Discover the Auto Hold automatic brake hold feature

A function that many cars are always equipped with, is a safety function and makes driving more comfortable in difficult terrain situations such as: driving on steep slopes or in difficult situations. wait for the red light. Auto Hold is also known as the automatic braking feature. Join CarOn to learn through the article below to learn more interesting things about this feature!

What is the Auto Hold brake function?

To put it simply, Auto Hold is a function that helps hold the brake when the driver stops the vehicle without requiring the driver to step on the brake or pull the handbrake. When you need to go, the driver just needs to lightly apply the throttle, Auto Hold will automatically turn off and the car will start moving normally.

This feature has been equipped by the luxury car brand Mercedes on its products for decades. More and more car manufacturers are aware of its importance and benefits.

Considering the complicated traffic situation of Vietnam today, vehicles have a very frequent and continuous stop-start frequency, making drivers extremely tired, especially for those who have to travel long distances or have to travel. make continuous journeys or are new drivers who are not familiar with the vehicle. Therefore, it can be said that this Auto Hold feature is the lifesaver of many drivers.

Operating principle of Auto Hold

This is an expanded function in the electronic handbrake system, usually the two functions often appear together, operating through two main features: ABS anti-lock braking and ESP electronic balance. When you press the brake pedal, the ABS sensors will detect the rolling motion of the wheel and issue commands to tighten the brake force to help prevent the vehicle from drifting.

In the current Vietnamese car market, there are a number of popular car models equipped with Auto Hold including: Mitsubishi Outlander, Hyundai Santa Fe, Hyundai Tucson, Mazda CX-5,… New car models from Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Skoda often have an automatic brake hold feature available if the car has an electronic handbrake system. Volkswagen’s system also allows “save the pressure of the most recent braking session”

How to use the Auto Hold button on a car

Besides understanding what Auto Hold is, users should grasp how to use it to ensure safety during driving the car.

Regarding operation, the Auto Hold button is activated through a button usually installed near the gear lever and handbrake area.

To determine whether the Auto Hold button is turned on or not, the driver can observe by looking at the control instrument cluster or the small light integrated on the switch/button. To activate, the driver needs to press the “Auto Hold” or “Brake hold” button. This feature will be turned off by default every time the vehicle is restarted. The driver only needs to activate it when needed.

At this time, the speedometer cluster will display a notification symbol that Auto Hold is activated. After activating Auto Hold, when traveling on traffic jams, having to stop and go continuously or being forced to stop between bridge slopes, parking garage slopes, etc., the driver just needs to press the brake to stop the vehicle. After braking, the driver can comfortably remove his foot from the brake pedal, the system will automatically hold the brake to prevent the car from drifting even when the car is in D gear. When needing to continue, the driver only needs to lightly step on the brake pedal. accelerator pedal, the system will automatically release the brake to allow the vehicle to continue moving.

How is Auto Hold different from hill start assist (HAC)?

Many customers confuse Auto Hold with the HAC (Hill-start Assist Control) hill start assist system. The common point of these two systems is to intervene in the braking system to keep the vehicle in place and not move.

However, the hill start assist system only supports keeping the vehicle stationary for about 3-5 seconds when the driver takes off the brake, while Auto Hold will keep the vehicle stationary until the driver steps on the accelerator. This feature will automatically turn off.

Notes when using Auto Hold

Auto hold not only brings comfort to the driver during driving but also helps increase safety if the driver may forget to apply the brake or pull the handbrake.

However, according to the experience of experienced drivers on the roads, users should not be too dependent or subjective on the vehicle’s support features. Because this is only supporting technology and cannot replace human control. Therefore, drivers always need to pay attention and control the vehicle to avoid unforeseen situations. Always proactively pull and apply the handbrake in common situations, practice reflexes when unexpected situations occur

Above is the information that CarOn has compiled and compiled about the Auto Hold function. Hopefully the above article will help you understand more about this function.

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