Distinguishing types of auto parts and things to note when choosing to buy auto parts

Auto parts currently have many different types such as: Genuine parts, replacement parts, used parts and especially unofficial parts, also known as counterfeit goods. Therefore, consumers are easily deceived by sellers about the origin and quality of goods. Below, CarOn will share with you how to distinguish types of auto parts by carefully analyzing the concepts.

Genuine auto parts (GENUINE PARTS)

It is a genuine product provided by the car manufacturer. The genuine car manufacturer designs the technology and orders the factories, then the spare parts are tested, monitored and carry the car manufacturer’s label. The automobile manufacturer organizes the supply of spare parts and components globally.

caron pro genuine spare parts

Normally, genuine spare parts are only provided by the car manufacturer’s official dealers in Vietnam and can only be purchased there. However, it is also possible to buy from official dealers of that car company abroad, which increases opportunities and creates price competition that is beneficial to consumers. Therefore, genuine products often have high prices but guaranteed quality with a serious warranty.

However, with the current level of counterfeiting, the phenomenon of mis-selling poor quality goods easily occurs at secondary suppliers in Vietnam. Therefore, buying from official agents is more assured about quality, but if you buy from a reputable supplier with strong relationships, the price is more competitive and the service quality is better.


It can be understood as products that car manufacturers order from another supplier to produce for them. Car manufacturers usually do not produce all the parts for their vehicles. Most manufacturers use spare parts from suppliers – designed by the car manufacturer and packaged separately with the car manufacturer’s logo or brand.

The car manufacturer and supplier have their own binding conditions so that after a certain period of time the supplier can produce and retail spare parts to the market under the supplier’s own brand. When consumers buy this type of product, they still believe that they are buying genuine auto parts.

caron pro replacement parts

This type of replacement part – OEM is not a secondary, poor quality product with different packaging but is exactly the same as the manufacturer’s vehicle spare parts but it is sold at a cheaper price. Usually the price is about 60% – 70%.

However, an OEM manufacturer can only produce a certain number of spare parts, which is quite limited in mass production, so it is difficult to synchronously supply customer needs. At the same time, the warranty of this spare parts manufacturer cannot be equal to the genuine one, because there is not a large enough system to do this.


These are spare parts removed from damaged cars that are no longer in use, and can then be reprocessed and sold to customers (this may also be imported goods).

When choosing to buy this type of used spare parts, you need to be someone with experience appraising spare parts, or someone who has a close relationship with the seller to avoid losing money.

Because there are types of spare parts that look extremely similar, but it is difficult to distinguish between used auto parts with the naked eye, or equipment that needs to be tested first such as gears…

used-parts caron pro

Fake and counterfeit auto parts

This type of counterfeit spare part is clearly stated by the seller that it is not genuine but pretends to be OEM spare parts, so it is sold at a quite high price, often equivalent to OEM parts. However, the quality cannot be compared and if there is a warranty, it is only warranted for 3 – 6 months. Most counterfeit spare parts are produced in China and Taiwan.

Auto parts that often need to be replaced are most often bearings, oil filters, forks, brake pads, etc. Therefore, these are also the types of parts that are most often counterfeited. You should not buy these types of spare parts for expensive cars because if something happens, the damage due to loss of reputation will be huge. Counterfeit goods should only be used with unimportant details or temporarily with the consent of the vehicle owner. If you can control the quality of counterfeit goods, you can replace them with customers who agree to use them, especially cheap cars and trucks.

fake caron pro spare parts

Domestic spare parts, export spare parts, regional spare parts

Automobile manufacturers often issue different quality standards and names for each type of vehicle and its spare parts. In each region, depending on economic and climatic conditions, companies provide appropriate types of cars. In addition, some brands maintain higher quality standards for the same product when selling that product in countries such as Japan and Korea. Therefore, spare parts for exported vehicles, spare parts for domestic vehicles, and spare parts for vehicles in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

caron pro domestic spare parts

The source of floating spare parts being sold on the market is imported from third and fourth markets such as China, Taiwan, Thailand… In addition, there is a supply of genuine spare parts from Japan and Korea. , America, India – countries with many types of vehicles circulating in Vietnam.
Domestically supplied spare parts are available but not many, mainly processed goods. Unimportant spare parts such as chairs, cushions… are cheap.

Things to note when choosing to buy auto parts

For those who are not proficient in the field of automobile engineering, the best way is to go to genuine auto parts sellers. Or buy with warranty from a reputable supplier with clear address.

According to technical experts, fake spare parts can be distinguished by some basic signs such as:

Spare parts packaging

The way genuine products are packaged tells a part about the meticulousness of the product. Genuine spare parts are carefully packaged and have signs identifying that brand’s products. For product packaging, it is necessary to consider whether the packaging is flattened or distorted? Normally, genuine large accessories are packaged in boxes, hard crates or wrapped in plastic bags carefully and fully labeled.

product logos

The packaging of genuine spare parts is designed and packaged according to certain standards of the manufacturer. Genuine spare parts packaging may include anti-counterfeit stamps. You should pay attention to this point to identify genuine and fake spare parts.

Logos, labels

Labels are an important sign to distinguish genuine spare parts from fake ones. Genuine spare parts for each car model and car company will have certain logos of that company. On the product’s packaging label, there is a stamp stating the name or code of that product. Genuine products always clearly state the origin of the equipment manufacturer and supplier. Genuine product labels and packaging always have clear colors, with no blurred ink. Besides, some spare parts may also have a warranty period, so you can also note this point.

caron pro packaging

QR code

You should check the barcode, also known as barcode or product code, to see if it matches the manufacturer’s code? Genuine spare parts always have a code that matches the code given by the manufacturer. You can use your phone to look up car part numbers.

caron pro barcode

Currently on the Internet, there are many websites that support checking part codes of each manufacturer. You can base on those codes to check with the codes on the product to make reasonable choices. In addition, the ink strokes on numbers and lines must be clear. Newly imported genuine products will not have basic barcode errors such as blurring.

External code

On the market today, there are many types of auto parts products that are sophisticatedly imitated. Products that are often counterfeited include cylinders, pistons, crankshaft edges, air conditioner filters, etc. However, no matter how “miraculous” the counterfeiting technology is, it still cannot compare with the manufacturer’s products. export supply.

Observing the color, you can see that the fake product has a darker appearance while the real product looks brighter because it is more delicately processed. When touching the surface of spare parts, genuine products always feel smooth, not rough like counterfeit brands. You can feel the smoothness when touching the edges, there are no jagged edges because they are carefully honed. For products that are also reprocessed to shine but still cannot have the inherent smoothness of a genuine new product.

Anti-counterfeit goods caron pro

Joints, welds

For welds and joints of the product, you should pay close attention to see the strength of the connection. The interconnected details fit together. For threaded parts and screws, it is necessary to carefully check whether the threads are finely machined or not? If it is a fake, then the connection with the nuts will not create balance. Touch the weld joints to see if the weld details are smooth or not? Normally, the welds of genuine products are hand-welded evenly, without breaks. If cracks appear at the welds and are not sealed, the product is of poor quality.

caron pro welded joints

Engraved characters on spare parts

Depending on the product, the brand name and barcode are engraved on it using genuine high-end technology. Genuine spare parts are engraved quite delicately and feel quite smooth when touched. For letters engraved on the product, you should see the sharpness of the letters and the feeling of imprinted letters. Meanwhile, counterfeit parts often have engravings that look rough and are not smooth to the touch, even though the color of the engravings seems bright.

caron pro character


Price is also a concern to see if the product is genuine or not. Genuine spare parts manufactured by the manufacturer have good quality, high precision, and connect every detail with other parts. Therefore, genuine products often have very high prices. Meanwhile, the price of similar spare parts that are non-genuine or fake are much cheaper, usually only half the price of genuine products. The price of fake spare parts usually ranges from about 50 – 70% compared to the price of genuine spare parts.

caron pro spare parts price

My advice to you is not to buy cheap parts because of cheap products and buy spare parts that are not of guaranteed quality. Because those products are of poor quality and break quickly, you have to replace them frequently and the value of those replacements is not cheap. Therefore, if you can go to reputable addresses to buy good products, you should think about accepting the “slightly steep” price from the manufacturer.

Reputable address for selling car parts

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