Experience helping women drive safely 2023

Mastering safe driving experiences will make you more confident when driving, but perhaps for women, more precautions are needed when driving. Currently, the number of women driving cars is increasing very high, some are even better drivers than men, however, when driving, women have certain limitations compared to men and often commit violations. error.

Let’s take a look at some experiences with CarOn to help women quickly become “silk drivers”!

Why are women poor drivers?

There is no scientific data proving that women are worse drivers than men. However, from practical observations, it can be seen that women are more likely to encounter “accidents” when driving. Explaining this, researchers believe that the main reason is because driving ability is heavily influenced by gender factors such as:

Easily distracted and indecisive

A study by the University of Pennsylvania (USA) conducted brain scans on 949 women and men. The results showed that men’s brains were more active in individual parts, especially the cerebellum – where motor skills are controlled. In addition, the connection between the front and back areas of the brain in men is also better.

caron driving

Women are better at handling problems that involve logical thinking and intuition. Men are better in aspects such as the ability to absorb, move, park, etc. Men especially excel when they need to react or do something immediately. And it is this advantage that helps men handle unexpected situations while driving better than women.

The ability to perceive space is weaker

A study by the University of Giessen (Germany) concluded that since in the womb, the amount of testosterone that women are exposed to is very low, so their ability to perceive 3-dimensional space is worse than men. From the above analysis, it can be seen that women driving worse than men is due to gender predispositions. Women have their own strengths, but unfortunately driving is not one of them. However, women can absolutely improve their driving ability by practicing good driving habits every day.

Driving experiences for women


Determine your route before going

Determining your driving schedule before leaving is very important for women. Being proactive about your route helps you take the shortest route and avoid traffic jams. You need to pay attention to which roads allow turns at intersections, where to turn around, etc. The dash cam connected to the car screen will effectively support you in tracking the route.

The dash cam is connected to the CarOn smart car screen

Check the equipment before going

Checking car equipment before leaving is a must. This is the secret to making driving safer for many people, not just women. Because women’s ability to respond when incidents occur is always more limited.

  • Check remaining fuel level. Calculate whether your distance is enough if there is a traffic jam?
  • Check tire condition: Is the tire low or not? Is tire wear serious? The “old talents” tell you the secret to checking tires without going to the garage. You can easily monitor the status of tire pressure and tire temperature via your car or phone screen tire pressure sensor.
  • Rearview mirror: Makes it easier to observe behind the vehicle and avoid collisions.
Learn more about tire pressure sensors through the article above

Adjust the rearview mirror

Most women have poorer reflexes than men when driving, so adjusting the mirrors is very important. Women need to avoid driving based on their emotions, and need to observe carefully through mirrors or accompanying accessories. The rearview mirror is an extremely important part, helping women easily observe vehicles moving behind and on the side of the vehicle, minimizing blind spots.

Caron adjusts the rearview mirror
The rearview mirror is an extremely important part

Fasten your seat belt, adjust your seat

Wearing seat belts helps not only women but everyone limit the risks when an unfortunate incident occurs. This is also one of the mandatory regulations when driving a car but many people accidentally ignore it

caron buckle up
Wearing a seat belt is one of the driving regulations

Besides, normally the driver’s seat and the distance from the steering wheel are set according to the size of men. Women need to adjust it to be most comfortable when sitting. A comfortable sitting position helps the driver feel less tired, less distracted and easier to observe when driving a car. Not only that, sitting in the correct posture can also avoid collisions and serious injuries in accidents. In addition, it is necessary to minimize arm and leg fatigue when holding the steering wheel and stepping on the accelerator. Ladies, remember to sit comfortably and comfortably!

Caron adjusts the seat
Adjust the seat to the most comfortable and convenient position


Concentrate on driving

When driving, concentration is the most important factor. With concentration, the driver can quickly recognize situations and come up with the correct solution in a timely manner. Many traffic accidents originate from lack of concentration while driving. Women need to avoid distractions and focus on driving by eliminating the following factors:

  • Limit phone use, texting, and entertainment in the car. Cell phone use is a big culprit in causing distraction while driving. Don’t let a favorite movie or song distract you. This is extremely dangerous when driving.
  • Do not eat or drink in the car. Many women have the habit of bringing snacks in the car. This is unsanitary, easily causes odors in the car and affects the car’s air conditioning.
  • Avoid wearing makeup in the car. Many women often take advantage of mirrors or apply makeup before and while driving. Remember, when you get in the car, pay maximum attention to observing and driving.
  • If you must answer the phone, find a convenient place and pull over to the side of the road.

Do not wear high heels when driving

High heels have long become a symbol for women. High heels help enhance beauty and charm as well as give women confidence and pride. However, for drivers, high heels are a problem. There are even many countries around the world that have laws prohibiting wearing high heels when driving a car.

Caron does not wear high heels when driving
High heels are the bane of drivers

High heels often have a design characterized by a small and narrow sole that easily slips off the pedal. On the other hand, the shoe sole is very thick and heavy, so controlling the brake and accelerator pedal will be more difficult. Using high heels when driving reduces accuracy, reduces the feeling of accelerator and brake pedal force, reduces the ability to react in emergency situations… Therefore, when women drive cars, they should avoid using shoes. high heel. If you have to wear high heels, it’s best to prepare an extra pair of strappy sandals or low-cut sneakers for when driving.

Do not drive barefoot

Many people mistakenly think that driving in high heels is dangerous, but driving barefoot is safer. But in fact this is completely wrong. Many experts point out that driving barefoot is even as dangerous as wearing high heels. Some US states and some countries around the world also have laws banning driving cars with bare feet.

caron barefoot while driving
Do not drive barefoot

There are many dangerous reasons when driving barefoot. First, controlling the accelerator/brake pedal with bare feet will require more force and effort than when wearing shoes. Second, continuously stepping on the accelerator/brake with bare feet can easily damage the skin of the feet, causing unnecessary scratches, and can especially cause dangerous leg cramps. Third, if your feet sweat, it will reduce friction, making it easier for your feet to slip off the accelerator/brake pedal.

Place your foot properly to avoid the mistake of stepping on the accelerator pedal

Many accidents are caused by stepping on the wrong accelerator pedal by both men and women. To avoid the mistake of stepping on the accelerator pedal, you should practice the habit of placing your foot properly when driving. If driving an automatic vehicle, absolutely do not use your right foot to hold the gas and your left foot to hold the brake. Because controlling the brake pedal with the left foot, the braking force is not strong enough. On the other hand, in unexpected situations, the driver may reflexively step on the right foot (accelerator) instead of the brake pedal or step on both feet (left foot – the brake pedal is weaker, so it does not have enough braking force).

Caron places his feet properly
Place your foot properly to avoid the mistake of stepping on the gas pedal

Therefore only drive with your right foot. Thus, the driver will always comply with the principle “if you don’t throttle, then brake”. The right heel should be in line with the brake pedal and not leave the floor. When controlling the gas and brake pedals, only rotate the ball of the foot.

Besides, you should get into the habit of releasing the gas pedal and immediately placing your foot next to the brake pedal, especially while stopping the car waiting for a red light or waiting for passengers to get on/off the car. If an unexpected situation arises, immediately step on the brake pedal, without fear of pressing the accelerator pedal by mistake

If you stop the car for a long time, pull the handbrake

There are many cases where you mistakenly step on the gas pedal when stopping to park, so if you stop your car for a long time, shift to N and pull the handbrake. This not only ensures safety but also helps you feel most comfortable when stretching and relaxing your legs.

New car models now have an automatic brake hold mode, you should also take advantage of this feature when necessary.

Caron holds the brake lever while driving
Hold the brake lever while driving to ensure safety

Prioritize maintaining a steady speed

Maintain a steady speed – Keep a safe distance – Avoid sudden braking. These are simple experiences to help women drive more safely. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front for 2-4 seconds. This helps women have more time to handle unexpected situations, especially when there are obstacles from afar. A stable speed also helps you be more proactive and control the brakes better, limiting distraction and sudden braking

caron keep driving speed 2
Keep your driving speed steady

Comply with traffic laws

Understanding and obeying Traffic Laws will help drive safer. In particular, when driving, be careful not to use your phone, especially texting. If you have consumed alcohol, absolutely do not drive.

Regular car maintenance

When women use cars, they are often not very technical, so when there is an unexpected breakdown, they are often “fussed” and don’t know how to handle it. Therefore, to minimize unnecessary failures, you should regularly maintain and service your vehicle periodically. This is the best solution to ensure durability, car stability and driver safety.

Depending on each vehicle model and the time and distance of use, there will be appropriate maintenance instructions. You should choose reputable garages to be inspected, consulted and scheduled for careful maintenance.

One of the reputable addresses that women can “choose to send their eyes to” is CarOn Pro – with a team of skilled technicians, guaranteed genuine product quality and good after-sales service to help bring you the best experiences. The best experience for customers.

Car repair and maintenance service at CarOn

Above are CarOn’s shared experiences to help women drive more safely. If you have any questions about the article as well as repair and maintenance services, you can contact us via hotline 0961247360 or website https://caronpro.vn/ for quick support.

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