How many kilometers does a car have to run before the oil needs to be changed?

Changing oil regularly is a necessary habit to keep your beloved car healthy and durable over time. However, not everyone knows how many kilometers it takes to change the oil. Let’s find out with CarOn right below this article!

Why must you change your car’s oil?

Why must you change your car’s oil periodically?

Whether a car functions well and operates safely depends greatly on car care and maintenance. One of them is to change the vehicle’s oil according to the manufacturer’s requirements and recommendations. This will help your “Dear Car” operate more smoothly and smoothly. Furthermore, lubricants also help the engine minimize wear, increase vehicle life and operate most efficiently!

Signs of needing to change your car’s oil

Oil warning light is on

Oil warning light is on

When the oil warning light is on, it signals that the vehicle’s oil pressure is too low compared to the standard for the vehicle to operate normally. This has 3 reasons as follows:

  • Not enough oil in the system
  • Oil ages and loses viscosity
  • The oil has too low viscosity, not guaranteed according to the manufacturer’s standards

At that time, the driver must check if the above cases fall and change the oil immediately

The oil turns black and contains grit

This sign requires the car owner to regularly take the car for inspection or have good visibility. Normally, the slime color will be light yellow or honey. After a period of running, the oil will gradually turn darker

In fact, dark colored oil does not necessarily signal a problem. However, if the engine oil turns black, becomes thicker and contains grit or dust, this is a sign that you should change it!

There is a strange noise from the car engine

Lubricants help lubricate engine components. After a period of using the car, new oil will become dirty and lose quality due to the friction of car parts and temperature.

At that time, the oil is no longer able to lubricate the engine parts, they begin to rub against each other and cause unpleasant noises and even damage. Therefore, when you hear unusual noise from the engine, the car owner should take the car for inspection and change the oil if necessary.

The vehicle runs slowly or accelerates slowly

Another sign that the car needs an oil change is that the car runs slower or accelerates slower than normal and shows signs of sluggishness. If the oil is of good quality and the engine is lubricated enough, the car will operate and accelerate very smoothly.

However, after being used for a period of time, the oil is no longer guaranteed and cannot lubricate the engine perfectly, affecting the vehicle’s ability to operate and accelerate. If you see this phenomenon, car owners need to check the engine oil and replace it if necessary.

The oil level is always below the Min level of the oil dipstick

Normally, engine oil will gradually decrease during use. However, if even after you have filled the oil tank the oil level quickly drops below the Min level, this is something to consider.

After a period of use, engine oil will gradually lose its lubricating ability and become less effective in helping engine components operate smoothly.

As a result, a large amount of lubricant will be consumed and you will constantly have to refill the oil tank. This could very well be a sign that your car needs a new oil change or is having engine problems.

Benefits of changing your car’s oil regularly

Helps the car operate smoothly

The car operates smoothly

When lubricating oil flows in a motorbike engine, it will move through many different areas. During this process, the oil will carry sludge and dust that accumulates inside the engine. If the car owner does not change the oil for a long time, the amount of dirt will accumulate more and more. Over time, they form sludge and debris, creating friction and harming the engine.

Therefore, motorbikes that have not changed their oil for a long time often make strange sounds, causing a feeling of friction when the vehicle moves. Changing the oil at this time will help remove internal residue and debris, provide additional lubrication, and provide a smooth experience when the vehicle is operating.

Helps longer engine life

Depending on the dust and smoke where the vehicle is used, the oil change time may be earlier or later. The amount of dust and smoke is considered the main factor causing serious wear and damage to internal parts such as shafts, cams, pistons, gears, etc.

Changing the oil on a regular basis means your vehicle’s engine life will be longer, avoiding potential risks when traveling.

Save more fuel

Not changing the oil for a long time will cause the oil to contain a lot of residue in the engine or not be lubricating enough and reduce the vehicle’s performance. Not only that, not changing the oil in time will cause more energy consumption, causing drivers to have to refuel more times than usual.

Better engine performance

When the engine is adequately lubricated, dirt and debris clear away causing significantly improved performance. Especially for owners of large, sporty motorbikes who love speed or go on “backpacking” trips, regularly changing the oil is important to affect the experience of the trip.

How many kilometers does a car have to run before the oil needs to be changed?

How many kilometers does a car have to run before the oil needs to be changed?
How many km must I drive before I need to change the oil?

Car oil needs to be changed periodically. Normally, a new car can run 5000 – 7000km or every 5 months, so the oil should be changed once. But for luxury cars, the oil change time may be longer.

However, the car oil change rate is not only based on the number of kilometers driven but also depends on many factors:

Type of lubricating oil for each vehicle type: If you do not use the correct type of oil with the specifications given by the vehicle manufacturer, the vehicle will not operate effectively. On the contrary, if the parameters are correct, your oil change time will be longer.

Operating conditions: If the car has to run on bumpy, waterlogged, flooded roads, etc., the oil must be changed more often than cars running on smooth, beautiful roads.

Where is a reputable place to change the oil?

Caron Pro – 455 Hoang Quoc Viet

Currently on the market there are many places to change car oil, however, where to change the reputation and quality to avoid counterfeit or poor quality goods, everyone needs to research carefully.

Coming to CarOn, with a team of extremely dedicated, professional and reputable staff, your car will be more perfect anytime, anywhere.

It can be seen that changing the oil is extremely important for your car. It brings many benefits that increase the driving experience and achieve higher power. Above is an article about the time needed to change oil that CarOn has provided for you!



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