During the 2023 Japan Auto Show, Mazda officially introduced a unique concept car called Mazda Iconic SP. Not just a regular hybrid sports car, Iconic SP attracts the attention of car enthusiasts with its soft design, powerful engine and advanced technology.

Mazda Iconic SP is not just a car but also a mobile work of art. With a simple but luxurious design, this car reminds people of the legendary RX-7 sports car. The highlight at the front of the car is the “frog-eye” pop-up headlights and shield-shaped grille, creating a bold and powerful look. The special Viola red paint color helps the car become attractive and stand out on the road.

Although Mazda has not released detailed information about the interior space of the Iconic SP, the published images show that the car’s interior is designed to be simple and practical. The digital dashboard and central touch screen integrated into the dashboard create a modern and comfortable space for the driver.

Mazda Iconic SP is equipped with a 365 horsepower hybrid powertrain, combining a rotary engine and electric motor to provide strong driving performance and help save fuel. This is a huge step forward in the auto industry.

The Iconic SP is not simply a vehicle but also a portable backup power source. With two-way charging technology, this car is capable of providing enough electricity for a family to use for more than a week. This is not only convenient but also environmentally friendly.

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