Guide to buying used cars in 2023

Although cars have become more popular now, buying a new car is still not really reasonable with the average income of people today. An old car therefore becomes the more chosen option. However, it will be very difficult if we do not learn much about cars, easily falling into the traps of malicious dealers.

Through the above article, CarOn will give you the characteristics to keep in mind to choose a used car that still ensures quality use.

Prepare before buying a used car

Preparing to own a car will take a lot of your time, but if the job is done properly and smoothly, the results will be worth the time you spend. With the development of 4.0 technology today, you can absolutely see ads for used cars for sale online or on websites. Based on comments and reviews of previous transactions, you can determine the quality of that website or information channel for sale.

After finding a few reputable information sites to buy and sell, you must determine the limit you will spend on buying a car. There are usually two ways to buy a used car: pay it off or borrow money.

If you’re paying now, budgeting is simple. Make sure you don’t spend all your savings and remember to save money for registration, insurance and possible future repairs.

But most people take out car loans so they can protect their savings or comfortably buy a more expensive model. In the short term, this will be easier because you don’t need to worry about the amount of money to go through car buying procedures, but you also have more choices of different car models.

Check out the car of your choice

Lifespan of cars

According to automobile experts, you should prioritize buying used cars with a lifespan of about 4 years. Basically, the car’s engine often degrades after 4 years of use, leading to more or less damaged components and spare parts, not to mention whether the car’s previous owner maintained it carefully or not. Are not. Therefore, before buying a car, you should carefully check the documents to determine the exact “age” of the car and should consider carefully before using cars that have been used for too long.

Obviously, taking an “old” car home will cause a lot of trouble and cost money to repair later. Wasting money and choosing to buy an old car will not help you save more but will also make your driving experience worse.

Vehicle origin

In the Vietnamese market, imported cars are often priced higher than domestically assembled cars, sometimes a foreign car costs the same as 2 domestic cars. That’s why many dealers have played tricks to raise the price of their used cars. Buyers of used cars will have to pay additional fees to transfer legal ownership such as registration tax (calculated according to the value of the used car as determined by the tax authority). If this registration is in different localities, the amount may vary greatly.

It is also important to pay attention to the year of manufacture. Newer cars are often more expensive than older cars. Even though it was born after only 1 year or 2 years, the market price will have distinct differences. Each different version will have different prices for each car model. Car manufacturers are currently racing to launch many versions, updating different superior features, creating a price range that fluctuates from time to time.

“The newer the car model, the higher the price” so when you want to buy a used car, you need to pay close attention to its version to avoid situations where the price is one way and the quality is another.

Check the condition of the body shell

Once the vehicle has had a collision or collision, these parts cannot be restored to their original state. Because the chassis and body structure of modern car models are all space-shaped and welded by robots, they are very even and very flat, and cannot be replaced, let alone compressed. Therefore, once in a collision, any strange welds or unusual deformation positions are all signs that the vehicle’s condition is not good. Observe the condition of vehicle parts If there is a warping or unevenness like the original car, it proves that this car has undergone a restoration.

According to the experience of many people who have bought used cars, when You should check your car during the day, choose a place with adequate lighting so you can clearly see the vehicle. Special Observe the paint layer If it is uneven and smooth, the color is uneven or there are burrs, this may be a sign of painting or replacing vehicle parts. With the original paint color, the paint surface will be extremely smooth, smooth and uniform in color. When observing the paint surface at an angle of 30 – 45 degrees, if you slowly move your eyes you will see a wavy pattern, no paint burn marks and no paint dust. As for repainting, observe that there are paint particles or paint stains at the edge with many layers of paint and especially these paint layers are not durable, after just over 1 to 2 years you will see peeling. peeling, especially at weld points.

Remember to pay attention The inside of the door handle hook next to the driver’s seat. This is the part that most clearly shows the length of time the car is in use. Wear marks in this location are often the most worn marks in the car’s interior.

Next you observe bracket on the door next to the driver’s seat and B-pillar door latch. The wear at this location will indicate how often the machine has been in service. If the wear is too much, it means that this car has been overworked, so you should immediately eliminate it from your choice!

Fenders, folded edges in the door frame/car side/window and joints connecting the shell panels These are the parts that are susceptible to dirt and water and will rust first. If the above parts rust a lot, they will no longer function well

Check mechanical parts

The engine compartment of a car is very important, you need to check it carefully before deciding to buy a car. If you don’t consider carefully, you will soon have to take your newly purchased car for maintenance again, causing a lot of expense. When choosing to buy a car, open the hood General check of the entire engine compartment. Check to see if the parts are working well or are there any leaks?

One of the experiences of buying a used car that you cannot ignore is checking the chassis underneath the car. This is where the vehicle’s condition and signs of many diseases can be reflected. You need to carefully observe the undercarriage for signs of rust or water leakage, the chassis for any signs of abnormality, or if the exhaust system or radiator is damaged.

For engine – the most important part, is the “heart” of the car, it will directly affect the vehicle’s performance. Test drive the vehicle to see if the vehicle starts and operates smoothly or not. If any unusual symptoms occur such as: the car is difficult to start, the car emits black smoke, etc., you should not choose to buy it.

weak engine caron

Check the gearbox and steering systems To evaluate the effectiveness of the power steering system, heavy steering indicates poor power steering. Drive the car forward and back to check if the steering is steady or not. Pay close attention to strange noises, if any, when driving.

Pay attention cooling system, radiator See if it is dirty or not; Check the vehicle’s cooling system to see if the foam layers are thinning. Based on the status of this system, it is possible to evaluate the level of interest in the previous owner’s car. If it is well preserved, you can rest assured to use it in the future and maintenance costs will not be too much.

Need to determine automobile suspension system whether there is a problem or not by evaluating the vehicle’s vibration and springiness in cases of sudden braking, vehicle skidding, vehicle swaying when traveling on bad roads, etc.

Many people are busy checking the interior and exterior without paying attention Check the wheels and tires of the old car. In fact, the cost of replacing new tires or wheels is quite expensive, so customers can rely on this point to negotiate a discount on the car’s selling price.

Check interior amenities

The first thing you notice when you step into the car is the driver’s compartment, the most prominent one dashboard area. This is the part that is most susceptible to discoloration and also receives the least attention to maintenance. You can see the vehicle’s lifespan by observing it and easily recognize the remaining value of the old car. Make sure that the functions on the board are displayed clearly and accurately so as not to affect riding safety.

Glass system also deserves attention. During a collision, the car’s glass is a very vulnerable part. Check all the glass on the car including the steering wheel, the glass on the car doors and the rear glass to see if it is cracked or has been replaced. If the vehicle’s glass is cracked or has been replaced, there is a high possibility that the vehicle has been involved in a collision.

It can be based on the year of manufacture of the vehicle’s glass. If the year of manufacture is not the same as the year of manufacture of the vehicle or other glass parts of the vehicle, the vehicle’s glass has been replaced. If you cannot find the year of manufacture, you can look at the edges of the glass to distinguish and make judgments. If there is rust or excess glue on the edge of the glass, it proves that the edge of the glass has been impacted or there has been a collision if there is a crack.

Seat will be the most important part contributing to your driving experience and partly reflects the vehicle’s condition. Check the color and swelling of the seat cushion to see if it is discolored and whether the elasticity is still good. If the car seat is too new while other parts are old, the owner must have replaced it with a new one. However, you can still consider other parts before making a purchasing decision.

Some other parts include: seat belt system, car airbag, steering wheel, speaker system, lighting system, air conditioning system, entertainment/navigation system on car screen… also cannot be ignored.

Carefully review vehicle documents

Customers need to fully check the origin documents of the used vehicle such as vehicle registration certificate, car registration certificate, etc. For vehicle registration documents and vehicle registration according to regulations, the letters must be straight. The lines and ink strokes are even and embossed, the font is sharp enough and there must be a direct signature in blue ink. For fake documents, they are often printed or scanned so they have black ink.

In particular, you must check the vehicle’s VIN number to compare vehicle information online – a factor for easy vehicle identification. This is a series of 17 digits and must match the VIN number on the lookup website. Based on the VIN number, customers can view vehicle information such as year of manufacture, manufacturer, manufacturer brand, etc.

It is best that when you intend to find a used car, you should look to buy a car from the original owner to avoid legal problems or illegal vehicles during the transfer process. How to value used cars

Used car valuation formula

An important thing that can be learned from used car buyers is the formula for valuing used cars. You will not be able to know how much the car you buy will cost if you do not have these skills in hand. Pricing will be based on the vehicle’s segment, the advantages and disadvantages the vehicle possesses, and the vehicle’s age. One point to note is to recognize which car models maintain their value and which car models easily lose value. In the same car line, new cars are always worth more than previously produced cars.

In particular, from checking the vehicle and assessing the vehicle’s condition, it will be an accurate basis for determining the vehicle’s value. If a new and original car has not been in a collision, has not had many repairs, and is well maintained, the value of the car will be high. If the car has been in a collision, the car is old, and the machinery is no longer original, the engine is weak… then depending on the condition of the car, the price will be gradually lower.

Above is some information about handbooks and experiences for you to be able to choose to buy a used car that is suitable for the price and still usable, avoiding the situation of “wasting money”. Hopefully this article will bring you useful knowledge.

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