Explore the car grille – the functional role of the car grille

The car grille is a visible and easily identifiable part of any vehicle. It has many names such as car mask, car steering wheel. The radiator grille helps cool and protect the engine. It is even a characteristic of different brand lines. Let’s learn about radiator grilles and their uses that you may not know.

What is a car grille?

Car grilles have other names such as car masks, car steering wheels. The grille is a detail on a car that helps cool and protect the engine. In addition, each brand’s grille has different characteristics. Therefore, users can rely on these characteristics to distinguish each car model. Furthermore, this part is often very sophisticatedly designed and helps enhance the beauty of your car.

Currently, there are many types of radiator grilles that vary in style and material and vary according to each brand and vehicle model.

Any type of car needs a grille. However, not every type of grille can be installed on your car. Normally, each car model is only suitable for a few types of grilles. Most radiator grilles are designed in complete sets, compatible with each appropriate vehicle model and come with installation instructions.

This is explained by the design of each car model and each brand is often different. Therefore, when you need to buy or replace this component, you need advice from a sales staff.

History of the birth of the automobile radiator grille

The grille first appeared on cars in 1903. This part is designed in an arch shape and has been considered a standard design commonly used on cars for many years.

From 1930 to 1940, automakers became more creative in designing grilles. Accordingly, some companies have designed bell-shaped, split, folded, cross-shaped grilles, etc.

After World War II, radiator grilles took on a new look with shorter and wider dimensions to match the changing design of cars. Nowadays, radiator grilles are developed and designed by manufacturers in many diverse designs.

Structure, uses and operating principles of automobile radiator grilles

About structure

Stainless alloy material, mesh shape. This is an extremely meticulously machined component, bearing the unique mark of each vehicle model. Because the radiator grille is constantly exposed to all harsh environmental conditions, it is often used in addition to alloy plating technology. This plating coating provides more durable performance.

Usually this grille is installed at the front of the car. However, many car models have additional grille designs placed in many other positions such as: the rear of the car (cooling the engine at the rear of the car), the position in front of the wheels (cooling the brakes).

Uses of the radiator grille

  • Helps air circulation: The grille is installed over the front of the car and air can easily pass through thanks to the gaps. Therefore, in addition to protecting the engine at the front of the vehicle from road debris, this part also helps circulate air to the engine room. Air passing through the grille helps cool the engine components under the hood, so the radiator can function more optimally.
  • Aerodynamic and performance aids: The grille is designed to integrate into the vehicle’s aerodynamics, helping to improve performance. Air moving through the grille, sides and front of the car will significantly reduce the impact force of the air. Without gaps, air resistance will directly impact the car and affect its moving speed. Nowadays, some car manufacturers have designed grilles that can open and close automatically when the engine needs it.
  • Helps increase aesthetics: Some car manufacturers often consider the grille to be a distinctive part of the brand. Car manufacturers also maintain the design of the grille with logo over time, creating symbolism for the brand. At that time, this part is often uniquely designed, creating a difference that users can recognize from afar.

Principle of operation

When a car moves quickly, air is moved through holes in the car’s grille. Then, this air flow will move to the car’s coolant tank. Here, this air flow will cool the radiator panels and help reduce engine temperature. Thanks to modern technology, the car’s cooling system combined with the grille has extremely good temperature reduction performance.

Thanks to that, the car engine can be continuously cooled. However, dirt and foreign objects can also move through the radiator grilles into the engine. Therefore, the grilles are also designed so that they are able to block dirt and foreign objects.

Check out some car grilles from car manufacturers

Currently, car grilles are very much focused on aesthetics. They are often made with many special designs. Many major auto brands also use this part as their brand identity. Below we will provide you with a list of grille styles of some famous automobile brands:

  • Vehicle brand Rolls-Royce There are grid bars arranged vertically and parallel to each other. To ensure the perfect look of the product, the process of arranging the mesh bars is done entirely by hand.
  • BMW has a kidney-shaped grille design. This design brings luxury and elegance to the car.
  • Mitsubishi uses a grille design consisting of many horizontal mesh bars, swept forward. Some car models such as Xpander The vehicle logo is attached to the front of the grille.
  • For the company Fordmost of the grille is chrome plated and the company logo is attached.
  • Audi Outstanding with a single frame design, horizontal grid bars parallel to each other.
  • Of the SUVs Often used in the form of a large grille to create a highlight, giving the impression of strength, solidity and a bit of wildness.
  • Lexus known as a luxury car line of Toyota, but the grille of this car line is completely different from that of regular Toyota cars.

Along with the logo, the grille plays a very important role in the brand identity of each car company and each individual line to create a difference and unique personality. Over time, the grille is constantly changed to become more and more perfect.

With this article from CarOn, we hope to understand the structure and unique characteristics of the grille according to each car brand. For further information, please contact hotline 0961.247.360 or website https://caronpro.vn/ for the fastest support.

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