost estimate for each typical vehicle type. Of course, the actual price may vary by 1-2 million depending on the price inflation of the current fees.

Hope the above information will help you!

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