Driving to save fuel not only brings you economic benefits but also protects your vehicle. Below are 10 tips to help drivers optimize their economy and driving skills to achieve the best fuel economy.

Ways to drive a car to save gas

Tires must always have enough air

Tires must meet standards

Keeping tires always in a state of adequate air is the best way to save fuel, and at the same time it is a way to ensure life safety for vehicle users. Pump the tires to the maximum limit as recommended by the manufacturer. Drivers should check at least once a month.

Avoid sudden braking

Limiting braking here does not mean advising the driver not to use the brakes. Brakes are a system that helps stop the vehicle to ensure safety and of course must be used in necessary situations. And what we want to talk about here is “necessity”.

Avoid sudden braking

If you detect an obstacle or a red light from afar, you should reduce the accelerator pedal to let the vehicle decelerate slowly instead of waiting until it is close to brake suddenly. Braking suddenly will cause the vehicle to lose traction. This creates more pressure, causing the engine to work harder. Therefore, the more the car brakes hard, the more fuel it will consume.

All throttle

This is one of the topics that is mentioned a lot when it comes to saving gas, but not everyone can do it. Steady throttle also means having to rev the engine evenly. The driver needs to choose the appropriate rpm range, then the vehicle does not have to pull too heavy a load, but also does not waste money due to high rpm.

Do not turn off the engine when stopping quickly

Because many car models today are equipped with Start/Stop technology, drivers do not need to turn off the engine if they only stop for a few minutes. Restarting the engine after only stopping for a moment can waste even more fuel.

Keep a safe distance

Keeping a safe distance is an incredibly simple fuel-saving driving tip, but many drivers don’t pay attention. Keeping a distance helps the driver not have to use the brakes too much, avoiding unexpected sudden braking situations. This also gives the driver enough time to react when it happens.

Keep a safe distance

Many drivers complain that it is difficult to keep a safe distance in dense traffic conditions like in big cities. The trend of investing in equipment in cars is also of more interest to drivers. Through CarOn Pro devices 360 degree camera Modern cars provide a panoramic view of traffic, helping to drive with peace of mind Camera journey cars, minimizing risk of damage caused by scratches on the car body

Remove the roof rack and roof box

Better aerodynamics means the car needs less fuel. Many car models today, especially high-riding cars, often have roof racks or even roof boxes. Drivers should remove these devices if they do not use them regularly, because they are one of the factors that destroy aerodynamics by creating greater wind resistance.

Keep an average speed

Many people think that the only way to save fuel is to drive at a slow speed. However, in reality this is not beneficial. Because when driving slowly, the engine rpm is still at 1,000 – 3,000 rpm, the car shifts to a low gear, the number of engine revolutions per km will be greater.

caron driving
Keep an average driving speed

Driving fast in reverse, the car shifts into a high gear, the engine rpm is at 1,000 – 3,000 rpm, the number of engine revolutions per km is lower. But driving fast has a disadvantage: air resistance is greater than driving slowly. When air resistance increases, the engine will have to work harder to overcome this resistance. This means it will consume a lot of fuel. According to a study, when vehicle speed doubles, air resistance quadruples.

Do not lower the windows when driving at high speed

Many people mistakenly think that when driving at high speeds, such as driving on the highway, turning off the car’s air conditioning and lowering the windows is a way to save fuel. However, the reality may be the opposite. Because lowering the windows will increase wind resistance, causing the engine to work harder to overcome this resistance. Therefore, it will cost more fuel. Therefore, you should not lower your windows when driving at high speed.

Save gas by maintaining your car

According to experts, in addition to ways to drive a car to save fuel, there are many other effective ways to save fuel through regular vehicle inspection and maintenance.

Regularly check tire pressure

According to a study, for every car tire that is reduced by 1 Psi compared to the standard pressure, the car will consume 0.3% more fuel. Because when the tire is under-inflated, the tire’s contact area with the road surface will be more, increasing resistance, causing the vehicle to consume more fuel.

Regularly check tire pressure

If there are no leaks, over time car tires will naturally release air, about 1 Psi/square inch/month. Therefore, you should periodically check your tires and pump air if they show signs of being under-inflated. Currently, there is a type of device called a tire pressure sensor that helps drivers continuously monitor the condition of their tires without having to carry out cumbersome checking steps. Car owners can consider equipping their vehicles with this sensor.

Check and clean injectors periodically

Fuel injectors, after a period of working, are susceptible to soot and dirt accumulation. If not cleaned regularly, dirt can clog the injectors. At this time, the fuel will be sprayed in the form of mist and vaporize quickly, causing poor combustion performance. Therefore, injectors should be checked and cleaned periodically. This is considered a very important way to save fuel.

Check, clean/replace spark plugs periodically

After a long time of operation, spark plugs can become dirty, worn, melted… affecting the ability to ignite. When the spark plug is poor, combustion efficiency will also be poor. Therefore, checking, cleaning or replacing spark plugs periodically is one of the effective ways to save fuel.

Check, clean/replace air filter periodically

Replace air filter periodically

Engine air filter is also very important. Because the engine air filter will directly affect the amount of air entering. If the engine air filter is dirty and clogged, it will cause insufficient air intake, affecting combustion efficiency. So if you want to save fuel for your car, check, clean or replace the air filter periodically on time.

Check and change engine oil periodically

Engine oil plays a very important role, helping to lubricate, clean, and cool the internal parts of the engine. If the oil is not replaced periodically, the engine will not be well lubricated, causing friction to increase, easily causing the vehicle to overheat. This is also one of the reasons why your car consumes more fuel than usual, so if you want to save fuel, don’t forget to check and change engine oil periodically.


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