Experience in car care and how to cool down your car in the hot summer

In the summer, with hot weather that can easily cause congestion, how to care for and protect your beloved car in the summer is always a concern for drivers. Today, let’s get rid of all these worries with CarOn with the following tips!

Experience in car care in the summer

High temperatures have a significant impact on some parts of the car. But with the experience below, you can rest assured to protect your beloved car and have the most comfortable moments in the car.

Take care of car tires

Taking good care of car tires in the summer not only brings high safety to car users but is also the most effective way to save fuel.

Not everyone knows how to properly care for car tires, especially in the summer. Leaving the vehicle with tires that are too inflated, or have too much wear and tear, etc. can cause dangers to vehicle users, especially in hot summer weather, which can easily negatively affect the tires.

Check the tires using the tire pressure sensor

When summer comes, there is a lot of heat and the temperature increases, leading to significant changes in tire pressure, about 1-2 PSI, which can cause tire explosion, causing unsafety. for car.

Regularly taking your car to the garage to check the quality of the tires you are using, especially in the summer, is extremely necessary and important. At the same time, regularly pay attention to observing the tires to see if your car is worn or not, and then find effective solutions.

Drivers should have tire pressure sensors installed so they can easily actively observe and monitor tire pressure, avoid bad conditions and promptly handle incidents when incidents occur.

Filter oil and change oil periodically

According to maintenance books, a car needs to have its oil and oil filter changed after 12,070 km of driving, but experts advise users to change the oil every 4,828 km or after 3 months of use. Oil helps the engine operate smoothly, ensuring the machine works effectively. However, driving a car in the summer or leaving the car in the sun often causes the oil to evaporate easily. Oil wear and tear depletes fuel for engine operation and reduces operating efficiency.

Change oil filters periodically at a reputable address

A simple and quick way to check your car’s oil is to drive your car for a few minutes, then stop, turn off the engine and use the oil dipstick to check. The thing to pay attention to with car oil is the oil level and color of the oil. If there is too little oil or the quality of the oil has deteriorated and there is a lot of dirt, you need to add or replace it if necessary.

Take care of your air conditioning unit

Car air conditioners are devices that are used all the time in the summer and are prone to problems such as: Car air conditioners are not cool, car air conditioners are sometimes cold, car air conditioners are hot, etc.

In order for the car’s cooling system to operate effectively, the driver should regularly check the air conditioner filter, water tank, heater, and gas amount to promptly handle any arising damage.

Adjust caron air conditioner
Adjust the air conditioner temperature to low and select the appropriate air intake mode

Besides care and maintenance, drivers should also pay attention when using car air conditioners in the summer to increase the life of the device. You should not turn on the air conditioner when you first get into the car, but you should reduce the temperature in the car first. When using, keep the temperature low and choose the appropriate air intake mode to help the air conditioner operate more effectively. You should turn off the air conditioner about 5 minutes before getting off the bus to gradually reduce the temperature difference.

Clean the air filter regularly

The air conditioner air filter has the function of filtering dirt and impurities in the air before entering the car. However, a dirty air filter will reduce engine power, waste fuel and slow cooling. In particular, hot summer weather and lots of dust cause the air filtration function to decline. Therefore, during use, the driver should pay attention to cleaning the air conditioner filter regularly. If the filter is found to be torn or damp, it should be replaced with a new filter to achieve high efficiency when used.

kt-loc-gio_caron pro muscle
Be sure to clean the air filter regularly

Check the battery regularly

According to experience in summer car care, hot weather is one of the causes that reduces battery life. Rising hot temperatures cause the pressure and amount of fluid in the battery to not meet standards, causing it to heat up quickly and be easily damaged. Even in the summer, the battery can “die” suddenly because of too high temperatures, so it needs to be regularly maintained and checked to ensure safety when used.

Regular battery maintenance at reputable addresses

Check the car’s cooling system

You should regularly check the car’s cooling water system and water tank. Hot weather is the condition that causes the coolant to decrease quickly. Coolant for cars helps “cool” the engine, but quickly runs out when the car moves with high frequency or in hot weather conditions. The condition of the car’s coolant running out causes the engine to overheat and easily cause a fire or explosion. Need to supplement regularly

Cooling pipes are also more susceptible to high temperatures, such as cracks, leaks, joint damage, and worst of all, pipe explosion. Besides regularly adding coolant solution to your car, checking the overall cooling system is also extremely important.

Change car coolant

Be sure to replace the windshield wipers

Wipers are a part that is often forgotten. Summer is not only the season of heat but also the season of sudden and intense rainstorms. However, due to continuous operation in the summer, wipers are susceptible to breaking, cracking the rubber layer and leaving streaks on the glass when used. Therefore, you need to replace your vehicle’s windshield wipers to be ready for unexpected weather situations.

Some people want to save money so they only replace the rubber part, this is absolutely not recommended because all parts of the wiper glass are an attached system, it is still better to replace it completely to ensure safety. ensure its operation.

Replace wipers promptly

Tips to cool down your car in the hot summer

Park in the shade

Dry grass areas are susceptible to fire and the risk is doubled in hot weather. Avoid parking in such places as exhaust temperatures can ignite dry grass and weeds.

Avoid parking your car in direct sunlight as it can cause the space inside the car to heat up and the body of the car will also be negatively affected. Try to move your car under the shade or under a tree if you have to park it outdoors.

Park in a shaded area

Use sun umbrellas

In case you cannot find shade to park your car, you can use a car cover or a specialized car sunshade. This is a very useful item on hot days. In this way, the car is completely protected under the influence of sunlight, prevents the cabin temperature from rising when it is sunny and no longer feels hot or uncomfortable when stepping inside. In addition, car covers also protect the car’s exterior paint from being damaged by sunlight.

Use sunshades and umbrellas for cars

Hang wet towels inside the car

By simply hanging a wet towel in the car, drivers can relieve the stuffy atmosphere in the car. The steam in the towels will balance the temperature inside and outside the car, helping the car cool down quite effectively. In addition, the driver can use wet towels to wipe the steering wheel and Taplo surface to cool down the center control area.

Open the car door before turning on the air conditioner

The temperature inside the car will increase if the car is parked for too long in hot weather. To cool the car. Drivers should open all doors to allow air circulation. After opening the door for 2-5 minutes, you can close the door and turn on the air conditioner to cool the entire car cabin. This action helps regulate the air in the car, avoiding the feeling of stuffiness for the occupants.

Open the door before turning on the car’s air conditioner

Re-upholster the seats

Usually car seats are covered with leather, this is a material that has the ability to absorb heat very well. Parking the car for too long in hot weather is a good condition that causes your car’s seat to become burned. To solve this problem, you can use seat covers when parking using fabric, sedge or wooden beads. These are all materials with good thermal insulation properties, which can reduce the temperature of the seat

Use upholstery made of fabric, sedge or wooden beads

Applying car insulation film

Applying heat-insulating film to cars has long been an effective measure used by many car owners. Using car heat-insulating film helps prevent sunlight from entering the car compartment and reduces the temperature when parking or moving in the sun. In addition, users can use sun shields or curtains to deal with the harsh sunlight. Refer to the following article to learn more about window film.

Prestigious car maintenance address in Hanoi

Summer is the season of vacation trips, which is why people’s need to use cars is also greater. To ensure that your trips are always safe and not interrupted by breakdowns, it is best to take your beloved car to a reputable garage for the best maintenance and care.

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